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Canada Trip 2011: Part 1 - On the Way To Canada

I think it's about time that I jot down my experience about my trip to Canada which occurs last year and I better write it all down before I forgot all about it or before a year has gone by since the trip happens. Well everything is still fresh in my mind and since I have nothing better to do right now, I will blog about it! lol

After years and years of begging and persuading my parents to sponsored us, us being me and my sister, to Canada, it finally happened last year somewhere around July. It was all a last minute preparation and I don't know what's the reason to their sudden change of minds but I was grateful for all that experience. Last minute as in we did all the visas and airplane tickets like 2 months before we went for the trip. Now you know where I got all my procrastination and last minute genes from. An apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. :)

The day came and we flew to Kuala Lumpur a day earlier so we can catch the early flight from KLIA to Hong Kong. I remember feeling a mixture of sad, excited,nervous and happy on that day. Well, sad because my parents are not coming with me, excited because I'm going to Canada, nervous because I've never had an overseas trip and happy, well just happy that I'm going for a trip.rofl

Since my sis and I never had an overseas trip we were like 'sakai' when we first went in to take a train thingy to the other parts of KLIA which is completely different from the uh.... KLIA. I don't know how to explain this It's like a completely different airport and that airport is for overseas flight. You had to take a LRT thingy to reach there. There's a lot of branded goods sold in that airport and well everything is more expensive obviously because there's a lot of foreigners there. A plate of Nasi Lemak there cost like RM20++. Crazy.

So we wait there for like an hour before boarding the flight to Hong Kong.


Another weirdo. :S

So, there's TV in the plane, which explains our behaviour. We were like so excited when we saw that there is a monitor in every seat! 3 hours flight may not seem like a long flight after all. The headphones was prepared for us and yeah, watching movies or tv shows in airplane is an awesome way to kill time for people who can't sleep.

America's Next Top Model. Always hilarious for some reason.rofl

The meal that was served.

I'm a big big fan of airplane food. I don;t know why, it's just the idea of everything you need for a meal in front of you with the tiny butter, tiny jam, tiny yogurt and salt and peppers make me feels happy. Am I the only one who loves the way that food is served in plane?

Omelette with a GIANT sausage and potato and tomato. Honestly it was not that great. It was just okay, maybe cause I'm not hungry that time.

After 3 hours in the plane, we've finally reach Hong Kong airport.

The airport was huge!! Take KLIA and multiply it like 10 times, maybe more. It took us like 30 minutes to find the place where we have to go.

Gates 501-530? Does that mean that there is over 500 gates in this airport? Wow.

Somewhere in the airport. There's a lot of shops in here too.

Disneyland Souvenir Shop!! 

Honestly I kinda regret that I didn't buy the Woody doll at here. Woody from Toy Story. I thought that, "Hey, I'm gonna be here again when I'm going back to Kuching, I'll get it then." Big mistake. I didn't have enough time to shop around on the way back. I want a Woody!!! T.T! Anyone of you who don't know who is Woody from Toy Story, omg, please do yourself a favour and run out now to your nearest disc store and get a copy of Toy Story. It's like the best cartoon ever. Seriously.

After walking around for a bit, we wanted a taste of Hong Kong food, after all we are in Hong Kong right? Technically.rofl

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Soup.

Ordered this 2 dishes. The taste of Hong Kong.rofl

Its Yew Char Kueh wrapped in a thin layer of rice flour thingy. Tasteless.rofl. Taste like Yew Char Kueh wrapped in rice flour.

I believe this was Shrimp Wanton Noodle. I find this tasteless either. No idea why. Maybe cause I don't like shrimp.

I have never seen a trolley before.

After an hour or so waiting to board the plane, we finally were on the way to Vancouver! 13 hours flight! OMG. But no worries, the TV in this plane is better and there's like lots of movies and TV shows to choose from. Still tiring though. 

The view from the plane.

I don't know how I managed to take this pic. I was amaze with myself.rofl

It gets colder and colder the longer you're in the flight. The seat was not that comfortable, it's quite small really. The food they served were great though. Basically all you do in the flight was eat, sleep, watch TV, eat, sleep, and repeat all the process yet again. I really envy people who can like really sleep comfortably in airplane, I don't know how they do it, I can't do it at all. Not fair.

Finally. After 13 hours in aeroplane with recycled air. 

Totally worth it. But we were really tired that time so we didn't take a lot of pictures. We were like sakai and like "WOW...ang moh!"

After we reach Vancouver airport, we went through immigration and stuff, they really do ask you a lot of question during immigration, just like what you see in the movie. Pretty cool.rofl. Then took another 2 hour flight to Calgary.

So we reach Calgary and our aunties and uncles are all there to welcome us. For the first time, we saw some of our uncles and aunties in real life and not just in pictures or Skype. I will never forget that day, you know how they say take a mental picture of something? It's true, that scene will forever be embedded in my mind.

Tim Horton's is like the best fast food chain like ever!

Everything in there is super healthy and the coffee are super awesome and not to mention my favourite beverage from there, Ice Capucinno.....Mmmm...Yummms. I want a Ice Capp now. There should be a Tim Horton's in Malaysia. This fast food chain is like everywhere in Canada.


I would be happy to just go Canada again and just go to this store and just walk around. You can find almost everything in here, from foods to clothes to pharmacy to stationaries to DVDs to photo printing and lots more. It's like a super store of awesomeness.

Pasta. Ready made Ravioli. 

Crab. This is the small ones. There's like really huge ones too.


Then we went to one of my uncle house to just hang out and have dinner. Goofing around with my cousin.

She's a little princess. I miss her. :(


Sometimes at night it would be like really cold eventhough it's still summer. It's nothing to them but to me and my sister, we were like freezing. The cold wind feels like your standing in a freezer and somebody turn on the fan at maximum speed. And this is summer for them. rofl. Malaysia!! Y U NO COLD WEATHER??


The neighbourhood. Love it. It's like a scene from movie. A scene that we would never see in Malaysia. haha

A&W Breakfast. Almost every breakfast there would have bacon in them Bacon with cheese, Bacon with eggs. I'm in heaven. Bacon is like so expensive in Kuching. haha

After a week in Calgary, my relatives organized a road trip to Vancouver. It's a 13 hours drive from Calgary and the scene was breathtaking. My gosh, if the scenes were like that in Malaysia, I would like road trip everywhere. Now I know why westerners like to road trip everywhere. The air is cool, the scene was great and along the way there is these small towns that are each unique and have specialty of their own. It's really very nice.

Look at the view.

Stop to have pee break. Look at THAT view! omg

I have to put my face in the picture with the view.rofl Forgive me.

Family pictures. :)

We stop at one of their petrol station and there is like lots of stuff in the station shop! Lots of candies and chocolates and chips and foods that I've never seen before. 


Corn dog!

I love the fact that they called their coffee kick ass. In Malaysia, the ass would be censored. boring


The view again!

And after 13 hours in car, we've finally reach there at night. Stayed at the Radisson Hotel. I just love the road trip thing there, if I were to stay there, I would have road trip like everywhere. My aunt told me that Seattle from Vancouver is only an hour drive but it's too bad we don't have our US visa. 


That's it! I will go dream that I'm at Canada again. Till next time! :) 


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  2. Now, your blog are bringing us to go Canada, Haha, you experience is quite funny!! So, don't be procrastination anymore friend :)

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  3. i wan the Oyster!!! and Cute Princess BTW :)

  4. Looks like you had a great time in Canada with your family. Lucky girl:D

  5. wow! great journey...girl!!! have fun...


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