Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrating Earth Hour 2011 @ Green Heights Mall Kuching

Last Saturday happens to be Earth Hour Day. Earth Hour is a worldwide event which was first started by the World Wide Fund For Nature ( WWF ) and this event will be held in every last Saturday of March annually. Earth Hour are created to encourage households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for an hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change.

The first Earth Hour event took place in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and after that many other cities in thwe world began to adopted the event as well, Kuching included. The Earth Hour 2012 took place from 8.30pm - 9.30 pm.

So my friend and I decided to check out what's the hype at Green Heights Mall which have been organizing Earth Hour events since 4 years ago. So this is their fourth year and this is our first time attending the event. Besides that, we also wanted to check out the Photobooth thingy there. :)

We reached there right on 8.30pm and they've begun to switch off the non essential lights. Not all of the lights were switched off of course, mainly the parking lot lights and some of the lights in the hallway. Obviously they can't turn off the lights in the groceries section, if they were to do that, FREE FOODS! lol. 

Candles were given out to everybody there. 

At the parking lots, there were stores selling foods, clothes, tit bits and many more. There was also a little concert held there to entertained the guest who've arrived to the event as well. Not bad, kinda like Kuching Festival, except in a darker environment and lots and lots of candles around. 

Drown that Lok Lok b****!

Honestly, there is not a lot of choice of foods to get there. There were satays, pudding and stuff but most of the guest go for the Lok Lok. It cost RM1.50 per stick and they dip the Lok Lok that you've chose into boiling water, add some sweet and spicy sauce and there you go. Dinner.

Lok Lok. There's veggie, quail eggs, fishballs and lots more.

The best for me was the quail eggs and the carrot wrapped with ham and one of the fishball thingy. It was great. The secret to a good lok lok is in the sauce, if the sauce is awesome, everything that you dip in it will be awesome. And the sauce was good enough for me.lol

Grace eating EGGS.rofl

Me eating the fishball thingy. I eat like a troll. I know. The word 'Ladylike' is not in my dictionary.

Met Grace's friends there too, Edmund and Wilfred.

Le bitches. I'm still chewing on the fishball fyi.

The mini concert. Some of the singers were pretty good I gotta say.

Overall it was a pretty entertaining night, better than sitting at home right? I'm a person who loves sitting at home and face the computer rather than go out sadly, but not if there is an event going on. For example event like this that only happen once a year. What can I say, there's not many events happening in Kuching. The only decent place that we can go is The Spring and....uh... The Spring. So sad.

After the event, we went to Jase's Tea Room to hangout. It's a little place that serves great drink and has a comfy environment. I love it, beats going to Bing anytime of the day.

Hot Milk with Syrup and a chocolate cookie!

The photo from the Photobooth.

As I've said earlier, there was a thing called Photobooth Events set up there and I have no pictures to show as I forgot to take the pictures that day. Failed. 2 strips of the photo cost us RM15 but normally it was RM20. Since Grace had bought the Sereni and Shentell headband, there was a RM5 discount for the photo. See that thing on her head, that's the headband I'm talking about.

We were not ready at all when we took the photo. I was thinking that we can take like 10 pictures and select the pictures that we want out from the pictures that we've taken. Kinda like the photo stickers booth that we usually see in arcades. But this was not, the machine took 4 pictures and the interval time between each picture was maybe 20 seconds. We obviously didn't know that. Lesson learnt. So guys, grab your props of choice and head in and be prepared to do your pose. Don't do like me, grab all the props and have no time to choose at all in there. Blame the greedy me. Because of that, I have only 1 pictures with moustaches. :(

Only 1 moustaches and the rest was normal. Still fun though. Haha.

Anyway, that's how I spend my night on Earth Hour Day. How bout yours?? See ya! 

p/s : Photobooth Event's gonna be at Spring this week I think. Anyone going?? :)


  1. You don't like Bing? I thought a lot of young people love to hang out at that place. Maybe not anymore...

  2. WOW! I wish so much to join :( I spoke to Kenny Lim (the guy who celebrate last year Christmas with you), He said your life in Kuching is v. meaningful. wish to know more!

    Latest: Birthday Post - XiXi

  3. too bad, i miss the event. Looks so fun and nice!


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