Sunday, February 26, 2012

1 Malaysia Book Vouchers 2012

 Like every public or private university/college student out there, I was given the 1Malaysia Book Voucher which came in 4 pieces of RM50 and...*whip out calculator....4x50 = 200* total up to RM200. I kid. I'm not that bad in Mathematics, I got like C in high school, psshh...piece of cake. That aside, this means I have RM 200 to go spend or go berserk/totally crazy in major bookstores like MPH, Popular or Border!!

And so that's exactly what I did. What novel nerds wouldn't?? 

What's left of the vouchers after I've been to Popular for one and a half hour.

Honestly, I would always complain that I have not enough money to buy books to read and stuff, but now that I've got RM200 to spend, it all comes back to the same question, what should I buy? Spend alot more time thinking what to buy than I ever did before, well for books anyway. So yeah, that's the question what should I buy? Books? Stationaries? Computer stuff like most people plan to buy when they got the vouchers? Miscellaneous-stuff-that-I-wouldn't-use-but-looks-cute-and-can't-resist-to-buy-crap? Since this vouchers purposes was to buy books, books it is. 

So anyway, I decided to give RM50 to my beloved sister to spend and buy whatever she wants cause I'm such a good little sister. ROFL. Who am I kidding, there's string attached to this generosity of course and besides there's three other reason as well, (a) She's driving the car and I depend on her to bring me home (b) I don't have any idea what to buy and (c) Sharing is caring. lol

Some of my haul from the bookstores.

We went to 2 different bookstores. MPH and Popular cause those are 2 of the major bookstores in Kuching. I'll go even more crazy if I was in KL cause the bookstores there are huge and had a lot more new books compared to the bookstores here. But since the vouchers has expiry date which is March 31 and I'm nowhere near KL in that period of time, MPH and Popular it is. *sigh* KL has everything, don't get me wrong, I love Kuching of course, I'm born and bred here.

List of things that I bought using the vouchers :

We Bought A Zoo -RM40
Kite Runner - RM35.50
Letters From Little Woman - RM 37.50
Snow Flower and Secret Fan - RM35.50

Other things
A roll of book wrapper -RM5
2 Sharpies - RM8
Writable Tape - RM8
Folders/Files - RM6
My sister's English Exercise books - RM 12

That's the thing I remember I bought, forgot the rest, probably its my sister'

 Free Popular membership card.

You can get the Popular membership card for free if you spend RM 150 at Popular bookstore(duh). The card itself worth RM 12 and holder of this card have 10% discount for everything in the store and it last for a year. I believe MPH promotion was for every RM100 voucher spent, you will be issued a RM5 voucher and Borders was for every RM 100 spend, there would be a free Starbucks beverage. 

Obviously the best deal was either Popular or Borders. Popular card by itself already worth RM12 plus the amount of discount you can get all year round who add up to RM 20 at least just for stationaries. Borders on the other hand, Starbucks beverage itself worth at least RM 12, minimum plus tax. That's is if you get the small size, I'm sure there's condition attached to what size of drink you can get for free. But still, these two deals are way more better than MPH deals.

So being the smart spender or in other word auntie I am, I decided to spend RM150 in Popular just to get the free membership card and the rest in MPH. Best of both world, win-win situation.

Anybody out there still haven't spend his/her vouchers, go spend it now! 

p/s I know I haven't updated in a while now. But I will. Soon. :)


  1. I only spend like 50. Still have balance 150. But then someone gave me aanother 50 so back to square 1!! 200! Hehe now still dunno what to buy. Maybe waiting to go back to kch and start hunting at either popular or mph

    1. Lucky!! LOL! Hey, you're from Kuching too? Nice to meet you fellow Kuchingnites! :D. Definitely go Popular for better deals, but MPH has more selection of new books. rofl


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