Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things That's Memorable in 2011

I know I know, this is a very long overdue post but I'm gonna post it up here anyway just cause I want to. I'm not the one who always follow the trend and post up things on time, psshh, I'm way cooler than that.... :S.

Okay la, I'm a procrastinator, happy?? I'm man enough to admit it, man as in huMAN of course, not male balls MAN. :)

Here goes,

#1 The day we got new addition to our family, Hana and Katie.

Hana and Katie.

They've grown up to be a pretty big ass dogs now but I prefer to put pic when they were still a little ball of fur, way cuter. The story was, I actually wanted to adopt a puppy I saw at SSPCA, the little ones who could climb the cage and all, pretty unique and super cute, confirm grow up to be a smart dog but my mom doesn't allowed me to adopt it. She was like NO NO NO and guess what NO!

So what to do, got my answers already. I wonder what happen to that puppy, hope he/she got adopted by a good family. Back to the story, guess what, the next day she went to Sundaymarket and got herself TWO puppies! apa....what Queen wants Queen gets. And treat these 2 better than me...uh..I'll stop here. rofl

#2 Went on a roadtrip to Sibu, Miri and Brunei

It was fun, must visit Brunei again one day.

#3 Became 21 in 2011

The best birthday is not about big parties and presents and alcohol, it's all about hanging out with good friends and have good conversations. 2 of the went to overseas for studies already. :(

#4 The day Jody and Sam's gone.

Best dog ever.

Two weeks after Jody's death, got another news from my mom that my other dog Sam which was one of the offsprings from Jody is in the veterinary and diagnosed with kidney failure and die the next morning. It's terrible but I can't do anything as I'm not even in Kuching when I got the news.

Sam , gentle and loyal dog. I'm so sorry boy. RIP

#5 Had an overseas flight for the first time

#6 Went to Canada

#7 Met my relative from Canada, awesome people. :)

#8 Saw Canadian Rockies from a top of Banff.

Best view ever. Lucky Canadians. lol

#9 Saw Cirque du Soleil : Ovo

Awesome show! Circus, what more can I say. haha

#10 Saw myself in the newspaper!

Lame but I LOVE IT!! rofl

#11 Send Joey to get a haircut

Think he loves it, he's gonna get more haircut in years to come.

#12 Attend events through Sarawak Bloggers

One of the events. Love it and hope for more to come in 2012!

#13 Went to Sabah

Well mainly for my sis convo but a holiday at the side as well. Check out that big ass fish. lol

#14 Stupid Wendy's graduation. lol

I bought her that bear. Cute le, :) *proud*

#15 Went to Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion at BCCK

le Banner

I have to say I don't really enjoy it,well I don't really enjoy things where there's a lot of people gathered around and loud musics being played and have to stand around for a long time, backpain you know. Why I went there in the beginning? Free tickets ma, have to used, if not wasted bo. (Sound like aunty) I guess I will never be cool. Oh well, life goes on.

#16 Saw Dr. Mahathir in real life.

Spot my dad grinning crazily. rofl. Dr.M so cute, don't get me wrong! I mean cute as in old people cute, some times old people can be really cute. lol

#17 Uncle passed away, eventhough we're not related by blood but you've taken care of me since young and I'll always remember you and you'll always be one of the best uncle in my life.

#18 Christmas countdown at Station 1 with old friends.

Love it. One of the best countdown I've ever been to.

But on the other hand had a lame New Year countdown at Boulevard, I swear I'll never go to Boulevard for countdown ever again. Super lousy fireworks that lasted for 5 minutes only, what a disappointment. Plus the crowd there..no comment.

#19 Got myself a kitten

Say hello to Billy Boy @ B.B. Will elaborate more on how I got him in a post someday. :)

That's it, 2011 was a good year for me, has some ups and downs but that's life right. Let's see what the year of Dragon, 2012 brings. Wish everybody had a good 2011 and may 2012 brings more awesomeness to all of you!

Happy New Year 2012!! :D


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