Thursday, November 29, 2012

XPLAY 2012 Experience @ Rush Artistry, Kuching

Last Saturday, I went clubbing. Yes, clubbing. First of all, I would like to say I'm not a person that go clubbing all the time (duh, obviously.) or would love the idea of clubbing as a way of having fun. People who know me would know that I, Lindy Sim, would never entertain the idea of going to a club to party. I prefer a more subtle way of having fun, for example a cozy cafe somewhere where I can have a good conversations with my friends (so Auntie-like, I know.) Call me a party pooper.fml. No, wait. Don't. That actually hurts. :( rofl

 The reason why I don't go clubbing is because I don't drink and I don't smoke, hence clubbing never really seems to be the first idea that would popped into my mind if I want to have some fun with friends. But a call from Nuffnang 2 weeks ago and extending out the invitation for me to attend an XPLAY party changes my opinion of the fun you can have while clubbing. What have I been missing all my

First of all, thanks to the lovely (LOL!) Grace Sow for all the lovely pictures that you've provided for me. My crappy camera can't even provide me one decent pictures. Lame. :)

 XPLAY 2012 @ Kuching

The party is definitely sexy, bold and awesome! To be honest, I have my doubt when I got to the club. All I'm thinking was, 'Yup, typical club, gonna snap some pictures and go home watch tv.' But noooo, I didn't do that, in fact I stayed from 8pm which is the I arrived right till almost 1am. That is how entertaining the night was. The music was definitely great and perfect to get your body moving! 

First DJ to performed was DJ Nikki from Malaysia

 DJ Nikki

Love the music produced and love the fluffy headphones. Very unique indeed. 
Got a picture with her after she performed which is totally cool. :)

 L to R : Felicia (blogger), DJ Nikki, Samantha (blogger) and crazy-looking-Me. 

The thing I love about events like this is that I get to meet some other Kuching bloggers as well. The more the merrier! And they were some cool peeps! :) 

Then it was DJ Gift turn to performed and by this time the crowd is getting bigger as more and more people starts turning up to party.

 DJ Gift and giftted she is. She can definitely make the crowd starts grooving. 

 Another angle of the sexy DJ form Thailand!

 The derp me as usual with DJ Nikki and Samantha. 

After I got the shot with DJ Nikki, she suddenly asked me " Why are you so short??" and starts giggling away. I was speechless and quickly pointed to another person which is shorter than I am! LOL. And before I have the chance to explain why am I so short, which I blame genetics or maybe not enough milk intake when I was younger (which I blame myself, I dislike the taste of milk,ugh) or maybe beause I don't wear high heels (bad for your feet. :) ), she was ushered away as she needs to get ready to perform again together with the rest of the DJs. Yeah, she's one cool and friendly DJ. 

 Baby dancing which is cute MAX! When a baby dance its usually a good indication that the music played is awesome. lol

Then there's a performance by a group of dancers. Beside the hip hops and various dances, Oppa Gangnam Style is of course performed, its basically a must performed dance in any party to any kinds of music in any location in the world in the year 2012. Without it, there would be something missing in the list of ingredients needed to a great party held in 2012.

 Oppa Gangnam Style-ing. OP OP OP!

The last but not least to performed was DJ Teri! The sexy and hot DJ all the way from Ukraine!

DJ Teri rocking the club!

I gotta say I love DJ Teri mix of music better. It's more to the kind of music I love to listen to and her expressive way of DJ-ing makes the music even more hotter and awesome! Soon everyone in the club started to dance to her awesome music. 

And if hot music is not enough, things even get hotter from there.

 "Look ma, I can breathe fire! I'm part dragon!"

Yep, they got a frikkin fire breather to performed indoors. How cool is that! I was facing away from the stage for a moment when I felt something hot on my back and when I turned around there he was, breathing fire casually. Can this night get any better? I've always wanted to see a fire breathing performance. Check. So, playing with fire is not such a bad thing after all. 

 This shot cost me an eyebrow. 

After the performance, things settled down, got some more pictures with some of the performers

 Grace with the  dancer. Doesn't she look happy? :P

 With Dennis Yin, the runner up of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia. Pretty cool dude. :)

The crowd that night was impressive, the amount of people just keep on increasing as the nights get later. *cough*vampires!*coughs*  The usual scenes in clubbing I'm guessing but sadly I'm getting tired and have to go just when the people starts pouring in to have

Some of the crowd that night. Check out that cuddly-looking bouncer.haha

Overall, XPLAY 2012 is definitely crazy awesome and one of the best parties I've attended! Had tons of fun that night and will be looking forward to the next year's event! Think I'm gonna have to learn how to drink beer at least before I go to another party at a club again someday. Thanks to Nuffnang again for the invitation! :) Smell ya later!

Oh and another pic for your viewing pleasure. 

Pretty good for a selfcam!


  1. nice post by the way...

  2. Wei~...U got pics with Dennis. Cool stuff! Love that guy. Watched him on a couple of JinnyBoyTV & DanKhooProduction videos. Pretty goofy but awesome haha. Nice party btw ;)

  3. Hey, Lindy. It's me. Miss your blog :) !!!


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