Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2011 Christmas Countdown @ Station One Kuching

I know what you're thinking, you're like "Christmas?? Isn't that like 4 months ago?? and she is writing this now?? what a lazy ass." Well, yeah, I completely agree and I admit I AM A PROCRASTINATOR.  :) (I prefer the words procrastinator over lazy as it sounds way more 

But I just have to write this out because this post has been in my draft for like forever. Since the pictures are all uploaded already I might as well just complete the post rather than delete it. Right? haha This explains the 2011 Christmas Countdown post in mid March of 2012.  :)

Last year I decided to celebrate Christmas Eve sitting down someplace to do the countdown instead of crowding at The Spring to countdown there because I'm too old for that. I just hate standing around that's all, just like how I hate a standing concert, it's not my idea of 'fun'. Why stand when you can sit right? Since Station One is having a countdown package, I asked some of my Form 6 friends to join me in the countdown.

The package was a Christmas Mistletoe Meal (which consist of a drink and a chicken dinner.rofl ) + Christmas Bear for the price of RM 23.90. Including the tax it was roughly RM 25 per person. A very reasonable meal if you ask me, considering all the entertainment and lucky draw and countdown tools provided. 

A blueberry and lemon drink. It was okay, a little sour for me but it's all good. 

My name on the table. *grins* 

Just a table away from the stage because I wanna here the musician clearly which later turns out to be a bad decision.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I forgot what's the name of this dish. But it's delicious.

A picture in the toilet is a must especially when there is a big mirror. Honestly no idea why, it's just a natural reaction. I wore the Nutcracker T-Shirt just for this countdown.lol

The lighting there damn good or maybe I'm just a good photographer. LOL!!! Kidding, it's the lighting.

A candle for every table. :)

Sian Mei with the free Station 1 Teddy Bear.

Sian Mei's friend. Which left shortly before the countdown. I forgot his name.rofl

Gudy, again with the bear.haha

Presents to be exchanged after the countdown. It really was a great feeling to tear open all those presents and be surprised. It was fun.

By the way,  by 'tear open all the presents', I actually mean opening the present paper very very carefully and save the paper to be used next time. Is it just me or did everyone else did that too? Honestly, come to think of it, when will I ever used the present paper again? Hmm....I don't know, I just have this feeling that tearing the beautiful present paper is wasteful. Maybe it's because I'm Asian. We save everything to used later.rofl

Packages containing the clapper thingy, a laser thingy, the popper thingy that shoots out colourful strings and etc. These was handed out 5 minutes before the countdown.

Me looking as stupid as ever.

Candy given out by a not realistic looking Santa Claus. But he gave us candy, so he's forgiven. :)

The mess on our table after the countdown shows how much fun we had. It was one of the best countdown I've been to. One, I was sitting and two I was sitting. Standing and pushing through the crowd never makes me happy. It makes me tired and sweaty. Hate it.haha

The musician for the night. 

To be honest I don't like it. He was good in Chinese songs but not in English. Since I don't listen to any Chinese songs, I have no idea what he's singing. Plus he should sing all those Christmas songs, not love songs. Oh and the saxophone is way too loud. Lesson learnt, do not sit too close to the stage next time.

Won a hamper in the Lucky Draw.

We never expect to win. When the lucky draw started, we just scream our table number for fun cause we like to scream. Well, to be fair most of the customer there shouting out their table names too, so we just join in. 3 bottles of Share Tea in the hamper,2 smalls one and 1 big bottle. We played paper,rock, scissors to see who would take the big bottle. Gudy won. lol. Win-win for me as my sister called me before the lucky draw happen to buy her a Share Tea.haha

Pictures with the hamper.

Opening presents time!!! So excited wei.


My presents for them was a Christmas candle holder and a cute notepad I got from KK.

There was actually a budget to buy presents that we agreed on earlier which was RM10 per person for the presents. But Miss Gudy went over the budget and bought us something way more expensive. Feel so paiseh la. :S

Sian Mei with the candle holder from me.lol

Me with the presents from Gudy and Sian Mei. Hershey Kisses and a cute squirrel doll. I love the fluffy tail!! Thanks girls! :)

Overall I had a really good Christmas countdown last year as opposed to the normal go to The Spring and wait around to watch the firework. Watching firework was awesome too, but I guess I would prefer to celebrate my Christmas Countdown sitting down, enjoying a meal, having a good chat and laugh with friends and exchanging gifts. 

On the other hand, my New Year Countdown is a disaster and it took place at Boulevard. I swore I'll never go to Boulevard for their New Year Countdown ever again, because it is disorganized and lame and the show there is not really my taste. Not to mention the amounts of people who went there and the sense of fashion and style they had. Seeing them honestly makes me had a headache. And not to mention the countdown started at the number 5 instead of the usual 10,9,8,7.......Waited around all night for the firework that only lasted 10 minutes and not a beautiful, mesmerizing firework somemore. Disappointed. 

That's it! Till next time people! :)


  1. LOL.....YAY!!! I found someone who posting 2011 things. Just the other day I posted up New Year Eve dinner...

  2. Hey, Lindy, the guy who you had forgotten his name, called Kenny Lim. Is my college friend XD!

    1. Really?? What a small small world! haha. Now that you mention it, I remember his name was Kenny.lol


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