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Sarawak River Cruise @ Kuching Review

Last year, I bought two Sarawak Rivercruise vouchers from Groupon that cost me RM50, I think it's suppose to be RM55 but at the time I have RM5 discount from Groupon to use or else it would expired.  Because I don't want to lose that RM5, I bought the Rivercruise vouchers and also because I've never been on the cruise before, so I decided to give it a try and see what it is like. I'm gonna be honest about my review on the cruise. :)

On the way to Waterfront to catch the cruise, the sun was shining brightly and it seems like it's gonna be a good little adventure or trip on the cruise. 

Sunny day

So as we were got to Waterfront pretty late and have to run like mad to make sure we're not gonna miss the cruise, I've forgotten to take picture of the boat. lol Not to fret, if you don't know how it looks like, walk along Waterfront and I'm sure you will not miss it. Its the big, white boat with Sarawak RiverCruise written on the side of the boat. Don't confuse it with the 'sampan' (a smaller version of boat or you can say a cuter That would just take you to the other side of the river, which is good too, there's awesome local food to try there. :)

So we got on the boat and I was pretty excited.....until the cruise began. The lower deck was beautifully decorated and air-conditioned but apparently it's reserved for functions only. So everybody would have to go to the upper level deck and from the amounts of vouchers I can see on their counter, I'm pretty sure, 80% of the people on the boat that day used their Groupon vouchers. And it was packed. There's not enough seats to sit and even if we got a seat, it was on the middle of the boat. Which is not an ideal seats as the sides of the boats are full of tables with people and basically we have to look at them in order to look at the scenery. There is nothing wrong in that of course, but it's very awkward when it's mostly couples having a nice little date and I'm pretty sure they would feel awkward too if people keep on looking at them but actually we're trying to watch the scenery. Or maybe it's just me?  :S

On the bright side, the layer cake (kek lapis) was scrumptious. Not the full amount, some were already eaten.

We were served 2 plates of layer cake and 2 glasses of warm orange juice. Is there anything worse than warm orange juice? (Well not literally of course, there's a lot of thing that's worse than warm OJ) But serving warm orange juice on a hot day is a no no for me, some drinks are meant to be served cold and OJ is one of them. Besides that, everybody basically need to ask for their layer cake and orange juice from the waiter or else you will have none.The waiter was very friendly and nice though. And the OJ on that day is apparently limited as there is no refill after I had mine. (Even if its warm I need to drink at least 2 glasses la, RM50 le, come on la. Need to make my money worth ma, I'm a typical Malaysian

In my opinion, they try to squeeze as many people into the boat as possible and in doing that, they've forgotten about the most important thing, hospitality and good services. Not to mention not stocking enough OJ. :( 


(okay okay! I'll get over the OJ, sheesh. lol)

Let's get right to the cruise experience!

Beautiful weather to start the cruise with.

The cruise itself was just okay for me. Maybe because I'm a local so there's nothing much that interest me. It might be boring for some people though as there's not a lot of landmarks along the way. lol It all depends on the weather of the day you take the cruise.

Kids fishing. 

Half an hour into the cruise, my sister and I decided to just stand and just lean on the wall in the front section of the boat as we can see enjoy and see better that way.

Me sista

That's me. 

From now on it's just gonna be pictures and more pictures of places or things we saw on the cruise.

Dewan Undangan Negeri, DUN (State Assembly)

As you can see it's getting cloudier.


Some kind of dock.

Self-cam is not for me. Sigh. :(

A little bit of sunset. lol

Waddup, yo?

There's nothing much to take pics of so we basically just take pictures of ourselves more than the scenery. Yikes.

Somebody's house. I forgot whose.

About 30 minutes before the cruise ends, there is a cultural dance being performed. I've watch the dance countless of times so I'm not really interested in it. haha

Pictures snapping session

After the performance ends, pictures can be taken with the performers. 

The view from the middle seats. It's raining at the time too.

10 minutes before the cruise ends, it started to rain heavily so overall it was not a really pleasant trip.  And as I've mentioned before, it all depends on the weather as well as the amount of passengers onboard. The amount of people onboard that day as well as the poor service and poor weather makes my Sarawak RiverCruise experience not an enjoyable trip. I'm only paying about RM25 per person and I've already felt that I didn't get my money well spent, imagine tourists who paid the full amount which is about RM60 per adult and RM30 per children. I think it's better and more worth it to go to Sarawak Cultural Village with that amount. Of course SCV is more expensive but overall it's more worth it and better experience as well. This is of course my experience with the rivercruise and my honest opinion. :) 

And to end the day, Spicy Noodle from Life Cafe. 

Till next time! Toodles!   

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  1. Yummy kek lapis....

    wow...lovely photos on the boat

    1. Thanks! Come Kuching, I cia you eat Kek lapis. HAHAHA!

  2. FINALLY! a new entry. Been waiting for some updates on this. Kinda like the view but sorry to hear and see about the crowds. Could have been a memorable cruise tho if not because of the packed crowd and the heavy rain at the end of the cruise.

    Honest coverage. Like it...but the self photos *gulp* hahaha.

    1. I knwo bout the self photos...sigh. Wanna die is it Garner??lol :) Kidding..not. :P


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