Thursday, April 3, 2014

How I Met My Cat

To celebrate the ending of the series of the long running comedy How I Met Your Mother a couple of days ago, which in my opinion ended quite badly (terrible and disappointing really). But first, I gotta admit that I've stopped watching the series after season 7 because it's just tiring to wait for the 'mother' to show up. 

Spoilers of How I Met Your Mother Season Finale




But after reading the spoilers of the series finale yesterday,I'm kinda glad I decided to give it up after season 7 because the ending just turn out to be Ted telling the story of how he wanted his kids approval to chase after Aunt Robin. After this I just felt like the show should be renamed to How I Met Your Stepmother. But to each his/her own, I'm not the fan of this comedy, I WAS a fan for the first 5 seasons. lol. 

This is the story of  How I Met My Cat.

It was dinner with my sister's friends on 26 December 2011 at Hornbill Steamboat Kuching when I saw a tiny kitten begging for scraps under the table of a customer. It was actually not the kitten that turns out to be my cat, it was another tricolor kitten which is pretty adorable. I find it really pitiful and actually have little intention in taking it home because its so small and frail and not to mention cute. I was looking around to see if the mother of the kitten would be around but I don't see any and I had also asked one of the employee at the restaurant if this the mother of the kitten is around and she said she haven't seen it in a long time. I honestly don't remember much about that kitten because what happens next when I was taking the kitten to my table, a lady from the other table ask me if I intend to take the kitten home, and I was like "Maybe?" Turns out she wanted to take the kitten home as well and I gladly gave the kitten to her because I know if I took the kitten home my mom would kill me. Perhaps literally because she doesn't like cat (apparently) and Chinese folks usually believe that bringing a cat back home brings bad luck.

That's my lame sister and there I am looking at the tricolor kitten. lol 

What happens next is totally unpredictable as the lady that works at the restaurant suddenly come up to me and brought another kitten out from nowhere. It was a scruffy greyish coloured little kitten. I didn't saw it at all the whole night I was there and then suddenly she bring this little kitten out. Probably because I look like I desperately want a kitten which is not I was like 'What the...' and then she told me that this kitten was almost killed the day before as some dogs were chasing after it. I don't know if this is true or not but I assumed it's true because I took the little kitten home anyway. lol. It just felt like the right thing to do. 

This is him on that night. Bent ear and black mark on his nose. lol

After I brought him home, obviously my parents were like 'NO! You can't keep him!' and obviously I would argue to keep him but if they insisted to not keep him, what can I do? If I can't keep him the least I can do is keep him away from the streets, so the next day my sister and I brought him to our local animal shelter, SSPCA (with a heavy heart) which is located at 7th Mile, Kuching. I honestly had no intention to give him away. I always wanted a cat of my own. When we reached SSPCA, we went down with this little kitten in a cardboard box. This is my honest experience with SSPCA that day, I had no intention to say bad things about them as I believe they had contributed a lot to help the strays and unwanted animals in Kuching but this is what I had experienced that day.

When we got down from the car with a box in our hand, I can clearly see the moody face of a lady that works there and honestly she was giving me a dirty look when she saw that I'm carrying a box. When I got there, she looked inside the box and was like 'Don't throw this kitten here, we won't accept it'. I was like WTF. Maybe she think that the kitten was mine and I was throwing it away. After that I told her I can't keep it as my parents doesn't allowed me to keep it. She answered, 'Even if you leave the kitten here it would die soon anyway'. At this point I was furious already, I thought to myself, WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL SHELTER IS THIS? HOW CAN SHE SAY CRAP LIKE THAT!. After all the pleading I've done they ignored me and ask me to take the kitten away. At that point I decided to take the kitten home cause how can I leave the kitten there? Since they were so confident of the kitten being dead soon already even though the kitten show no signs of illness at all. That experience really made me lost a major amount of faith and hope in our local SSPCA and I even vowed to not help or donate to them anymore. lol But I still do anyway. I was furious at the time that's why I said that but still it's not the proper way to talk to people who sometimes genuinely wanted to help stray animals.

It's true some people just throw away their unwanted pets at SSPCA but not all the people out there is like that. Some people truly can't take care of the pets but took the little animals out from the streets before its harmed and in the end get treated like scums by some of the staff at SSPCA. I don't think that's the right way to deal with people. I understand the frustration and stress of the people who's working at an animal shelter but it's still not the right way to handle this. Some people who wanted to help would actually gets discouraged and next time they see an animal in distress they would think twice before helping it. Anyway, this experience was from 2 years ago, I think the management now at SSPCA should be better now or maybe I just met the employee on PMS day 2 years ago.

In a way I'm glad they decided to reject the kitten because if they didn't, I would not have the cat I have today which in my opinion is the best cat in the whole wide world! :D (Of course after some heavy duty crying and begging my parents that they eventually allowed me to keep him.rofl Called me a spoiled brat, I don't care, I got a cat now. :D)

Meet Billy Boy aka BB.

His original name was actually Horny Boxer Billy Boy. lol. Why that ridiculous name you asked? He was named that way to remember where he came from and when we found him. Which is Hornbill Restaurant (Horny Billy) and on Boxing Day (26 December). That's why. But eventually his name was shorten to just B.B. Easier to call and scream at him.

He's smaller than my hand. Awwwww.

He was infested with fleas and lice on the day I found him. His ears is also crusted with some black thingy and his coat is all dirty from the time he was living as a stray. But other than that he was pretty healthy. The thing I like most about him is his bent ear. I think that's his little special and unique thing that separates him from other cat. Maybe his mom sat on him when he was born. lol

His little cage that's big enough for him when he was a kitten. And the box that he came from was lined with rags for his comfort. lol

Bathed and cleaned. He was a cute little fluffy thing and a noisy ones as well.

Ready to pounce. Kitten pouncing is the cutest little thing ever.

Well at this point, my mom still doesn't want anything to do with him as she say this cat is my responsibility and mine alone. And that she would not even touched him because she does not agree in me keeping this cat still. My dad is the whatever kind like most dads are. lol As long as I took care of it.

His cat food. Spoiled since he was small. Shouldn't had done that. 

Chomping down his food like a champion.

At this point he was still not allowed in the house because apparently cat is dirty (NOT!) and also my mom doesn't allowed. :S

That eyes........

Sleeping after tired of playing around. If this is not awwwww moment I don't know when is. Well for me it is cause he's my cat. Everything he does, from my point of view is adorable. lol


So one day when I came back from school I saw my mom sitting out there with a cat toy that she had made and surprise surprise, she was playing with BB. She made a little stick thingy with a string and feather attached to it and this cat was mad for it. At first she said she doesn't even wanna look at it or touch it and then she's playing with it. The power of the cuteness of kitten! Believe in it. lol. I always knew she wanted to play with him just not with me around. HAHA

Who can resist that eyes? Too cute to handle. And that crooked ear. Beautiful little creature really. 

Fastforward a couple of months and this is how he looks like.

Super naughty. 

And noticed that he was allowed in the house already? Hahahaha. He doesn't scratch the house furniture thankfully, only my computer chair so it's alright cause it was a lousy chair already anyway. Better scratch that than scratch the couches.

Katie (dog) and him. They got along well.

Also, my mom? Who doesn't approve of me keeping the cat? Offered to buy a bigger cage for him cause he is getting to big for his previous little cage. LOL! Yay! To Animal Kingdom we went! I know she likes the cat, cause he's awesome and also she got a soft spot for cat, I think. HAHAHA

BB in his new cage with a cat doll. 

His (used to be) daily routine was he will be locked up every night because this is to prevent him from roaming the (dangerous) street before he's an adult cat and also to instill some discipline in him. Oh and also he's not allowed in the house at night. He's usually let out early in the morning and caged only at night or when he's eating.

The toy my mom made for him. Simple, cheap and effective.

Messing around with the dogs behind a gate he knows they won't be able to get through.

Bath time. Surprisingly an easy cat to bath. Considering cats generally hates water.

From this point on, it's gonna be photos after photos with description because if I write more things about my cat you guys would probably vomit. lol

Fast forward a couple more months.

Him lounging on my computer chair and his new red collar with a golden bell. 

He's allowed to go out at night, provided he come back when we called him and he usually does. Not now

Cat is the most fun during their kitten to pre adult phase. That is a period of time when they're the most playful and doesn't give you the 'You're Lame' look most of the time. 

"Paint me like one of them French girls"

Cats are really easy to entertain. Put some strings and some other useless stuff in a box and he will be happy for hours in there. No need to spend money buying those overpriced cat toys from pet shop. Rather spend the money on the cat food. As you can see from the above pic, a bottle and some string thingy my mom made and a box.

BB and I. (I'm not choking him)

Sometimes keeping a cat is really stressful especially when he did stuff like this :-

Trying to scare people who walk upstairs. He was hiding behind the mattress and pawing on anybody who walk pass. It was behind the mattress as you can see from the pic below.

He was also really high up and as his owner, naturally, I would be scared if he fell down and breaks his legs or something. Ain't nobody got time for that. But I don't care anyway, they say cats have 9 lives. lol He can do whatever he wants. hahaha


Like what the heck is he doing? Saw him doing this when I was at my computer desk. Spying probably.

Sitting on my laptop when I wanna look at 9Gag. Uncool.

But besides that, having a cat is really cool indeed. It's totally different from the experience of having dogs. Probably because it's funny to see how the cat owned the dogs which is 10 times his size. Basically it's just different, but having said that I love cats and dogs equally cause they're both awesome! Every parents should just get a dog for their kids unless the kid is allergic of course. Having a pet would teach them how to love and be responsible for a living creature. My personal opinion that is.

Lounging on the sofa. wtf.

His first kill. A lizard. After he kills it, he plays around with it until it stopped moving. Then I HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP. Gee, thanks for the 'gift' BB. Idiot.

Apparently they say a cat bringing back a thing he killed is to show appreciation and that he can contribute to the household as well. I say no thanks. Especially cats that kill birds. Poor little thing. I personally think it's more like to have us humans clean up after his 'playing + torturing' session of the thing he hunted. Luckily my cat only did that twice. Once with a lizard and once with a bird that I believe managed to escape but lots of feather were shed but no bird carcass found.

How he sleep most of the time. No idea what's with the paw over his face. Too bright maybe. Coincidentally I can't sleep with the lights on as well. lol 

With Katie the dog. Spying session maybe.

The best picture I took of him. So handsome. lol!


Caught him one night smelling and rolling around in a basket of some kind of fruits that my dad harvested. haha He was intoxicated with the thing. I think it was some fruit called Crystal fruit. Weird lychee looking fruit that taste a little like durian. Ugh, why can't it taste like watermelon or something.

 Watching a game I was playing called the Walking Dead. Learning the essential skills of killing zombies. Good for him.

Sleeping again. Different style.

His birthday 'cake'.

This was when he turned 1 years old. So he get a can of expensive cat food. The most expensive in Kuching anyway. And also it's fancy and it's a feast and it has the word ROYALE with golden colour on it. Can it get anymore classier and fancy? :) Also it's not just any tuna, its BLUE FIN TUNA AND CRABMEAT DUET. Fancy as f***.

His usual style of sleeping and me bothering him.

Basically that's it. That's how I met my cat, Billy Boy @ BB. He's over 2 years old now and looks meaner now but he's still the same lovable cat as he used to be. My sis would not agree to this cause my cat hates her. Kidding. The great thing about having a cat is the love they showed and gave is really different compared to dogs. For example, this cat really loves sleeping on top of me when I'm at home and according to my mom, when I'm not at home such as now, he rarely stays at home. He would just go home to eat and then went out. But when I'm at home he would sleep in the house most of the time. Now I'm not trying to brag because this is what I heard from my mom as well as my sis. But this cat seems to know who saves him and who his master is, which is ME!! WAHAHAHHA!! jokes. I'm glad I adopted him. He's the best cat ever!! 


Adopt a cat/dog or save a stray, it would change your lives as well as theirs. :)  

Till next time!! :D

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  1. A great time reading this....Haha...i remember the story you told me about dealing with the PMS staff.


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