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Kuala Lumpur (KL) Tower Adventure : Up Up Here We Go~

This blog post shows just how bad my procrastination habits are. Gotta cut that habit out, well at least some of it. lol. It's like smoking in a way, difficult to quit. That aside, this trip to KL Tower took place last year. To be more accurate, somewhere in the month of November 2013. My friends and I saw some cheap deals in Groupon and decided to just take a trip up to KL Tower since we've never been there before. 

If I remembered correctly, the Groupon that we had bought was only for Animal Zone and Blue Coral Aquarium  and I don't remember how much we've paid for it but it's definitely cheaper than buying the tickets on the spot. haha

The tickets pricing for all the attraction at KL Tower can be viewed HERE

How to get there?(Lindy's Way) 

Well if you have friends in KL, that would be great as they can drive you here directly. Sadly that is not the case for us. We have to rely on public transportation and some walking to reach KL Tower. First we took the monorail to either Bukit Nanas or Raja Chulan station, can't remember exactly which one. Either one works because KL Tower is located near those two stations. After we got to the station we have to walk for some distance and cross a road to get to the entrance. (Not there yet, where got so easy.) And when you get to the entrance you just have to wait for a shuttle van (FREE!) to shuttle your lazy ass up (mine as well) to the tower which is located on a hill. You can also opt to walk up but we're lazy. It's soooooo faaarrrrr. That's my opinion of course. Also if you've reach the monorail station mentioned above, just ask the people who work nearby and you will get your direction to walk there, I asked some lady who works in some hotel there and she's very friendly and gave us the direction. :)

And here we are. Near KL Tower.

Went to the counter first to buy the observation deck tickets. I don't remember how much it cost but remember to bring MYKAD if you're a Malaysian citizens. Special rates for the locals. 

Not sure if the bottle of water came with the tickets of we bought it. Hmmmm

We went there without having a proper breakfast so we decided to eat there. From my opinion, it's not worth it to eat there, the food is just okay and they charge a hefty price for it. Well, definitely higher than the price that would be charged outside but for me its an unreasonable price. Typical for tourist spots, lame food sold at an unreasonable price. 

Ice Lemon Tea that comes with the set meal. Not good. Taste weird.

I think this cost RM 15++ with the drink. Can't remember exactly how much it is. It was okay

After we ate, it's time to go up to the observation deck (And also we wanna avoid a group of school kids that's waiting to go up there. lol) Before you went into the elevator that will bring you up to the deck, the staff there would take pictures of your group and gave you a ticket. Basically what they always do at this kind of place. After that you can view the picture they've taken (usually horrible ones) and decide if you wanna buy it or not. The answer is always NO. First, its expensive and secondly, the picture is always terrible. Not always 80% of the time. Could be just my face. :S

The chandelier? I don't know if this is a chandelier. Something shiny and pretty at the elevator place. :)

The observation deck is the lower deck that you can go, there's another upper level deck that you can visit. The ticket is more expensive of course.

The views from the Observation Deck.

Pretty nice actually. Thankfully the weather is quite good.

View from another side.

And from another side. Is that Berjaya Times Square? lol

There's also souvenir sold up there but I didn't get any. haha. 

Telescope are available but it's hard to see anything. I was hoping to spy on some people but failed.

Another view. From get it la. Same drill.

This trip consist of me, my friend from Kuching, Julie and my roommate, Alice. It's important to go places with fun people and both of them are what I considered fun people. lol. It doesn't matter really the venue as long as the parties you are travelling with shared the same sense of humour and it is important that you are comfortable with them. Well for me anyway. I don't like going places with people who I've just met. Awkward no? lol 

Julie, Alice and Lindy (me). Just incase you don't know my name is

Pictures of lame people doing lame stuff below. You've been warned. hahaha

The reason as to why all the pics is like this is because I can't figure out how to put them side by side for easy viewing. So mucho apologies for the scrolling you have to do and also for looking at our lame pics. :)

We don't wanna pay for our pics to be taken on the green screen so we decide to do it #selfie

No need to pay. Just ask somebody to take the pic for you and say thanks after. lol

Try to show the 'not impressed' face.

I don't know what they're doing to be honest. I just take the pics. lol

Picture of our feet. You can tell just how bored we were.

The view was great. If you want to have a 360 degree view of KL, this is the place to go. But the only thing you can do up there is sightseeing and take silly pictures and that's exactly what we did. It was a fun experience but the we only spend like 35 minutes up there. But there were more places to visit there after the observation deck.

Time to go down!

We went to the Cultural Village next. It was just some traditional houses and a good place to take pictures if that's what you like to do. haha. Truth to be told I don't remember what's there to see that's why I'm just making stuff up as I go. Sorry! HAHA! Back to the topic, it was a small cultural village, if you wanted a huge cultural village, I would insist for you guys to visit Sarawak Cultural Village. :) *cough*promotingKuchingSarawak!*cough* But seriously, visit Sarawak, it's an awesome place. 

Alice and Julie on

I can never take a serious picture. Sigh.

Oh and there's a nice looking bridge there as well. Another good place to take group pics and more silly pictures. :)

Ask her to jump she don't know do what. Julie did a good

After all that, we head to the Animal Zone next. I'm gonna be honest here and try to relay my experience and how I felt when I visit the "little zoo" there. This is because in this trip, this part affected me the most and I can remember it clearly. I'm not trying to give a bad reputation to KL Tower but I think they should really improve the condition of their Animal Zone. It's really sad to walk in there and see all these animals living in that condition. Aside from the reptiles which I think is quite well taken care of, the birds and the mammals are really in a....honestly..terrible condition. It's pitiful to walk in there and see all this animals living this way. This is my view of course and this is last year so I have no idea if they had improve the conditions of the animals by now.

A grumpy parrot. I can understand.

Snapping turtles.

When I walk into a zoo or any place that showcase? (don't know if that's the correct word but I'm lazy to think now) animals, I wanted to walk in happily and walk out happily. Seeing happy animals makes me happy. :) Obviously this place is depressing. At one part they even kept chickens and rabbits together. I was like "What?". The rabbits and the chicken doesn't look healthy at all, dirty furs and crowded. On top of that, chickens and rabbits?? Really? Sad really. Not to mention the mammals there, enclosures (I don't even know if that can be defined as enclosures, cages is more appropriate since its so small) that were too small and did I mention dirty? Sigh. The staff and management there should step up and renovate this Animal Zone. That's my honest opinion, if you're gonna charge people money to see these animals, the least you can do is give these animals a proper and clean enclosures. It's so depressing I don't even wanna go back anymore. Unless they improved it already. lol

Pretty bird in a lousy cage. Look at the environment. Sadness. :(

Albino monkey. In a really small cage. He looks really sad. :(

Seeing unhappy animals is my pet peeves. It's just not right and depressing. Zoo should be awesome not lame. Singapore Zoo is one of the good example. Haven't been to Zoo Negara but I've heard some negative feedbacks on it.

Next, we went to the Blue Coral Aquarium which is located just opposite of the Animal Zone. 
It's a completely different environment here. Not as good as Aquaria but atleast the fishes here is well maintained. The aquarium is not overcrowded with fishes and all the fishes looks beautiful and pretty and swimming happily among the beautiful corals. 

Fishy! The white corals kinda look like mushroom huh.

See? So pretty, like underwater fire. 

He would make a good butter prawn. Mmmm. Kidding! lol

Some shrimps. Like the one in the movie Finding Nemo. Jacques!

Lion fish. Super beautiful and super poisonous. Magnificent.


We're too free. :) Had to set the camera on timer cause no one around to take pics for us.

Pretty corals.

Overall, if you wanna see aquatic life, I would go to Aquaria. It's 10 times bigger and it has sharks. An aquaria trip is not complete without some sharks. haha. Also it's more worth it to go Aquaria KLCC. I think its RM28 for adult now with MyKad. Not so sure. Plus Aquaria KLCC have otters and some other mammals as well like capybara. The huge water rats. And also feeding time which is always a joy to watch. If I have kids, I would bring them to Aquaria KLCC instead of KL Tower. I think it's more fun. :)

Messing around at the fountain outside. This is actually a good place to take pics of the tower but my camera can't take it so we gave up and just take dome fountain pics. lol

Please don't vomit. LOL. FML

Thumbs up for tower and aquarium. Thumbs down for Animal

Yup. That's my KL Tower Adventure. It's more epic to called it an adventure. hahaha! It was a great day, something different than shopping malls. It was also a great hangout. :) Do visit KL Tower and then tell me your opinion. I wonder if the Animal Zone has been improved. I would really appreciate it if somebody went to KL Tower recently or planned to go and comment here to your opinion. Thanks! :D

See ya! Til Next Time!

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