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BCCK Raintree Christmas Buffet 2012

Love to eat? Love the Christmas atmosphere? Have no idea where or what to do before, during or after Christmas Day? Well, I've got an interesting proposition for you. Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) will roll out the Raintree Christmas Buffet starting from 21 December untill 26 December. 2 days ago, I had the honour to be invited by Mike Cheng to sampled their Christmas Buffet and I thank BCCK as well as Mike for the invitation and of course Cyril for the recommendation. :)

I missed the launching ceremony as well as the Isthmus Christmas Tree lighting because I've just arrived in Kuching from KL and I went straight to BCCK from the airport, much thanks to my friend Garner who've given me a ride to BCCK. To be honest, we were more excited about the food than the other stuff that's going on there such as MY FM concert thingy.( which we take a peek and left shortly after)

Christmas tree~~ oh Christmas tree~~

The dining hall is decorated beautifully and it is cozy too. Perfect for a family style buffet. Besides that all the waiters/waitresses are very courteous and friendly and the term service with a smile is really applied 

The dining hall

Christmassy indeed. 

Let's go on to their FOOD! 

There's definitely a sufficient variety of food to be eaten in this buffet. For example, I myself can't even sample all the food that's being offered, and let me tell you, I CAN EAT. No kidding. One look at me and you'll know why I said that. So if you love to eat lots of scrumptious food, head on to this buffet.

For the appetizer and salad :



Classic English Potato Salad

 Ceviche in Shooter Glasses, 
I did not try this as I don't like the idea of ceviche, so I don't know how it taste like. lol

Pasta Salad tossed with Basil, Olive Vinaigrette & Cubes Oven Baked Chicken
This is quite good, I like it. 

Marinated Grilled Oyster Mushroom with Balsamico and Smoked Sausages
I tried this as well and what else can I say, it's good. :)


All the veggies you needed to make a great bowl of rabbit food salad is provided here. It's basically vegan heaven right here in this DIY Salad station. As you can see from the picture above, there's varities of assorted lettuce, sliced cucumber, cherry tomato, carrot thread, shredded white cabbage, olives, mushroom and etc. My guinea pig will go crazy in this station fo' sho. There's also dressing provided (not dress ah, dressing for the salad) and some of them are thousand island dressing, caesar dressing and even French dressing (not french kissing, french kissing is only provided in France salad making station, obviously,

Other accompaniments such as croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, chopped crispy bacon (yums)and sundried tomato in oil for the salad is also provided.

Then there is an assorted cheese platter.


I honestly have no idea what kinds of cheeses are they, but I'm guessing there is the standand cheddar, bleu cheese, Swiss cheese? (the one with lots of holes) and goats cheese? lol. Condiments such as cheese crackers, Grissini Bread Stick, French Baguette, Lavosh, Dried Fruits, Dried Nuts and Seedless Grapes is offered for your complete cheese tasting experience.

Ham slices and Home Made Steamed Chicken Roulade. 

Which I'm sure taste good, I didn't have the chance to try these as I'm too full already by then.

Grissini Bread Stick

Main Dishes:- 

Santa's Favourite Rice
This is buttered rice mix with green capsicum, chopped onion and topped with shredded turkey meat and chopped parsley. This rice dish is totally awesome, one of the best dish I've taste at the buffet.

Traditional Buttered Brussel Sprout with chopped Bacon

Roasted Potato with Herbs
Well seasoned roasted potatoes with herbs. Nothing much to say. :)

Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Capers Beurre Blanc
I didn't try this but I'm pretty sure beurre blanc means butter in French. And anything with butter is good.

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie
Delicious meat stew covered with buttery mash potatoes, what can I say but yummy? haha

Coq Au Vin
Didn't try this unfortunately, but apparently it's delicious.

Boiled Prawn Displayed on Ice

Poached Whole Salmon with Cucumber Relish and Salsa

Uhh...I hate salmon, specifically the fishy taste hence I don't like this dish. The fault is on me, it's not the salmon. But Garner told me that this dish is quite disappointing as the fish is not as fresh as he expected.

Carving Station:-

Roasted Whole Turkey

Does looking at turkey reminds anyone of the scene from Mr.Bean or is it just me?

Giblet sauce and cranberry sauce provided.

The turkey was good, taste like chicken. rofl. It's a little bit dry but otherwise it's all good.

There is also roasted whole lamb but as I don't eat lamb, I can't comment on it. But I heard that BCCK has the best whole roasted lamb in

Shawarma Stall

Slices of heavenly juicy and well seasoned meat...

This is hands down my favourite dish of the night, it's super yummy and marinated boneless chicken thigh is roasted perfectly on the shawarma oven. The sliced meat is stuffed in a pita bread with veggies and topped with mayonnaise as well as ketchup. I love love love it. It's so good, the bread is not warm but it's not an issue with me. The chicken meat is so tasty that it doesn't matter at all for me. 

Delicious and this is literally the best shawarma I've had in my life...yet. 

Pasta is also served al dente in this buffet with sauces such as Bolognese and Napolitana. 

Waffle Station

Golden brown waffles

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, served with condiments such as peanut butter, maple syrup, honey and butter. It was lovely, although it is a bit tad crunchy, perhaps it has been left out too long but I love crispy waffles so.... it's all good for me. lol. As long as the taste is good, I could care less about the texture. lol.

Desserts And Sweets

There's lots of desserts served here and people with sweet tooth should definitely check this out.  I'm not really fond of desserts hence I didn't taste all of them and besides if I did taste all of them I would wake up 5kg heavier the next

Assorted Fruit Jelly in glasses

Eclairs,Tiramisu Cake Slices and Mango Mousse Cake

Mixed Christmas Cookies and Ginger Bread Cookies

I think this is fruit

Swiss Fruit Tart

I don't know what this is but it is good, taste like coffee and I destroyed the beautiful decorations the moment I touched it. Yikes.

Christmas Traditional Creme Caramel

And not to forget the ever glorious and dazzling......

..Chocolate Fountain. Scrumptious flow of chocolate sauces. With fruit skewers provided to be covered in the awesome sauce. 

No awesome buffet will be completed without the presence of a chocolate fountain. It's like basically a must for buffet.

and lots more desserts and not forgetting, free flow of soft drinks.

Check out the poster

All of this food for the price of RM72 nett for adults and RM30 nett for children between five and twelve years old. What a steal if you ask me. It is a great way to have Christmas dinner with family or friends without having to deal with the cooking and the cleaning up after.  So, no plans for Christmas yet? This is a great plan to be considered. :)

Take a look at their FB page BCCK. Address of BCCK and all infos can be found there.


  1. Bravo! i guess you've passed the agonizing & annoying pain of the freezing comp. Wahlau~...this is so detail. I don't even know half of the menu you wrote here. My mouth & hands are already full with the roasts. LOL. Great post!

  2. nice post by the way.

  3. On second thought....i should move back to Kuching City.

  4. Looks really good!! Why at Kuching? T^T


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