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13 Highlights From The Year 2013

Its more than a week into January 2014 already and I suddenly got the urge to update my blog about the things that happened in 2013. Well the memorable ones anyway. First, 2013 had been an okay year for me and it has its ups and downs. Not exactly a great year and not exactly a bad one either. Now that I'm grown up I find that time is passing by so much quicker than when I was young. Sad. Not really. Haha. Anyway, 2013 is gone, let's hope 2014 would be a better year.

Regarding New Year resolution, I didn't make any because I know I would never stick to it, so might as well not make any new year resolution. lol. Okay here's one I promise I would write more post for this blog in 2014. Seems like a possible challenge since I had written no more than a handful of post for this blog last year. :D Laziness strikes as well as had no inspiration and desire to write. lol.  

Okay here goes.

#1 Got myself an Internet Killed Television T-shirt.


Been wanting this shirt for a long time already and finally got one in early 2013 when they had a discount for it. One of my favourite shirt to wear since Not a big deal but a memorable things for me because I love CTFXC. lol

#2  Went to Rainforest World Music Festival again. 

Jump! Jump!

Its a blast again as usual with RWMF and as usual the experience is even better with a group of crazy and sporting blogger friends. Sometimes it's the companion that matter most than the venue, because no matter where you are if you're with a group of fun people, you're definitely gonna have lots and lots of fun. :) Miss those guys.

#3  Got Google Adsense 

Googly awesomeness!

Might not be a big deal if you think about it but for me it's kinda of a big deal because not many people can get the chance to advertise with Google. Plus, it's like I'm working for Google. LOL!!! Keep dreaming Lindy.

#4  Went to KL to study

Hi KL. 

This is one of the most important steps I've taken in the year 2013 as I'm sure people who know me well enough would know that I'm not an independent person. I'm the type of person who love to stay in the comfort of their home. Actually the decision to go to KL is not made willingly and but more to For the sake of my education I have to further my studies to KL. I'm getting used to the life here and it's not so bad after all. Independence has its perks. But I still love being at home more. It's more comfortable and not to mention my dogs and cat are there. lol. You might find this weird but sometimes I prefer being around my pets than humans. Sometimes. HAHA. And well KL, its a love hate relationship as it has its benefits as well as cons.

#5  Buddy passed away. :(


This is the most devastating news I've received in 2013. I've seen Buddy grown up since he was a day old and it is sad that he has to leave us this early. He had died because of kidney failure and we had tried everything to save him but I guess it's just not enough. It is his time. I have to accept that. It was really really sad as Buddy is the puppy I've chosen out of the litters as mine. I was actually hoping that I can make it back in time to Kuching to see him and just pet and hold him and talk to him at the vet. But right on the day of my flight my sister called me and told me that Buddy is gone. He has fight a good fight, he's a good dog and at least he's not suffering anymore. :,(

Miss you boy. 

#6   Almost miss my flight back to Kuching for Christmas holiday.

Lesson learned. Be early at least 2 hours before flights especially if you're using airlines like AirAsia where they have no solution for people who can't drop their luggage and late because of the unfavourable weather which cause a massive traffic jam and causes a lot of people to be late.

It's part of my fault also of course since I reach LCCT like in the nick of time to drop luggage. Its stated that we can drop the luggage 45 minutes before the flight and the counter suppose to be closed at 1750 and I reached the counter at exactly 1748 with TWO minutes to spare. I know it's a close call but it is still TWO minutes before the counter can close. lol. When I reached the counter I was so glad to see an auntie in front of me still can dropped luggage for the same flight as me. I was like 'Phew, that's a close one'. But then the staff at the counter suddenly got a phone call from someone and said that we can't drop the luggage anymore as the guys in charge of the luggage has already started moving all the luggage to the aircraft. At that point I was like WTF already, I'm not gonna lie. It's very very frustrating and the staff there were also of no help since they have no solution for the people who can't check in their luggage. 

At least with MAS airline you can still put your luggage in the next flight, no problem there but AirAsia had really let me down with their service. I'm aware that it's a low cost airline and I shouldn't complain because I admit its my fault as well but they really have to have a solution for passengers who can't check in their luggage. What if its a foreign passenger that would be a disaster for them isn't it? Besides that, in my already panic mode, I ask the staff what am I suppose to do now, and they were like 'Oh, go to a place next to Old Town Station, they can help you there.' I was like Yes! Still got hope. And people who have been to LCCT will know that from the check in place to Old Town Cafe is quite far and lugging a heavy luggage around is not exactly easy in LCCT. When I reach there its a luggage storage area. With the price of RM18 to store the luggage per day. And I'm going back to Kuching for 2 weeks. Not exactly a viable option. Cargo? The cargo place is like miles away from LCCT. Basically I'm panicking and crying (I'm not gonna lie. I  already. Luckily my friend's boyfriend is there and I gave the luggage to him and tried to stuffed as much stuff possible in a plastic bag that they had bought for me. But not everybody is as lucky as me. For those passenger I don't know what they can do. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is I hope AirAsia would try to improve their customer service and help passenger with this problems. It seems that as of now there is not a thing that can be done in the event that a person met with this problem. Nobody wants to be late for their flight but sometimes incidents occured. Hope they would improve their services from now on. And train their ground staff better to deal with this kind of problem not just left a person in trouble and have the attitude of 'Their Problem Not My Problem'. One of the staff even told me there's not gonna be another flight back to Kuching for the next 5 days.....Uhhhh, that's not helping lady. As if I'm not panic enough she has to add this piece of 'useful' information for me. I appreciate her truthfulness though.To conclude, I believe for a World Class Airline, these problems should not exist. Nuff said. 

#7  Visited KL Tower for the first time.


Went there with my friends and I have to say I had a good time. The view was great and with the right companion it was an awesome hangout. We also visited the Aquaria there as well as the Animal Zone but that would be elaborated more in another blog post specifically dedicated to KL Tower experience.

#8  Went to Big Bad Wolf for the second time

Booooookkkkssss. And a Harry Potter posters.

The first time around had better books. But the second time was not bad too, lots of comic books for cheap price. But the novel was not as abundant as the first time around. Still a lot of choice that's for sure but I didn't find lots of novels this time. Overall its a fun experience, cheap books? Count me in. 

#9  Spent Christmas Day awesomely at home

         Presents for the gift exchanging session with good friends.

A couple of friends and I went to Aeroport to celebrate our Imaginary Christmas Day (ICD). This day is made up since none of us can make it on Christmas Day and decided to postpone the hangout to 29th December. lol. We're lame that way. It was fun. I got myself chocolates and a watch. And I gave them a rat doll as well as a glass that I've bought from IKEA. Rat doll might seem gross but its actually really cute. hahaha. It's unique. :)

I spend my actual Christmas Day by having a barbecue at my parent's orchard. Pretty fun. Simple and awesome. 

My lazy and fat reindog.

#10  Went to Singapore

(Not exactly the first time but since I haven't been there since I was 8 years old, I consider it my 'real' trip to Singapore as I have no memories of Singapore from before except being shirtless in bird park and A&W for some reason)


It was an awesome trip of course. Would be elaborated further in a post soon. :)

#11 Went to Singapore Zoo.

3 fattys. lol

I love love love this zoo. Well I love any zoos in general. This is one of the best zoo I've been to and if its possible, one day I would like to work here. It would be a dream come

#12  Went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Foggy picture. Great.

Awesome place. This will be elaborated further as well in another blog post along with all the other stuff related to the Singapore trip. :)

#13  Had a great New Year's Eve Celebration with friends.

The Kopi and Teh Club members. lol

We spend about 2 hours at Friendship Park just walking around, making wishes at the wishing well and hangout. And also to recreate a picture that we had taken at the same spot from 2 years ago. It was an awesome hangout, just friends doing stupid things. Love it.

And then at night went to another hangout with secondary school friends at a restaurant called Aeroport. Pretty nice, there was firework and everything by midnight. It was a good gathering to end the year 2013 and welcoming the year 2014. :)

Group Picture for New Year 2014. (Grace couldn't make it so I photoshopped her into the group photo. Awesome job huh? HAHA)

To anyone who still read this blog,

May 2014 be an awesome year for us all. And also let's hope the year would be filled with happiness and success. :D

Toodles. Till next time! 

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