Saturday, April 13, 2013

Internet Killed Television (CTFxC) T-Shirt !

Don't you just love it when the things you ordered online finally arrived after weeks of waiting for it? I just loved it when you ordered something online and after few days of waiting for it, you finally forgot it and one day out of the blue there is a package arrived in the mail box for you. It's like Christmas. :) Or maybe it's just me. :S

So, last Tuesday, a package arrived and I was like 'FINALLY. Thought it would never come.' It was a shirt I bought online a month ago. Basically it's a merchandise from one of my favourite Youtubers, which is Internet Killed Television or CTFxC. Their videos is about vlog of their daily lives and I don't know, it's just awesome to watch. lol 

Check them out. They're awesome. :)

This is Day 1 vlog. I believe they are up to Day 1442 as of yesterday. Yeah, almost 4 years of daily vlogs. Talk about dedication and passion. haha

Their wedding video. Romantic indeed. :)

Just click on the link below to go to their Youtube Channel :

Back to the shirt!

 The package.

Another pic of the package. lol

The shirts cost about 15 US Dollar which comes to about RM60 including postage. I know I know, RM60 for a T-shirt?? It's quite expensive I gotta admit, but I've been wanting to buy this since a year ago and since they have the shirt on sale that day, I decided to just buy it. It's not that expensive if you compared it to Forever 21 which sells their tank tops for like RM45. Am I right?? *run* lol

The awesome shirt!

Kinda true. Internet did killed television. You can get anything from internet, and the things you get will be more updated as well, especially tv shows and whatnot. Television is so yesterday. *cue Hillary Duff- So Yesterday*

Purple colour. Me likey.

Totally love the shirt! :D Now I have something new to wear! Kidding. 

That's it, till next time! 


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