Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Level Up Fitness GX Olympic Marathon 2012

First of all, I DID IT!!! I made it out alive from the 3 hours of torture exercise. Surprisingly, considering my super low fitness level. Just one look at me or my eating habits and you will know. :) 

 Finisher medal from Level Up Fitness. I must say, kinda cool. And bonus, this event only happens in Level Up Fitness once every 4 year. 

Last medal I've received was from secondary school, in the javelin event which is the easiest sports event you can participate in if you're a girl and have a little bit of arm strength and likes to throw a sharp stick around. Let's put it this way, if you can carry your heavy school bag to and fro from school, I assure you, javelin is the sport event you wanna participate in in 'Hari Sukan' or School Sports Day. You can practice at home by throwing a broomsticks or mop, convenient right? I know. I practiced that way. It's fun. :)

Okay, I'll write my experience during the GX Marathon now. 

Got to Level Up Fitness gym, got my free Gatorade and 100 Plus. Yay.

We started off with 35 minutes of BodyCombat which is my favourite class and for me the easiest (psssh, like eating cake) and then we moved on to the next class which was BodyPump and I almost broke my back. Literally my back was hurting and all of the squatting in the class was not helping either plus it's only the second time I've EVER attend BodyPump. Yikes. I almost gave up but no, Lindy never gives up! (total BS btw). Got through 35 minutes of backbreaking class at last. At the time I was like 'When is this frikking class and squatting thingy gonna end???Arrgghhh!'

Then, it was RPM class, which is a super tiring class, I was literally gasping for air the entire class, look super pathetic. In my defense, it's not only me who's looking like that. lol. RPM tends to make a certain bodypart quite painful, I won't say where, I suggest you try it out and tell me where it hurts afterwards. rofl. We had a 5 minutes break after RPM and started the Marathon again with 35 minutes of BodyAttack. I like BodyAttack so, it's an okay class for me, I just do it half assed-ly. 

After that it was 20 minutes of BodyJam, which is basically a dance class and which means I'm moving like dance goddess. I kid! I don't dance, the only dance moves I know is Macarena, changing light bulbs dance and the robot dance so naturally I look like and moves like a duck. The closest thing I can think off. Sigh. And then its 15 minutes of BodyBalance, by now it's just relaxing and stretching exercise. Ahhh....bliss.

Prize giving ceremony was held next, they announced the winner for best male and female contestants and Kenny gave out all the medal after while the song 'Negaraku' was playing in the background. Nice touch I gotta say. :) They have to replay the national anthem for like 4 times while handing out medals to everybody if I'm not mistaken. Pretty hilarious. They should have played Sarawak national anthem, it last longer. lol.

Kenny and I. A picture with one of the best blogger ever, its an honour. :)

And it ends with a group picture.

Group Picture. (Photos were taken from Level Up Fitness FB Album)

Got a massive headache when I got home, I believe its because of over-exertion and too much exercise for lazy and unfit people like me in a day. Overall it was fun and I'll definitely join again next time. :)


  1. good for you, keep it up... always support you

  2. Hahaha~ Congrats~ Got a photo with ur favorite ~ >_^ !!! Hohohoho~

  3. Wooohooo~...finally u go through. So, did they play the National Anthem when u receive the medal? LOL. Anyway, CONGRATZ!

  4. Do this once every week and you'll definitely be ready to join the real Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!

  5. I hate sweat smell so I hate exercise but your fitness classes sound so interesting! And, congrats!!


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