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Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 : Day 2 ( 14 July 2012 )

Here comes the second day coverage of RWMF 2012! Seriously this festival gets better and better each day, I felt that second day was definitely more fun than the first day. I've always heard the rumour that second day of the rainfest which is always held on Saturday will be the most crowded day among all three days of the festival. And it is.....TRUE. I think that there was at least 3 times more people there in Sarawak Cultural Village compared to the previous day. The more the merrier! I believe this is mainly because Saturday is the perfect day for the working crowd, they partied hard all night on Saturday and they can rest or nurse their hangovers all day on Sunday. lol

Let's get right on to the events!

Reached SCV at around 12.45pm this time around. Met a French lady named Elise in the bus on the way here. We chatted all the way to SCV, and I learnt that French people called the British 'beef'. rofl. We learned something new everyday and that's what I learned on the beginning of the second day of the rainfest. Very cool huh? lol! 

 She also said that Kuching is a very beautiful and wonderful city to live in and that I'm lucky to live here, that I totally agree. Great food, great people, and beautiful city surrounded by all these beautiful beaches and lush greeneries, what more can we ask for? :) But secretly we're all hoping to live somewhere other than the place we've grown up in. For examples, we who live in tropical country want to live in a country where there's four season and vice versa. It's human nature and I'm not excepted. But I can't imagine not eating kolo mee for years. OMG. HAHA!

As usual went to OHS, grab my wristbands then head down to SCV to go to the workshops. Oh and I met another blogger, Marg at OHS and we head to the workshops together. lol

First workshop of the day we went were The Voice workshop. Basically this workshop is all about vocals or otherwise known as singing.

I'm kiasu, hence I sit at the very front. :S

The first thing I realized when I got to the workshop is that 'OMG,that's alot of people, today's gonna be crrroooowwwdddeeedd!' and it's not helping that the weather is super hot that day as well. Lot's of sweaty people cramped in a tiny space, AWESOME. I guess it's better than rainy day, I'll take sweaty people over wet and muddy people any day, not that I like to be around sweaty people all the time just that wet people is ...well wet and muddy and eeww ...arghh, you get what I mean. Do you?  :P

Marg and I

The first performer to sing were Mairead Ni Mhaoniaigh from the String Sisters and she is one talented lady. She can sing and she can play the violin awesomely, just...WOW. I'm in awe.

Mairead Ni Mhaoniaigh singing an Irish song if I'm not mistaken.

See for yourself. :)

The next one to perform was Emma Hardelien, also from the String Sisters. I forgot in what language the song was sung. But if I remembered correctly, the song was something about two sisters who was in love with a same guy and one of the sister drowned the other sister (or she commited suicide out of sorrow? I don't remember exactly) and a musician pick up the body of the drowned sister, used her body as an instrument and composed a song (creepy I know.rofl) Then on the wedding day of the other sister, the musician came and played the song and the sister dropped dead as well. wtf i know. It's a good story though, I love it! :)  Oh and she's an amazing singer as well!

Emma Hardelien (Swedish)

Tongue twisting song. lol

Next, it's a performance by Bongo Kanda from Kanda Bongo Man. I love his jacket. lol

Bongo Kanda

Sorry for the super up close video, he was directly in front of me. lol

The next performer to sing will be Abdoulaye Dembele from the Mamadou Diabate's Percussion Mania. The song he sing was an African song and I actually like it. It's the kind of song that makes you wanna dance around a bonfire or something. :)

Does that instrument look disturbing to you or is it just me? 

I'm not sure in which video I sing along but if I sing in this one, forgive my horrible singing. lol

After Abdoulaye performance, the next to sing was Kaela Rowan from String Sisters. As usual, beautiful voice and beautiful song but I didn't take any pictures or videos of her at the time. I think I was too mesmerized by her vocal at the time or maybe I just forgot. For that I apologize. lol

The last but not least to perform was Karim Sanou from Mamadou Diabete's Percussion Mania. His style of singing were very similar to Abdoulaye's. 

Karim Sanou

Look at the amount of people in the Iban Longhouse. Stuffy man. Still okay though. lol

We went to the next workshop which was held in Dewan Lagenda called the Hands On workshop. If you guess, drums or percussions, you're absolutely right! This workshop focus on percussion from all over the world and in my opinion one of the most entertaining workshop in Day 2 of RWMF 2012.

Yvonne and Garner. I took this picture. *proud* Not using my camera la. lol

The leader or MC of this workshop is James Mackintosh. He's the one in white shirt.

Forgot his name but the instrument in his hand is a Bendir 

The way he played the Bendir was awesome. It's not more to banging like drums, it's like he just slide his finger on it like guitar. Very cool instrument. He went on to play Darabuja as well.

Picture by Andy Kho.

Then there was an instrument called Cajon. See the previous picture and there is a guy in a black t-shirt sitting on a speaker box kinda thing? That's the Cajon. He just bang on it and voila, out comes rhythm. lol. 

Everybody listen attentively. The guy on the far left does look a little bit like Bruno Mars. Malaysian Bruno. rofl

Ainal Bustari and Mohamad Sofie from Rhythm Of Borneo went on to explain about the history of the Malay instrument called Rebana and Ketebong. They explain what it is made of and then played the instrument. This kind of instrument are mostly played and essential in the Malay wedding tradition. 

Jean Didier Hoareau from Danyel Waro and Seydou Diabete from Mamadou Diabete's Percussion Mania played as well. Interesting performance and interesting instruments.

Teoman Dalci 

Teoman Dalci from HATA played the Darabuja. I like him. He looks like Harry Potter. rofl. And of course a great percussion player, and funny as well. :) 

But the best performance in this workshop has got to be Chen Wenchi of HATA playing the Shotango which in other words means - a big ass drums. I think everyone was just basically waiting for him to play the biggest instrument there ( sounds wrong. lol), the Shotango. And we were not disappointed at all! He performed the lion dance song, a traditional chinese song and add some martial arts thingamagig in there for some extra AWESOMENESS!! I swear anything that has to do with martial arts or kung fu is amazing! 

Forgive my hollering. But check out that performance!! 

He got the standing ovation that he very much deserved and everybody was amazed by his performance! As you can see from the video. :)

The crowd in Dewan Lagenda. Filled out max.

The last workshop is the workshop that I've been waiting for all day long and its the Hip Hip Hip workshop. It's an interactive dance workshop and we get to learn how to do the Congolese kwasa kwasa dance. And let me tell you this dance definitely need some 'kuasa' at the hip part. Very very fun indeed.

Taught by Paulina Oborney Lartey (I think). Man she got some flexible hips. I'm jelly.

Learn how to kwasa kwasa. :)

Soon everybody was up in no time and kwasa-ing all over the place. IT'S ALL A MESS! Kidding! it's all good, everybody's having fun shaking their hips. Nothing much to say, we all just dance basically. haha

Kibasa!!  Kibasa!!

Then after all the workshops were over, we have 2 hours to roam around SCV and tried out the activity around there. But first, dinner. After all the kwasa-ing, we need to eat to refill our 'kuasa' (power) back.

Stalls offering lots of fun stuff, temporary tattoo is one of them.

Head over to the Media tent to get our free dinner. Yummy!

Rice with Fish cooked in Salted Black Bean sauce and french beans. Had some Vegetarian Pasta as well. Delicious.

With the bloggers. Clockwise starting with the girl in the pink shirt which is Priscilla, Yvonne, Garner, Me and Marg.  :)

Had our stomach filled and rest up, we went to try making a small pottery for fun.

It only cost RM 5 to try it. Why not? It looks fun. Let's give it a whirl.

Yvonne tried it out first and it looks really difficult to make it. The finish product look....well let's just say it doesn't look like a pottery that can be sold in the market.(sorry Yvonne! haha) Plus she say the spinning thingy hurts her hands, makes me think twice on trying it. But oh well, once in  a lifetime, try nia la. Dirty also dirty la. lol

Yvonne making her pottery.

And then it's my turn. It's really really difficult I gotta say, but first time for everything is always difficult right? It might look easy to make a pottery but it's not easy to make when you tried making it yourself. The clay was actually quite hard and not soft like I had imagined. You also gotta be precise and gentle but tough at the same time to mold out the clay. I actually wanted to make a coffee mug (dream big, Lindy) but I gave up halfway (not even halfway) and the friendly potter named Awie who's from Indonesia helped me shaped it into a mini-bowl shape. Technically it's cheating, but who's keeping score here? rofl!!

Dirty business.

Awie and I. Very cool guy and he's a Hakka! 

I used up all the Hakka words I know to communicate with him. And some Indon language and Malay language and Mandarin and Hokkien and English. Awesome guy. lol! That's the best thing about RWMF for me, meeting people from all over the world. 

The finished product. Nice? fml

And again our leg on the orang utan sticker thingy.haha

After all that, we all head to the stage area to wait for the night concert to begin. 

 Gongs of Malaysia with dancing people

As a Sarawakian, I've seen this too many times already hence I felt nothing about it. It a nice performance of course. Very colourful. In the middle of their performance, a group of other dancer start to come out to the field and dancing among the people. It's nothing new, so I was just like 'Okay, cool' and then patiently waits for the next performance.

Taken by the photographer, Andy Kho.

The next performance was the awesome and the one I've been waiting for. It is the Mongolian group Khusugtun, performing the famous Mongolian throat singing. The Khusugtun bring with them the unique folk instruments of Central Asia - the Grand Fiddle, the Horse Head Fiddle, the Bagpipe, Zither, the Dzimbe and the Dombor. 

The guy introducing the group. I believe he is their band manager or something.

And the performance began. One word. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. When they started to sing, WOW! I had goosebumps I tell you. You know you're listening to something awesome when you had goosebumps. I mean how many times will you have the chance to see the incredible art of throat singing from Mongolia performed live in Kuching, Sarawak. West Malaysia maybe there's still a 43% chances but Kuching, not often. Something cool or awesome doesn't happened often in Kuching, well except RWMF. But that's only 3 days out of a year. lol. Oh and Kuching Festival, but that's mainly food, different story. 

Members of Khusugtun

And the other members of Khusugtun

Here's some professional pictures taken by the photographers.

Taken by Pein Lee

Pein Lee as well.

The only lady in the group, I believe her name is Chovjao Amarbayasgalan. Pretty no?

I don't know what's his name but he's really good in making very realistic bird chirpings sound and really good with the flutes as well. If you know what I mean, ;). Kidding!

Then it's performance by Danyel Waro! Which is also the performance that I've been waiting for that night! A bit of info about Danyel Waro. He's from Reunion Islands which I had no idea where it is. Yikes. He is also the most well-known singer of Maloya, the blues of the plantation workers in La Reunion. Maloya is a traditional music dating back to the slave days, integrating strong African influences, slave chants and work songs. This music had almost died out, only surviving thanks to a few families. 

He comes as a 4 piece band to RWMF with his mesmerizing voice, singing in the Creole language and bring along all the traditional instruments from his country - the kayanm, bob and rouler.

While waiting for Danyel Waro performance to start,  I met an Australian lady who's waiting for the performance to start as well. Chatted with her for awhile from topics such as Marmite vs Vegemite to the weather in Kuching to the topics of eating kangaroos. She has a very simple solution on the hot weather in Kuching. 

Me : Kuching is very hot right? How can you stand it?
Her : I love Kuching's weather! When it gets too hot I just went for a swim!
Me: .....true. LOL!!
Me : Do you guys eat kangaroo?
Her : We do! I love kangaroo meat, besides it is a very healthy meat, there's practically no fat on them!
Me : Really?? Kinda like turkey? But kangaroo is sooooo cute! How can you eat them?
Her : There's too many kangaroos in Australia, so we have to eat them! :) And they're not cute, they're vicious! They can grow up to six feet! *pointing out how tall six feet is*
Me : Seriously?? You're not pulling my leg right?
Her : Seriously! 
Me : How about Koalas? Do you eat them?
Her : Of course not, koalas are so cute and slow, plus their endangered. lol
Me : Thank god! 

And it's true, Aussies love their Vegemite! I told her I love Marmite, she was like " can you eat that??" I'm speechless. And then go on discussing whether Bovril is beef extract or not and then the performance I didn't get her name though, kinda regret it, she's one cool lady. :) Plus she speaks very good Mandarin. hahaha

Danyel Waro

This is one energetic old man. I don't even has his stamina, shame on me! And not mention very cute. I like cute old people. His music is beautiful and awesome and apparently a very dance-inducing music cause once he started to performed, everybody around me started to dance. I'm like the only one that stay still to take videos and pictures and stuff. And with people dancing and keep on bumping me, taking steady video is a very difficult thing to do. lol. But it's all goooddd. People happy, people dance. I understand.  

And the photographer in the Photographer's Pit basically try to avoid taking the crowd pictures with me in them. It's kinda obvious. Pictures with me in there will be deemed as boring crowd picture. fml. 

Jean Didier Hoareau

Danyel Waro with an instrument called Kayanm. He just shakes it and sing at the same time. Very very energetic!

This is the one of the steadiest vids. Others are just shakier as hell but others have nicer songs. LOL

Saturday night crowd. OMG! Totally people mountain, people sea.

There's alot of people on the second day of RWMF and by alot I mean ALOT!! When you look at the people, it's almost similar to a school of sardines in the ocean except we're human and we're on land. Otherwise it's similar. Agree? :)

Another shot.

Aside from the supersize crowds, there is also some dancing in the mud going on. I saw it when I walking away from the performance to get ready to go home. It looks fun, but I will never, NEVER played in those muds. It smells AWFUL!! The smell is comparable to sewer smell only not as extreme as that. I have no idea how people can roll around in the mud. Gross. Besides that, it did not rain, so how come there's mud? It will always be a mystery..... I'm guessing pails of water + soil. Or maybe beer + soil. Hence the weird smell. lol

Inside Dewan Lagenda. Lots of people as well. Picnicking in there.

On the way to the shuttle bus saw about 2 girls vomiting. If they can't handle the liquor, why drink it in the first place? Lame. Follow me, no drink, no smoke, a good festival goer (perasan). LOL! The main purpose we went there was to enjoy the music right? 

In conclusion, second day of the RWMF is definitely the craziest, the most crowded and the best day to party, if you like partying. 

Another picture of the crowd to show you the amount of people there. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's like schools of sardines.

" We Love Rainforest World Music Festivals!! Wooo!! "

To end this post, I will talk about my experience on going home. So, we used the bus to go home at about 10pm. And guess what time we arrived at the city, 12.15am! That's an hour and half of traffic jam at Santubong and about another 30 minutes to reach city. The traffic jam was caused by irresponsible and idiotic people who double park and park wherever they want. Hence causing the bus unable to move because of the narrow road and the considerate bus driver who tries to avoid scratching the vehicles that were park along side the road. If I'm the bus driver I will just scratch the car (padan muka!) but thankfully I'm not a bus driver. Other than the traffic jam, everything was awesome. :)

The end. Stay tune for Day 3!! 


  1. thanks for visiting my blog! :) and the coin spirit freaks me out :/ actually I used to play with my friends during high school but I played pen spirit. where you hold the pen with your friend and the procedure is same as coin spirit ;/ scary moments!

    1. No probs. Coin spirit is indeed real and not to be messed around with. Scary stuff right? :) hahaha

  2. INTERESTING! Great writing you have here. I can say through my freelance life as a photographer and journalist, I've seldomly stop and read through blogs in detail. Must of the time just a run through. LOL! But your writing style is really good. Informative. I just love the videos. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Wah, Garner. Why so formal when talking to me. No need la! LOL! Be casual! HAHAHA! Thanks for reading my ramblings. HAHA

    2. Hahahaha....sorry~. I was just finish updating my blog at that time. ter-carry over pula. LOLOLOL!

  3. much fun!!! And sooo interesting! Hey! You were with Mar, my friend... She's got a blog too. Hi, Mar!!! Ya...I love Marmite too - Vegemite, I bought a bottle once, tried a bit and threw the rest away. Yucksss!!!!

    RWMF...never been - too old, for one thing...and open air in Malaysia - too hot, I will end up with heat stroke. :(

    1. It is fun!! Come join us next year!! Would love to meet you in real life! :D Mar is one awesome lady, super fun to hangout with. haha! Yeah, Marmite definitely taste better than vegemite. lol!

      You're not too old la, still crazy after all this time right? :)

    2. Hi STP!!! wonder something kept telling me to read Lindy's post already, rupa2nya u guys have been talking abt me. =P

      Lindy,nicely written!!! Sorry only now reacting cos I just read it (didn't wanna be "influenced" by you or the others before I wrote mine kekeke)...which is why I'm not reading Day 3 yet. XP

      Btw,thanks for the compliment hehehe but I'm only as awesome as the company I keep - YOU are awesome too! Kinda felt like I've known you ages! ;)

  4. Hey~ Lydia~ This is the longest post i ever read in my entire life~ Can't believe i really did read through every single word. You have a good writing style that is able to capture reader! Great Job! I'm waiting for your Day 3 cover~ Ngek ngek ngek~~

    1. Lydia again?? lol! Yvonne, my name is Lindy!!! lol! Thanks! Paiseh paiseh. lol!

    2. Hahaha...Lindy, I told you to gave Yvonne a namecard XD

  5. Thanks for blogging about this. this yr not many ppl blogabout it. love the photos

    1. No problem! haha! Most photos not mine, i mean the nice 1 la. lol

  6. Oh ya ho... he does look like Bruno Mars. =)

    Awesome pictures you got here! Should revisit the place next year, see for myself how it has evolved since the first time i went years back. Nice post Lindy!

    1. He does, a bit. haha, i think he's copycat-ing bruno mars. HAHA!

      The nice pictures is not mine!LOL but thanks! Yeah, let's go next year! Would love to meet ya! :)

  7. Loved ur article. I was there on the 2nd day.Yes the Mongolian performance was Out of this World!!!.I flew in from KL on Sat afternoon and reached the Village at about 6pm. the crowd in front of the stage was not what i expected. It was small. I expected a bigger crowd. But Oh My God!! within 1 hour, the crowd swelled to full house and once the emcee came on stage to introduce the Gongs of Sarawak, I knew it was going to be a magical night at the foothills of Santubong. The sky was clear, the stars were out and there was elcticity in the air.
    The Mongolian performance came as a total surprise to me as i must admit i have not heard of them before. Truely outstanding. Then the next act was ready at the adjoining stage . Reuniion island? Hmm Its a name i remember from my childhood. And who is this old man on stage who looks like an Anthropology Prof? Is he here to talk about music?
    He opened his mouth and guess what? He spoke a few words in Malay!!!! Hmm. Interesting.. And then the Music started!!!Judging from his energy on stage with his 4 piece band.. the slaves of years gone by must have been partying to this kind of music. Coz that what we all did., We danced. We tapped our energy from the guys on stage. It was why I came to the fest with my wife.!! We came to be surprised. We came to be entertained. We came to be mesmerised.
    And then came the downer. Diplomats of Drum.The guys need to have a bigger repotiore. They need to polish their act. They repeated a few tunes. And why oh why did they need a rapper?? OOii!! JUstin Bieber was in Sunway Lagoon that night Join him . We dont need no rapper in Rainforest Fest. Stay away Altimate! The minute the rapper came on I could see the crowd toning down. It brought down the energy level totally.
    The Brazilian act was good till the 3rd song. Then they became monotonous. Thats when we decided to head out for the bus back to the city. Hmm yes thats when the waiting started. But we had good company and we just chatted away til the bus came. And once we got in , i dozed off to sleep. next thing I know, we were at the junction of Abell Road where our hotel was. Thank you Sarawak. WE shall cherish this forever. Oh yes at supper we met Sumaya, a student from Bangladesh. She and her 2 Malaysian friends were next to our table. Good conversation we had. And then off we went our ways into the early morning. Each of us hugging close the memories of the magical night in Santubong.
    DJ Ghandhi.
    Kuala Lumpur.

    1. Wow! I loved your comment! This is the longest comment I've ever received. haha! I did not stay for Diplomat of Drums, but they rapped? Yikes. I can understand how you feel, so lame seriously. Justin Bieber?? HAHAHAH! Nice ones. Come back to RWMF next year! I'm totally gonna be there.haha And thanks! Glad you have fun in Sarawak and RWMF! :)

  8. Hi Lindy. All I can say is Sarawak Rocks!!! You guys have sooo much treASURES HIDDEN THERE. Me and my wife will definately be back to savour more of Sarawak. In fact I put a very simple but to the point message in my facebook regarding the Rainforest music. A lot of people i know thinks its expensive. Here is my breakdown of costs.
    Flight for 2 pax air asia= RM 472 x 2 pax.(return) Hotel accomodation 2 nights RM 230-00. Bus to SCV RM 30-00. Food at RM 100 per day. Stayed along Abell road. Lots of good food outlets nearby. including Top spot sea food and Sambal. There was this place next to my hotel which has BOH tea red metal sliding doors at the side and I missed having the best Laksa S'wak ( I was told). I was full house every time when me and my wife were stepping out to have breakfast. And they closed to early in the afternoon.

    1. Thanks! You rock as well!! :) Definitely come back to Sarawak, more things hidden here for you guys to find out! haha. I know which laksa place you're talking about, that's Chong Choon Cafe, a place that's famous for their Sarawak Laksa. haha! Come back and try it! :)

  9. Great writeup of your time at RWMF. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks! Glad u enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed writing it. lol :)

  10. Gearing up for the next RWMF 2014? You can fly MASWings to kuching! :)


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