Thursday, March 28, 2013

1Malaysia Book Voucher 2013 (BB1M)

So, got my book voucher like weeks ago and this is what I spend all the RM250 on. An increase of RM50 compared to last year and yes, shopping for books is FUN FUN FUN! 

Compared to last year, the bookstores has implement a stricter rules which I personally think is fair and not to mention awesome. The rules are the vouchers had to be spend 80% on books and 20% for stationaries or other miscellaneous stuff. For example, if you decided to spend all the RM250, RM200 would have to be spend on books and RM50 on other things. It's a good rule, considering the vouchers are meant to be spent on books (hence the name book vouchers, and not things like expensive pens or computer stuff. Hey, if novel is not your thing, magazine and comics also count as books. :)

As usual, my bookstore of choice is Popular Bookstore. Just because they have better deals and benefit there. Benefit such as if RM250 were spent there, you will get RM50 vouchers and a Popular Member Card. That's the best deal I can get in Kuching so Popular it is. If I'm not wrong, if you spend RM250 at MPH, you will get a RM10 vouchers. Not a really good deal. The aunty in me activated and Popular Bookstore it is! 

So the haul this year is....

RM250 worth of books and stationaries.

Miss Chopsticks - RM69.90

3 Game Of Thrones book - RM 108.70

2 Comic Books - RM23

Pens - RM27.40

Writing Pad - RM8

Stapler - RM5.80

Scissor- RM ? (lol)

And when I was paying for the stuff I realised that I forgot to bring my Popular Member Card which allows me to have a discount of 10% which would allow me to spend RM25 on MORE things. UGH..stupid mistake. Like 'throwing money away' (direct translation from Hokkien). I just pay for everything as it was already late at the time and I've just spend an hour and half to pick everything out. Doesn't matter, LESSON LEARNED. 

Got the RM50 voucher and gave it to my sister cause I'm such a good sister( as if. lol) That's it, till next time! :)

p.s - Don't know if the 80-20 rules apply at all bookstores or just Popular Bookstore. lol


  1. Where is your GOT first book? :P

  2. Yikes...Miss Chopstick RM69,90??? Adoi so expensive.....

    I read it before. Very good story. I love that book.

    Next time go BookXcess Facebook. They were selling it for RM17.90. The can post to you. even with postage, the price would be less than RM69.90.

    WIll look out for Game Of Thrones books ...seems good books

  3. After reading your comments, I just found out about BookXcess. Now I feel like an idiot for spending that much on a book. Thanks for the tips!! Really appreciate it SmallKucing!! :D


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