Friday, June 1, 2012

Berrylite Kuching @ Boulevard

Two days, I had the honour to attend Berrylite's Bloggers Date at Boulevard Kuching. For a small time blogger like me who doesn't blog regularly and ignore her blog for a period of time occasionally, to be able to attend an event like this is definitely an awesome experience. For this opportunity, I thank Berrylite Kuching, especially the owners who were so kind to extend the invitation to us. And thanks again for the awesome frozen yogurts! :)

Let's get to the frozen yogurts!

Berrylite was  founded in Singapore and now has 7 branches all over Singapore. And now they have a branch right here in Kuching! Besides that, their frozen yogurt contains more than 100 millions (WOW!) live and active cultures in a gram and all of these live cultures are high in health benefits. Some of the benefits are, it aids digestion, boosts immune systems and helps healing from intestinal infections. Basically, if you have constipation all the time, this is good for you and its tasty as well! Win- win situation.

 The store. Its located near the Digi Centre in Boulevard Phase 1.

Berrylite is also certified by National Yogurt Association (USA) and carries the Live & Active Cultures seal. Certified thing always is good for you, so no worries. Besides that, they used 100% All- Natural ingredients. And for the health conscious people out there, this tasty treat is fat free (yay!), low in calories (yay!) and certified gluten free. It taste like ice cream and its healthy, can it get any better?

The dry toppings for the yogurt. There's oreo, almond flakes, sunflower seeds, pistachio, chocolate chips and etc.

Frozen yogurt in the making.rofl

This is the 'wet' toppings, there's strawberries, mango, peach, some jelly stuff, some pearl-looking stuff. lol.

The sizes of the cups. Sounds wrong, if you know what I mean. I kid, cups for the frozen yogurt of course.

The smallest one is called Blind Date which was 5 oz, RM 8+ without toppings and RM10+ with toppings if I'm not mistaken. And then there was the Hook On It cup which was 8 oz and then it moves up to the 11 oz cup which was called I Love It. The biggest cup was the D cup , Take Home Pack, I don't remember what's the oz of that but it was quite big.

These cups was biodegradable as well, it only takes 88 days for this cups to break down. Environmentally friendly, awesome no?

Beneath were the frozen yogurt I had sample on that day. 

Original flavor with pistachio, oreo and almond flakes.

Look at the amount of toppings they gave, they are not stingy with the toppings I tell you. Which is always a good thing for us! :)

Chocolate flavor yogurt with strawberries, mango and black pearl thingy. This one taste just like ice cream. Honestly, it doesn't taste like yogurt at all. Yummy!

And last but not least the original flavor again with granola, chocolate chips and almond flakes. I prefer the original flavor ones cause it's really creamy and it taste really good with toppings like nuts and chocolate chips. 

Berrylite Frozen Yogurt is available in Original tart and more than 50 other yummy flavors. I was told that there's flavors such as Strawberry, White Chocolate, Green Tea, Mint, Raspberry, Blueberry, and more. I was told by one of the owner that Blueberry was the best flavor. Can't wait for it!

Currently the Berrylite in Kuching only serves two flavors which are Original and Chocolate as you can see above. Eventually, all the other flavors will be introduced in the near future.

 With Jessica and Faithlyn, which is one of the owner of Berrylite! Super friendly and awesome. Thanks again for the invitation Faithlyn and the rest of the lady boss! :)

The coupons and the privilege card which entitled 20% discount on the yogurts. YAY! 

So, that's it, if you live in Kuching, love to eat ice cream or a health conscious person, stop by Boulevard and check out Berrylite. It's awesome I assured you, I would recommend the Original flavor, it taste sooo goood.  It was located in Boulevard Shopping Mall Phase 2, 1st Floor, 93250 Kuching, Malaysia

For more info :   Berrylite Kuching Facebook Page


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