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Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 : Day 1 (13 July 2012 )

Okay. First I'll start of this post by explaining what exactly is Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF). RWMF is an unique festival that brings together musicians from all around the world and from every culture to the same stage located in Sarawak Cultural Village here in Kuching, Sarawak which I believe is the heart and soul of Borneo. It is a three-day music festival that's held annually. This year's event is the 15th year it has been held and it was held from 13 till 15 of July this year.

Beside the nightime concerts, music workshops was also held in the afternoon for the performers to explain the history of the instruments from their countries as well as sharing their cultures and traditional music with the visitors. There is also cultural and craft displays, food and beverages stalls and lots more.

The festival were held in Sarawak Cultural Village which is an award winning living museum and located near Damai Resort, about 40km drive from Kuching.

I wanted to thank Sarawak Bloggers and Sarawak Tourism Board for giving me this opportunity to attend this event again! Thank you very very much! :)

Enough of that, let's get right to the events! I'll start from beginning of the trip right till the time I went back home. :)

Traffic jam while on the way to go Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV)

I bought the 3- Day Unlimited bus ride from Kuching to SCV and vice versa for RM 60. It's totally worth it as the bus company which is CPL provide sufficient amounts of bus for the trips. You hardly have to wait to get on the bus to go or to to get back from SCV. I strongly suggest using public transportation to go to the events because :- 

1) It's good for the environment, I'm environmentally friendly.lol 
2) It's to avoid too many  cars parked there(which happened on Saturday night and cause a massive jam which nobody likes). 

People who live in Kuching should know that the road to SCV is small and parking along the sides of the road makes it difficult for a huge bus to move hence causing the jam. So, Kuchingnite, if you want to go, support public transportation, just my opinion. lol.

Used the 12 noon bus at The Hills and reached SCV around 1.10pm, slightly later than I've expected because of the mini jam which is expected to happen in the city around 12pm. People go home eat and rest ba. lol

Front Entrance of the Sarawak Cultural Village!

Yours truly

Me with Yvonne. Thanks Garner for this pic.

When we reached SCV, we have to use as shuttle van to go back to One Hotel Santubong (OHS) to collect   our daily wristbands. Thank god free shuttle van was provided for media as a trip from SCV to OHS cost RM5 and vice versa. Quite expensive if you ask me, RM 2 for the service is still okay considering the distance from SCV to OHS is pretty near, about 4km, maybe less. lol. Free rides for me so I don't care! HAHAHAHAHA *evil * 

Beautiful pass *muacks*. My 1st Media Pass in my life. *proud. rofl

The wristbands. Each day is a different colour. 

After getting the wristbands, we head back up to SCV to attend the music workshops.

Garner on the bridge. lol

The music workshops are held in three locations, they are Iban Longhouse, Theatre and Dewan Lagenda. There are 9 separate workshops held in a day. 3 of the workshops will be held at the same time and in different location from 2pm-2.45pm, 3pm-3.45pm and 4pm-4.45pm respectively. So, you have to choose only 3 workshops that you want to go in a day. 

Shanta workshops which was held in Theatre. Just went for a few minutes then I changed my mind and head over to the Zee Avi's workshops.

Zee Avi. Great Malaysian Indie singer, I'm an indie song fan. :)

She started off by explaining how she became a Youtube sensation, which was totally by accident according to her and making jokes here and there along the way. Then she performed a few songs for us. Among the songs she performed was Mee Kolok Sigek which means One Kolo Mee. Kolo Mee is a noodle dish that you can find everywhere in Kuching and it's a must try dish for tourist. She also performed Kantoi (means busted in Malay) and Swell Window.

Mee Kolok Sigek

Kantoi. Love this song. So cute. lol

Then we went to the next workshops which is called Six Of The Best (Guitars). Basically is all about guitar awesomeness. I'm not musically inclined hence I don't know how to comment about the performance, but if it sounds good, it's awesome to me! lol And they are all awesome!

It's six of the best but I have no idea why there's only five....uhhh

Tore Bruvoll from the String Sisters

He started first by playing a slow and soothing tune. Love it.

The one next to Tore is Fabien Guiloteau from La Zikabilo. 

Emmanuel Maleso from Kanda Bongo Man. There's was a point where he started dancing while they were all jamming around. Funny and awesome at the same time! 

Belangeni Jeannot Musumbu from Kanda Bongo Man. He played rumba if I'm not mistaken. Very cool.

Here's a video of them all jamming together. Love the tunes and the singing. :)

The next workshop we went were the interactive dance workshop, which means we all get to dance! It was the Flirt The Brazilian Way workshop and we can learn how to do the Carimbo dance. This workshop was lead by the musician from Brazil called Raiz De Cafezal. I heard that in order to get this band here, they have to sedate one of the member of the group cause he was panicking in the plane or something. rofl. I have no idea which member though. haha

Raiz De Cafezal. 

Showing the Carimbo dance. Looks like two birds courting/mating ritual to me, kinda cool. HAHA! 

People having fun and dancing!

I did dance as well at some times. FAIL dance if you ask me, I don't know how to dance and when I dance I look like a robot, yeah I'm pretty good in robotic dance. lol. Kidding! It was still fun though, the great thing about this festival is nobody cares you can dance or not, you just go and have fun. Break a leg, not literally of course. 

Hey look it's me! Picture taken from Andy Kho.

After the workshops, we went walking around SCV for awhile to check out the cultural displays, craft displays as well as food stalls! 

The Jungle stage!

Yvonne and I

There were lots of beautiful and unique souvenirs being sold at the Crafts Bazaar. 
                                          (Pictures were taken from Media Centre. Andy Kho's)

Hornbill artworks. Very nice. I would totally buy it if I was a foreigner, makes a great and unique souvenir. Plus it's handmade! 

Beads necklace and more beady stuff. A common but unique and handmade Sarawak souvenir.

Beads stuff again. lol

If you're thirsty, there's also wine sold. If you prefer a classier beverage. :)

Then we went to check out the Beach Fiesta happening at Damai Central which was just opposite SCV. 

The view of the beach when there is low tide. Perfect time to go look for interesting sea creatures! hehe

Photographer in action, don't play play. lol


Nothing much to see at Damai Central, grab some lunch and head back to SCV.

Very strict security provided which is very good in my opinion! They check all visitor's bag thoroughly.

This is because weapons are not allowed to be brought in SCV as well as outside food and drinks. There is also a dog to sniff out illegal substances such as drugs. Love the security there. Makes me feel totally safe all the time. lol. 

RWMF souvenir stand.

If you wanna get a limited edition RWMF T-Shirt, I suggest get it on the 1st day. I've learnt my lesson, I was holding back on buying a t-shirts cause I think might as well buy it on the last day since I'm still here by then but I found out that all adults T-Shirts were sold out when I went to check out the souvenir stand on the last day.  Damn it. :( Oh well, it's the experience that counts not the souvenirs *self console*

Leg shots. The hairy one was mine. 

Ukulele for sale. It's not cheap though, saw one of the price tag was RM500. 

Burger stand

The food and drinks sold there were not exactly cheap but fr a big event like this, it can be considered cheap. For example, fried rice cost around RM7-8 and a ham and cheese sandwich cost RM4. It's still okay I guess. I eat and drink for free cause I have the meal vouchers so.... LOL!! But still, the price was not bad, it's reasonable enough.

By nightime, the concerts began and lots of people can be seen sitting at the stage area.

Nading Rhapsody.

They are eight young musicians from Kuching who play traditional Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Malay rhythms. Love their modern version of Burung Kakak Tua. They were also very energetic in their performance and did I mention very cool? haha

Le Trio Jourban from Palestine.

Three brothers - Samir, Wissam and Adnan with their deft fingers and dazzling display of mastery on their instruments. The music was not my kind of music so I didn't enjoyed it that much but it was good. Very mesmerizing and enveloping music.

Then there is The String Sisters!! To be honest I was just waiting for them to performed that night. :)

              Below were some pictures taken by me, it's not clear as I don't have Photographer Pit's Pass.

Basically in all of my pics, there is a photographer's head in there. I hate them. :( Just kidding! I was jealous as I don't have photographer's pass. rofl. Plus I don't have a DSLR anyway. Totally getting one next year.

Three out of six of the String Sisters.

Very gyspy looking. I like. lol

Below were pictures taken by professionals.

Liz Carroll

Catriona Macdonald

Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh 

Liz Knowles

Annbjorg Lien 

Emma Hardelin

The glorious String Sisters

All of these ladies comes from different places such as Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and USA. They were all stars in their own right and played fiery fiddles. They are joined by the funkiest rhythm section consisting of James Mackintosh, David Milligan , Conrad Ivitsky and Tore Bruvoll otherwise also known as 'The String Misters' as stated by them jokingly. lol. The String Sisters was actually invited years ago but could'nt join this event before till now. And boy they were awesome! 

Here's a video I took, sorry for the shakiness as well as the occasional photographer's head popping in. :) Enjoy.

The crowd that night.

After the String Sisters performance, I have to skip La Zikabilo and Zee Avi's performance because I need to catch the 10.30pm bus home in order to make it to the city by 11 something as I needed my dad to fetch me home. It's a shame but there is always next time!

That's it for Day 1! Day 2 coming up! :)


  1. Wonderful coverage yoo!! You make me jealous for missing it!

    1. Thanks!! But all this coverage is made possible thanks to you! :) Aww...it's okay! Next year must go! :D

  2. Awesome writings there Lindy. Although some of my poses there aren't my best pose haha!. Yea, we should make Cyril jealous always :P

    1. Thanks Garner. No need pose la, natural is the best. HAHAHA! Evil you make people jealous.rofl

  3. Hi there Lindy! This is a very well written post on Rainfest 2012.
    Let me get straight to it:
    I represent and up and coming kuching-based travel agency. Can I have your email address so I can explain to you there?


  4. Thanks! And sure Nazreen. Here you go, neomaster_6300@hotmail.com


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