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Kuching Festival 2012

Kuching Festival is an event that's held annually in the city of Kuching. It's to celebrate the anniversary of Kuching as a city and if I'm not wrong, it's the 25th anniversary this year. (Yay, Kuching!) It's usually held at the end of July, or the beginning of August every year. Basically it's a huge food fair held once a year for us Kuchingnites and it's awesome. Eat all the food!! So, last year on 28th July, I went with Garner as to show him what Kuching Festival is all about as he have never been to one before. 

The entrance, last year they went with Tom as their mascot. Wonder what's gonna be their 'cat' this year.

As usual, Kuching Festival entrance will featured a cat, because Kuching sounds exactly like cat in BM which is spelled the same with the exception of the letter 'H'. Hence the name the Cat City. And we will see soon how their entrance gonna look like this year.  :)

The crowd. Usually it's 'People Mountain, People Sea' there.

The tables here is always full and people here has a way to reserve their table, which is by leaning the plastic chair on the table. To indicate that the table is not available as well as the chairs that's leaning on it. Basically the rule ' First come, first serve' is applied here. No worries, there's always the choice of picnicking at the garden at the back. If you don't mind sitting on wet grass (depending on the weather).haha

Let's get right on to the food! 

I can't read Mandarin. So I assume that means Smelly Tofu in Mandarin. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :)

The smell near the store is....'interesting'. Some might say it's really smelly as in vomit inducing smelly, some might say it's okay. I for one find it unpleasant but it's still tolerable. If I remember it correctly, it kinda smell like between burning rubber and cow poop.rofl. Can't remember exactly.

RM 3 per box of smelly tofu goodness. 

So, Garner had a 'bright' idea to try it and tried it we did. And I don't like it. I won't say its disgusting, I just don't like the taste, it's not as smelly as I thought it would be. Maybe they made a milder version of it to make it suitable for the palate of Kuching people. I remember my dad said he taste one before when he was young and it taste like s***. Yep, my

Packed full of protein. lol

Next stop, one of my favourite store.

Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet or also known as Dragon's Beard Candy.

Here's a video of how they made it. Friendly guy. :)

And the finish product. Inside is filled with chopped peanuts. And it taste awesome! It's a MUST TRY!

Looks like sago worm no? So cute and fluffy looking!

So, this post is gonna be filled with pictures of food from now on. Prepare to feast you eyes. Stomach has to wait till August la.

Fried Siow Bee! My fav as well. 

And the steamed version. 

I prefer the fried ones as it's crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Yums. I've always preferred fried stuff anyway, cause its goooood....and that is why I have 'muffin top'. Fuck. I might just do an experiment such as not eating fried food for 3 months and see what happens. Hmmm.....interesting notion. :)

Roasted Chicken and bird. I don't know what type of bird.

And to the Teochew store, we have...

Prawn Fritters

This is 'Orh Nee' (Teochew Yam Paste)

My mom's favourite. I like it too, sweet and aromatic. And it cost RM15. Expensive? Not really, considering the long and tedious process that goes into making this dessert. Beats making it yourself, dad try to make it once, epic Basically it's yam paste garnished with sesame seed and gingko nuts. Love it.

The ever famous 'Orh Chien' or Oyster Omelette

There's two kinds, the soft and the crunchy ones. Both are good but the traditional ones are the soft oyster omelette and the crunchy is the modern version. Try both, no harm done. (except your waistline. Once in a while it's okay

Peanut Ice Cream Popia! This is awesome.

Especially on a hot day. The combination of the coconut ice cream and the chopped peanuts in the freshly made popiah skin is heavenly. For me it's because of the coconut ice cream, taste so good. 

Asian burrito. 

Fancy some grilled fish? 

Some fried 'kueh'

Haha. Sausage Corner. Haha. No wonder there's lots of guys at the corner. Haha

Taiwan sausage. It's a must in every food fair in Kuching. If there is a food fair, there is Taiwan sausage. 

Little red balls of sausages. Pretty good. But it's nothing new. 

Mongolian something something. I honestly don't know what is this. I think it's DIY soup or something.

Auntie and a guy grilling satays. Happynye. lol

Don't feel like eating local food? Fret not, there's also Korean food available here!

Kimchi Boy!

Kimchi pancake

Kimchi itself.

And Kuchingnite's favourite (I think), Durian Paradise where durian go to be transformed into a beautiful looking crepes or cakes~~

I hate durian. Enough said.

Some crispy skin pork belly and sausages.


Choose the skewers of food that you want and they will throw it all into a pot of boiling water to heat it up and pour some sauce on it. So, if the sauce is good then it will taste good. I don't really prefer this, it's just skewered food. Nothing much.

Chinese Pork Jerky (Bak Kwa) 

Cheese and Ham Hot Dog. 

My favourite when I was a teenager. Cheap, tasty and easy to eat while moving around. It's a hot dog that's wrapped with ham and a slice of cheese and wrapped with a piece of bread, dipped in batter and fried. And slathered with chili sauce and mayo. Totally unhealthy but kids seems to love it. I think 60% of their customer is kids. lol.

Cotton Candy

Don't like cotton candy. Too sweet.haha

Fried battered durian. 

Garner bought one and ate it. He said it's good, all durian lovers will I'm sure. 

It looks so good... but I just can't stand the smell. Ugh.

Besides foods, there's also a games section or you can also call it 'fun fair'. It is fun but it also depletes the content in your wallet or

Each games cost RM1 or RM2. Not sure. It's been a long time since I've played this.

I like to call this the Canned Drink games. 

Buy a canned drink for RM1 each. Place it at the colours that you think will win. If you win, 1 canned drink that you bet will win you another 5 canned drink. Something like that. It's pretty fun.

Some 3D or 4D thingy. Didn't try it, looks lame. lol

There's also performance or singing competition held nightly at the stage near the garden. So there's no shortage of entertainment at this festival. It's pretty hilarious at times. Once I heard the host announce that the  singer's gonna sing a song called 'My Cholesterol' and I was like 'What?'. Turns out its a song by Michael Learns To Rock.   =.=

And we're back to the food.

Sugar coated grapes. 

You can get shark fin soup here as well!

I'm anti shark fin shark fins soup for me. No point eating it anyway. Watch the video of how they obtained shark fins and see if you still wanna eat it. lol Life's unfair but it's way more unfair for sharks. lol

Fried Ice Cream.

It's alright. Not my favourite.haha

Hi Mr. Stingray. 

Colourful waffles. Something new last year. 

John's Pie.

This is actually the first time I've tried John Pie's. If I remember it correctly, it was the Chicken Cheese Pie. It's awesome then, and it's still awesome now. John's Pie shop is like 3 mins away from my college, been there lots of time to get my fav, which is the Chicken Cheese Pie. Delicious. :)


After walking around and buying foods for around half an hour, luckily there's a vacant table so we can sit down and enjoy all the food we've bought. 

That's me.


This is Garner. Happily eating his fried durian. 


This is the friendly auntie who sold us drinks. Haha

Kids would love this place and this is one of the reason why. The other reason is there's a pretty awesome playground at the garden.

Balloons up in the air, balloons down on the ground. Walking the dog balloons.

Pretty much says it all

Every cartoon character that's popular at the moment will be balloon-nise.

And Angry Bird is the bestseller last year.. I think. These balloons were not cheap either. It cost between RM5 -RM20. Not sure, but I know it's not cheap considering it's just a piece of inflated plastic and a string tied to it. 

Buy.... me.... kids.....

There's also the exhibition area. Everything from blender to wedding photo packages to cars.

I gotta say it's very organised last year, lots of space and not crowded compared to the years before that.

Do check out the Garden area, it's quite beautiful. There's also places to sit here if you can't find a place to sit at the food fair area. There's live performances here as well. 

Nice place to chill out.

Light decorated tree, it's like Christmas and yet it's not. lol

There it is, Kuching Festival that's filled with lots of foods, entertainment and people. Check it out this year and have fun trying all the foods. lol. Till next time! :)

( Kuching Festival 2013 will starts on 13 July - August 4  August 1 - August 31 based on this website )


  1. OMG! You're making me hungry. Just look at that expression while holding the 'durian goreng'. Priceless~ (=..=). Lets go again this year. LOL.

  2. Hi there,

    Kuching Fest is on now, it's earlier this year.

    Btw, we link to your post on our event page.

  3. I miss Kuching so much.

    I never knew you did the kimchi boy poster is over here.

    thanks you.


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