Monday, May 6, 2013

Malaysia 13th General Election : Magical Night

*This post might (please do, I promise you won't regret it ) be more realistic if you apply Benglish on it first.* (All credits to Kennysia for the awesome English-Benglish translator.)

( I don't post political stuff on this blog but just for what happened yesterday I will, I can't help          myself.)

5th of May 2013.  Marks the day for the 13th General Election in Malaysia

Most of the people in Malaysia all rise up together to vote in order to wipe out corruption and hope for a better government.

Instead they were disappointed again by the results that's announced. Weird blackout occurs and extra ballot box appears out of nowhere like some kind of magic or maybe they have Doraemon back there working for them or something. When the result was out and it favours BN, everybody says 'Democracy is dead'. lol Kinda true.

Ink that they strongly claim to be indelible turns out to be not true. Washable they are indeed. Foreign voters appears here and there.

Oh well, what's done is done. We will never know the truth so why dwell on it. Clean or dirty, everybody has their point of view. But hey, atleast we know one side fought the clean and honourable fight while the other doesn't (you know which one! Kiasu much, it's expected anyway, nothing new from them). And we got more seats compared to the previous election, something is better than nothing,  

And also marks the day where a lot of profile pic in Facebook became a blank black picture instead. lol

Maybe he does have magical talent. Maybe he did graduated from Hogwarts School of Witch and Wizardry ( most probably from the house of Slytherin). Who knows? We Malaysians   Muggles will never (maybe soon will) know the truth. 

Please sing along to B.O.B- I've got the Magic in me


Barisan Nasional   132

Pakatan Rakyat      84

We all know this is not over yet.


  1. As always, Lindy with her political views. The never ending story of agonizing democracy hahaha. Honest opinion though :)

  2. at the end of it all.. i just want it all to go away. Coulnt bother who won, as they are both the same.


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