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Big Bad Box Sale 2014 (Awesome Way To Spend BB1M 2014 Vouchers)

If you like to get lots of books for a very, VERY reasonable and low price, head on over to The Mines now and go to The Big Bad Box Sale as soon as possible or before this book fair ends which is on the end of this month. I found out about this book sale a couple of days before it started and boy, am I excited. I've always been a big fan of the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair and have attended it these past couple of years. And it never disappoint with the huge variety of books they offered at a cheap cheap price. Plus I just got my BB1M2014 vouchers and spending some of it here is the right choice indeed.

So, naturally founding out about this is a must go for me because I love buying lots of things at a cheap price. Like auntie, but auntie it is if I can save money. lol. I believe this is a new concept as instead of buying books individually like in the normal book fair, it is replaced by the concept of buying a box and filled it up with as many books as possible in the box that you've bought. All the thing is explained in the picture below.

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As you can see from the picture above, you are given two sizes of box to choose from. One is RM79.90 while the other one which is 3 times bigger is RM99.90. Of course it is more worth it to get the bigger size one as the price range doesn't differ much and it is so much bigger than the slightly lower priced box. I got the RM99.90 box because it's more worth it. (Obviously! *cough*marketingtrick!*cough*)

I didn't snap any pics inside the hall because I was too busy and excited looking for books to stuff in the box and also I never thought that I would blog about this event to be honest. :)  But frankly I am a little surprised and disappointed at the size of the book fair when I first got there. It was only half of the normal Big Bad Wolf Book Fair and the other half of the hall is occupied by some other fair, which I don't bother to remember because most of the books that were sold there were Chinese books and I don't read Chinese books because I don't read Mandarin and because I'm half banana. Half because I can listen and speak Mandarin. haha

Books that I've chosen after 1 hour and a half. Phew.

Even though the book fair were fairly smaller than the normal ones, the variety of books and the amount of it is still a lot and it took me roughly 3 hours to sift through most of the books there and that's only general fiction section, young adult section and cookery section. The other sections I just roughly look through. Beside that, I noticed there's more books in the children sections and I have no children so that part is like my "I Don't Care" section. But I did bought a Toy Story Book cause I'm a huge fan of Toy Story. :D

I gotta give credits to the staff at this book fair because they kept the books on the table neat and easier to look for. They arranged it all the time.Great job to all the staff of Big Bad Box Sale. Friendly and helpful as well I gotta say. haha

The haul from the book sale. 25 books. 22 were mine and another 3 was my friend's. 

25 books obtained for the price paid of RM100. That's like RM4 per book. Some people can fill the box until like 35-40 books but I guess it depends on what kind of books you're interested in. If you're buying from the children sections then definitely the box can be filled to 40 books as some children books are thinner and cuter. Hence, could fit more into the box. I'm satisfied for the price I've paid and the books I've obtained. Very satisfied indeed. Joy Of Cooking and Stephen King novel for RM4 each? The price is so low it's offensive to the publishers of the book. lol

My box was actually not filled to it's maximum capacity due to the fact that I have to carry it all the way back to my hostel which is at Petaling Street and I've underestimate the weight of the box at first and I was like "Easy peasy japanesey. What's so difficult in carrying a full box of books back. I'm not weak. Psshh *flexchickenwingbicep*"

I am indeed WEAK

It was really really difficult carrying this box to be honest. I am really thankful that my friend Ruby came with me to the book fair. REALLY THANKFUL. She carry the box like 65% of the time if not 70% of the journey from The Mines back to our hostel. It's because I whine too much she says. I agree. lol. I do not know where she got the strength from. 

When I got back to the hostel then I realised there's bruises on my arms from carrying the box. I was like WTF. Like how did that happen? Pathetic really.

Lesson learnt. Either don't get so many books on the next book fair if I don't have transportation such as a CAR or get a taxi (which I'm not willing to. Expensive) 

To conclude, it was once again a great book fair and I love the box concept although not really cause its torturing for people who has to rely on public transportation to get back to their home but if there's own transportation then it would be great. Had a great time there and not so great time travelling back but it's a fun journey on its own. :)

Till next time. See ya!

How to go to The Mines?
I use KTM from KL Sentral Station to Serdang Station. From there cross to the other side of the road using the bridge and on the right side you will see a KTM Jetty which is a RM2 per person boat ride to The Mines.  Or you can walk but it's a little bit of distance before reaching the mall.

(All the pictures are taken using Iphone4S)

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  1. ouch....

    yea the box darn heavy. I had to carry it around...when nearly full did i know i can deposit the box at the counter while go for refill :(


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