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Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 : Day 3 ( 15 July 2012 )

Here it is, the coverage for the last day of Rainforest World Music Festival 2012! Right at this moment, when I'm writing this post, I felt regretful and stupid for missing most of the RWMF events even though I live just a stone throw away (metaphorically of course, literally it would be like 168 stone throw away, just an estimate) from one of the best music festivals in the world and people from all over the world such as Australia, Canada, France, USA, UK and etc fly all the way to the small town of Kuching just to attend this festival. From now on I will go RWMF whenever I get the chance to go, this festival is just something not to miss out on. Seriously. This is the shit, yo. :) and I miss all the fun we had there as well. 

Here's what I've experience on Day 3 of Rainforest World Music Festival 2012.

Performer's and Media's Entrance. We're allowed to use the backdoor entrance. That's what she said! If you get the joke, be my friend. I know you're cool that way. lol

One of the special privilege on being the media is the special entrance for us. Public entrance is at the main door where they have to go through the security checking and stuff. I used the front door once and truth to be told, it's kinda annoying because we have to open our bags and let them check and all but safety always comes first! So, I like the security. 

Before we head to any workshops, my friend and I went to grab some lunch at the Media Tent first as to avoid getting hungry in the middle of workshops, which happened on the first and second day. When we hungry, we no mood, when no mood, festival not fun. We learnt from our mistake. lol

Me lunch. Stew Beef with Potato and Carrots and Stir Fry Veggies and some bread with butter. I swear the bread and butter is everyone's favourite. No idea why.

After we 'fueled' up, we went to the workshops.

Met 2 of the members from Khusugtun while heading to the first workshop, so naturally it's Picture Time! 

The first workshop that we went to for Day 3 of the RWMF is the All In A Row workshop which was held in Dewan Lagenda. This workshop focus on instruments that need horizontal movements. 

This is Seydou Diabate. And the very 'manly' instruments that looks like it has a lot and various sizes of 'balls'' is called Balafons.

The guy in the white shirt is called Mamadou Diabate who is Seydou Diabate's older brother.

Both of them are from a group called Mamadou Diabate's Percussion Mania from Burkina Faso. The legendary balafon player, Mamadou Diabate, comes to Sarawak with his Percussion Mania band. They are all about colour and the vibrant celebration of life, the way only a West Africa band can do and they are the best. 

The balafons are actually a super cool instrument, it's kinda like a big xylophone. I like to think of it as a xylophone with balls. Their performance were very....hypnotic. You just can't take your eyes away from them when they were playing the balafons, the precision and eye coordination to produce rhythms out of that instrument is just mesmerizing. 

Here's a video to show you the magical balafons. :)

Another interesting facts is that, balafons can actually be used as communication device. Mamadou went on to explain that he can speak and understand English while his brother, Seydou doesn't. Not even a word. He knows French but not English. He ask the audience to suggest a question for him to ask his brother a question using the balafon. The audience suddenly went eerie-ly quiet, hence he tell us that he will ask his brother to pass him a bottle of water, which is located just near Seydou's feet.

He went on to play some kind of rhythm on his balafon ~Ding,ding,ding, dong,dong,dong~ and his brother heard it, smiles and pass him the bottled water. I was like.....O.M.G....THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! This is way cooler than magic trick for me cause it's real, they can actually communicate musically! Freaking awesome, imagine you can gossip about someone and at the same time, you're creating music, people would be just like wow, but actually you're just talking using the balafons. lol. Very cool instruments indeed.  

Next to perform was the Malaysian band, Rhythm of Borneo. 

The guy who is sitting is called Rajwan Juni and his playing an instrument called cak lempong. 

Cool instrument but I'm local hence I'm not that interested in local music instrument (SORRY!). But I gotta say, i love the way they tune the cak lempong. Just by banging it using some kind of hammer and tune it manually, which is by ear. The old traditional way. We go old school in Malaysia. lol

The third to perform was Conrad Molleson from String Sisters. He looks like he is an American but he's actually Scottish. Good looking too. LOL!!! :)

Handsome no? teehee

He's playing the mouth organ, otherwise also known as a harmonica. In the video, the song he is performing was a song about a tay payer or tax collector or something. I can't remember exactly but I know it has something to do with tax. lol 

Then, we head to the second workshop of the day. Initially we went to Theatre to check out the Fingers And Thumbs (sounds workshop which focus on plucked stringed instruments and we wanted to take a break from the hot weather and take a chance to enjoy the cool air conditioned Theatre but to our surprise, the Theatre was fully packed. There's not even a place to sit, everybody have the same idea as us. FAILED.    So, I don't have a choice and have to dropped this workshop and go to the Breath Of Fire workshop which was held in Iban longhouse instead.Sounds cooler right? Dragons. lol 

Besides if I stay I would not get a good picture/video to share with you guys anyway, because basically all the photographer's are camping near the stage area. So my comfort is not important! Blog contents comes first! (

Basically this workshop is all about wind instruments.

The performer's jamming together.

From left to right : Kim Seongwon, David Synak and Jean Michel Ducau

First to perform was Michel Ducau from Oreka TX. I'll just let the video do the talking since I have no idea what to say, cause all of their performance were like, Awesome. :) The instrument he used are kinda cool, kinda look like some kind of an animal horn.

Sounds like some kind of Viking thingy. lol

Then it was David Synak's turn to performed. His music-weapon of choice was the flute.

Kinda shy shy. lol

He also brought along with him some kind of homemade super long flute attach together with a tube using duct tape to hold them together. Duct tape is magical aren't they, basically can be used for all sorts of stuff, except for cooking. 

Next to performed was Kim Seongwon or Someone according to him as people find it very difficult to pronounce his name and his playing an instrument called Daegeum which is a large bamboo transverse flute used in traditional Korean music. He warned us that the song he was playing will be quite long, and it is..true. It's almost 10 minutes long. rofl 

Kim Seongwon and his Daegeum.

Just about 1/4 of the whole song. :)

Raimundo Teixera Neves of Raiz De Cafezal playing the flute. *Sorry no video.

He showed us his homemade flute and another modern flute. Both of them sounds the same and they sound like flute. lol! It sounds great. 

Gombosuren Adiyadorj of Khusugtun

This performance I like. The way he play the flute just seem so easy and relax. And the sounds produced was so smooth and unique. Plus, Mongolians are famous for their flute playing ability and judging from his performance, indeed they are. It's like something you hear out of a kung fu movie, like at the scene when they are resting after a long battle and some guy started to play flute to increase his troops morale. Sorry, I'm talking crap. Oh yeah, and the song is about some mountain in Mongolia. lol

Totally awesome.

After that, they jam together for awhile, I don't have the video cause I was recording the jamming session using my friend's camera. You can check it out at Garner's blog. I believe he uploaded it. :)

Picture with the awesome Mongolian flute player!

The last but not least workshop we went to on Day 3 were the Metal In My Mouth which was held at Dewan Lagenda. This workshop is mainly on brass instruments such as trumpet, saxophone and stuff.

This is Thierry Courdouzy from La Zikabilo

He played the saxophone and it sounds good. I can't comment because I don't know anything about music, if it sounds good, I will say it's awesome,so this is awesome. Jazz music. :)

Ramadhani Kayimanda

He's from Kanda Bongo Man and he played the saxophone as well. Very soulful. I like. haha

Barbaro Garcia of La Zikabilo

He leads the group and after each of them all performed each of their instruments respectively, he went on to make this an interactive workshop and ask all of us to sing. Kinda cool, it's way more entertaining that way when we get to participate. 

Sebastien Boyer of La Zikabilo

He played the tuba. At first when I saw him I thought to myself 'Why is he wearing a backpack when he's gonna perform soon? There's something very important in his backpack that he can not afford to take it off?'. And then I realised the thing he as wearing was nt a backpack, it was something to strapped on the tuba so hold it there. How stupid of me. I know right? Stupid. lol. I like the sounds tuba makes, reminds me of Christmas. :)

The big guy is Rene Senko from Cankisou and in this picture, David Synak which is his band member is making fun of the comparison of his size and the size of the instrument he is playing. Funny..*ehem* but it's mean. lol

He's better in singing I think. He can play the tenor saxophone well, don't get me wrong but I love it when he sings. :) Plus he's so cute when he's holding the small saxophone! AHAHA!

And as usual, a jamming session to end the workshop.

Brief video, cause I'm having fun singing. lol

After all the workshops are over, we head over to the Media Dining Area to rest and have our dinner.

The lovely Media Tent as we called it. Spend a lot of time here to chat and relax in between workshops and concerts. I miss it. :(

After I'm done with my dinner, I decided to get a temporary tattoo, because I get amazed by everybody's tattoo everytime I see one and isn't that the point of RWMF, to experience eveything. Hence, tattoo is a must! 

Head over to the Borneo Artistic tent with Marg which is located just next to the Media Tent to get a temporary airbrush tattoo.

The tent and that guy in the black shirt there is from Diplomats of Drum. He's getting some nice temporary tattoo. Saw it. lol

Getting my tats on. You dig? lol 

Marg and I wanted to get a tattoo but Marg in the end didn't get one because the design that she wants has sold out. So ended up I'm going to get the tattoo all by myself. *cue All by Myself* But it's okay, guess what design I got. lol  It actually cost RM20 but I haggled it down to RM18, still expensive but don't care la, once in a while. Coloured tattoo is more expensive than the normal black ones and the price of the tattoo is depending on the designs and shapes of the tattoo you want. 








Nice? It's a lizard. For my cat, since he loves catching lizards. rofl I showed it to him, he doesn't care. Stupid cat.

After fooling around with the tattoos and walking around SCV, it's finally time for concert! Being the kiasu me, I'm standing right at the front row. Best view. :)

The night started off with a short performance by Drums Of Malaysia

Then it's one of the group that I've been excited to catch, its the group HATA. HATA is a group that encapsulate the many faces of Asia. They are usually a 24 members group but they are coming to RWMF as a 10 piece with musicians from Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Azerbajian and Turkey. Their music shifts from the spiritual and the evocative, to the exciting and joyous.

Guy? Shirtless? Banging a big drums? How awesome can it get? I can just watch this all night long!lol

It started off with a guy banging the drum and a girl singing. I did record some video but it's not really watchable due to the sounds of the bass and my camera can't handle loud bass. So, the sound in the video is quite annoying and I decide not to post it up. But the performance was very cool. 

Kim Seongwon from earlier. He played the exact same song here,the song he was playing in the workshops.haha

Uh...a guy from HATA playing the er hu. 

To be honest, after a while I got bored watching the performance so I went to the Tree stage earlier to wait for Oreka TX which is another group I'm excited to see on Day 3. I heard a lot of good reviews on the workshops they held the other day. But 10 minutes after I switched to the other stage something cool happens on the other stage, some martial art thingy is going on. I'm too far, hence no video. lol.

After HATA, it's time for Oreka TX!! 

A lady from Sri Lanka who was standing next to me told me that this guy looks like John Lennon. He totally does. lol

This band is indeed very very cool! The performance started with a movie/documentary? it was some kind of movie on how they make the mythical instrument called txalarpartas which is an instrument made from long wooden boards and was nearly extinct in the 1950s. They used stones, blocks of ice and woods to craft this instrument. They tune it by chipping off the stones, ice or woods little by little. Very interesting, their dedication in crafting this instrument is amazing. 

Oreka Tx

Very good teamwork and collaboration. It's like they know what each other is thinking.

One of their performance. I like how they look like they're just playing. :)

Somewhere in their concert, when the background video is showing Mongolian thingy, all of us can guess that they will team up with the Khusugtun because there is throat singing involved and they did! Khusugtun came up during the last 15 minutes.

Throat singing and 'John Lennon' back there. lol 

Great music. Sorry for the lousy picture.

After the performance ended, Yvonne and I decided to go to Dewan Lagenda so we can get an autograph from They're that awesome. 

Picture with Oreka TX!  :D

And autograph from them! I have no idea what they wrote or what they drew! But its still cool!

Saw Teoman Dalci from HATA hanging around there, so we get a picture with him as well. Doesn't he look like a grown up version of Harry Potter?haha

After that, we catch the 10.30pm shuttle bus and went home. Definitely wanted to stay for the Finale and the after party but I can't afford to do that no matter how much I wanted to because I need my Dad to fetch me home. :( If we stay there, I would of course stay till the end! It's gonna be super awesome! 

In conclusion, I'm glad I decided to go Rainforest World Music Festival this year after all this time living in Kuching and never been there once. It's a really really good experience and I get to meet new friends as well as talk to people from all around the world. It's also my highlight of this year, so far. I have to thank Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers again for giving me the chance to join this festival and experience the awesomeness of it! I'm totally gonna be there again next year. If you decided to go, don't think twice, just go ahead because this festival is totally gonna blow your mind away. It blew mine away and got me hooked on it. :)

I'll see you guys there next year! Drop me a comments if you're going! :D

That's it. Till next time! :)


  1. cool post wish will have the chance to partcipate one of these days

    1. Thanks, yeah I hope you can come as well. Then we can hangout and party!! :) hahaha

  2. omg, wat a great event! wish can join next time^^

    1. It is! Join next time, it will be fun! :D

  3. So good to see pictures of different culture :) The tattoo looks awesome !

    xox, c

    1. Cultures are interesting right? Thanks! :)

  4. :-) :-D ... u can also be a good...make it very good tour guide :-)

    1. Thanks! I would love working as a tour guide, super fun. HAHA :)

    2. Btw, we have shared this article here.

  5. Glad you had a blast at the RWMF! It's indeed an amazing event all Sarawakians should experience.

    Anyway, great post on the RWMF. Enjoyed reading all, and thank you for being part of the Sarawak Bloggers @RWMF2012!

  6. this was really a nice festival. i had enjoyed this festival a lot. thanks for sharing about this and such nice images..
    Folk Music Festival


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