Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun With Fortune Camera

Today's post will be about the how I take crap pictures with a disposable camera just to see the message that will come with it. Now I bet you will ask yourself right now, "How can a picture comes with a message, this b**** must be delusional right now." Well You're WRONG! You can do that with a Fortune Camera!!!rofl

What is a fortune camera? Fortune camera is a disposable camera that I've got for the rice of $12 if I'm not mistaken, during my trip in Canada. I tell you they have a lot of fun,weird and goofy things there to play with.   This camera contains 24 exposure and each of these exposure comes with a random fortune printed at the bottom of each shot. Kinda fun huh? 

Well, this concept is based on Fortune Cookie which Chinese restaurant in the western countries would served after a meal, you can say it's kinda like dessert. The best part would be not to eat the cookies (although I gotta say that's IS my best part cause it taste awesome) but to break the cookie in half and read the fortune hidden in the cookie. Since I'm easily amused by those things, I guess a Fortune Camera will be a great camera for me to played with. :)

Below are the pictures that has been developed from the Fortune Camera film. Well not exactly below per se, like after 4 pictures of how the Fortune Camera looks like. lol

Bought this at a shop called Urban Outfitters. Pretty awesome shop.

Back of the box.

The camera after the unboxing.

The back of the camera.

Now these are the pictures taken using the camera. Some fortune are pretty hilarious, other are just not relevant at all. But hey, that's the point of the camera right, the surprise factor.

The photos were developed at a shop called Regalo in Kuching. They specialized in cameras, mostly those lomo camera which I know nothing about. Yikes. Cost RM 15 and took them about 4-5 days to develop, and it came in disc form which makes my uploading pictures so much more easier. :)

FB Page of  RegaloKuching.

#1 Pics of my sis taken in the neighbourhood.

#2 Evening shot of the road near where we stayed. I love this shot. :)


#4 Random pics snap by my cousin. He's wastin my precious shots!!! It's okay :)

#5 Duck face.

#6 Yours truly

#7 Drunk teens with a camera in his hand

#8 This was a  FAILED shot of a street lamp. And apparently I have a sincere friendship with the streetlamp. Forever alone. :(

#9 Taken in a jam

#10 As you can see we're back in Kuching, kinda regret didn't take more pics with this camera back in Canada. I blame myself. rofl

Pictures below are all taken in Friendship Park with the intention of using up all of the leftover shots so that we can send it to be developed and look at the fortune. :S

#11 My sis

#12 My sister's friend.

#13 Me

#14 Fountains at the park

#15 The archway

#16 I want this bench!!

#17 Sorry Panda *if you know what I mean* :)

#18 Again, a shot of the archway.

#19 I rofl-ed at the fortune in this shot.

#20 I frikkin ran out of things to write so yeah *fill in the blanks*


#22 I so hope this fortune is true. 4D?



So, that's it. All of the pictures with the random fortune from the camera. It's fun to played with that's for sure and I'm kinda please with some of the shots too, it shows that beautiful pictures can be taken using a disposable camera too. Till next time!


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