Monday, April 28, 2014

My Cat Went Missing..... :( (Kuching Area)

Today marks the second week he has not come home.... My mom informed me in KL that my cat didn't go home on 14.April.2014 which was a week before I returned to Kuching. At first I thought that it was a normal thing for a cat to do and after a few days I had started to worry as well as my parents. I was still at KL at the time so there was nothing to do but hope that he would come back, 5 days passes and I was really heartbroken. To think that only a week left to go before I come back to Kuching and be able to hug, pet, and cuddle him, this was all crushed by the news that he has not come back at all.

Apparently this was quite a normal thing for a cat to do, as male cats tend to roam around for some considerable time to look for a mate. In a way I do blame myself for not getting him neutered and I believe that this is why he had wandered away and might get into trouble somewhere. But I'm still keeping my hopes up as some stories in the internet that I've read was inspiring as some cats do return home after weeks of missing and even months! There's still hope. :)

My parents had searched everywhere in the first week that he went missing. Usually he would just hangout in the alley at the back of our house and would come back immediately once he heard us call him or when it's dinner time. Very punctual infact. As I was at KL at the time, all I can do is asked my parents to help me look around for awhile and I do appreciate their effort to find him greatly. My dad went around and asked the neighbours and they told my dad that they indeed know my cat and would keep an eye out for him. They even went to Hui Sing area, 3rd Mile Market and MJC area to look for him but to no avail. I've also went to SSPCA to checked to see if he was there right after I've landed in Kuching airport but the staff there informed me that they did not accept any cats recently... :(

I've also posted a link in the local animal shelter which is SSPCA Facebook page and so far there's no replies yet. Poster has already been printed and posted in some of the veterinary clinics in the city a few days ago in hoping that more people would help to keep an eye out for my cat. I do miss him very much but there's only so much I can do.... I can't believe this happened a week before I was due home and in a way maybe my absense from home has cause him to wander away. But I still has hope that he would come back one day and just stroll in like he never left at all. That would be the best scenario ever of course. I would NEVER GIVE UP on him.

I would appreciate it very much if any of you guys who read this would help me to keep an eye out for this cat in Kuching especially in the areas mentioned above. :)

-Salt and pepper colouring ( kinda like a cheap version of siamese cat markings)
- Has a blue collar (no bells) 
-Might respond to the name BB
-Has a left bent ear
-Black marking on his nose
-Short tail
-Male (Un-neutered)
-Blue eyes
-Might be skinnier than he was in the picture

Please contact me via emails if there's any info about him.

(This is because I'm not comfortable sharing my phone number here)

Thanks for all the help. 


  1. Hopefully he will be back soon. So sad...

  2. @Irene : Yeah..hopefully he will. Thanks. :)

    @Veyroniqa : Thanks Vey. :)

  3. hoping he will be back soon. Sometimes they do come back after they are done roaming

  4. @Small Kucing : Thanks.. I need the power of Small Kucing to persuade my kucing to come back home. :)


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