Sunday, March 11, 2012

Embarrassing Moments

Basically I had 2 embarrassing situations happen to me last Friday and Saturday consecutively. Talk about bad luck. So, this had me thinking, what would people do in their most embarrassing situation. The answer I had come up to dealing with most of these situation was to act like nothing has happen and walk away with a poker face. The other solution would be carry a brown paper bag everywhere we went and when these things happen, put the paper bag on your face and walk away as if nothing happen. Just kidding, I would love to do that but too bad it's not as practical as it sounds like as it might make the embarrassing situation way worse.

But I still wish I had a paper bag with me everytime an embarrassing situation happens to me.

"Where were you when I need you?? "

The embarrassing situation that happens to me will be explained as accurate as possible below. Try not to laugh. :)

The first situation will be when I was having my dinner at a shop before my class started, so as usual I'm eating my meal while watching a movie that I've downloaded a long...long time ago and had no chance to watch it yet when I'm at home because I usually don't use my netbook when I'm at home. So the only time I'll watch those movies that I've downloaded was when I'm really bored or when the Wi-fi connection is really bad in the shop that I went and watching a movie would be a better option than surfing the net. 

Me eating a meal while watching a movie. Having a good time.

Okay, there I was, eating while watching a movie called Weatherman and bear in mind I'm not using any earphones at the time because I forgot to bring it and the volume was set to about 60%. All was good when suddenly there is a sex scene in the movie! And the sound....OMG! Thank goodness there was not that many people in the shop at that time although there is a mother and her daughter sitting 2 tables away from me. So yeah, I was scrambling to mute the sound like a mad woman.

This is me wishing there is a paper bag on my head when the sex scene suddenly appeared. :S

Don't you just hate it when you're watching a movie and out of nowhere there is a sex scene and the volume was set at high? People would thought I'm watching porn or something while I'm eating and automatically I'll be classified as a pervert. The next thing that happens was the mother and daughter went straight away to pay her bills and I SWEAR the daughter look at me and smile sheepishly while walking with her mother. Well, maybe I'm just paranoid. Yikes. So the lesson was never EVER watch a movie without using an earphones in public. 

The second situation was way WAY more embarrassing for me.

So, I was at a place which will remain nameless because I prefer it to be that way. Here is the story, I was at the place and going to toilet to do my business, Business Number 1 not Number 2. rofl. 

Me going in the toilet.

The door at that particular toilet was spoiled hence the sign that shows the toilet was occupied or not is not accurate. It will be green even if there is people inside and people will always poke the toilet door to see if there is people in there or not. So, that day I was using that toilet and apparently I did not lock it all the way through but I thought I've locked it. When I was peeing, somebody opened the door! I DO NOT KNOW IF SHE SAW ANYTHING BUT I HOPE SHE DID NOT SEE ANYTHING. OH MY GOD!!! 

Okay, to be honest the embarrassing part was the way I was peeing. I hope to God she did not saw how I was peeing. You know how some people say girls squat ON the toilet while peeing in public toilet? It's true you know, well I did not do that, let's just say I don't pee sitting down when I'm in a public toilet because I find sitting down on a public toilet is really really disgusting. I have my own style when I'm peeing in a public toilet, and believe it or not, most girls don't sit down on the toilet when they are doing their business in a public toilet. True story.

I would flush me down the toilet and escape through a sewer if I could.

Then, she was saying sorry and I was scrambling like a mad woman once again to shut the door and this time locked the door properly. Then I remembered thinking in the toilet how am I gonna get out from the toilet, so freakin embarrassing as the room was full of people at the time. Flushing myself down the toilet sounds like a good idea although I might clogged the pipes and create more problems for me. Or I could just climb over to the next stall and knocked the occupier unconscious and throw her in my stall and get out from there. Or if I have an Invisibility Cloak. Oh, all of those un-practical scenarios ran through my brain. Thanks BRAIN, for not helping at all. 

I can't hide in the toilet forever, so I gather up my courage and with a poker face, I walked out from the toilet and pretended like nothing happens. Saw one of the staff at the place giggling while looking at me. Must be hilarious to her, can't blame her, I would do the same if I were her. Yep, that basically is 2 of the most embarrassing situations I had face in 2012...yet.

 Again, wish I had a paper bag as I was walking out from the toilet.

That's my embarrassing situation. Any of you guys had any embarrassing stories to share with me as well? :)

p/s : A+ for my drawings? rofl!!! Who am I kidding. Have a good day guys!


  1. ahahaha your drawing so funny

    we can't avoid facing embarrassing moments but we can always learn to face the music rather than hiding from the truth that is happening

    1. True, escaping from the truth is never a solution for anything. :)2

  2. haha...your situations were really funny and embarrassing too...enjoyed reading your funny experience


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