Sunday, April 20, 2014

Old China Cafe @ Balai Polis (Chinatown) Kuala Lumpur

This is a cafe/restaurant located near my college (ATC Tertiary College) that serves pretty good Nyonya Food or just plain old Southeast Asian cuisine. I went there with one of my coursemate to eat because we're sick of eating food that's available at Petaling Street. So we decided to give this place a try. Plus the price for the one dish meal is quite reasonable (considering it's a cafe/restaurant in KL). Perfect for ATC students who were lazy to walk into Petaling Street. lol

Pretty awesome looking exterior of the shop. There's the menu shown outside of the shop.

This place is pretty popular with foreigners and tourist as we saw most of the patrons here were either of those mentioned earlier. I guess it can be considered as one of popular or must visit spot for tourist who's visiting KL. Perhaps it's because of the Nyonya-ish designs of the restaurant.It's like visiting Malacca coffee shop or restaurant without actually going to Malacca. 

The menu

There's a variety of choices and signature Nyonya dish such as Babi (Pork) Pong Teh, Nyonya Fried Chicken, Nyonya Chap Chai, Cincalok Omelette and Nyonya Laksa. And there's Pie Tee which I saw a lot of people ordered. Pie Tee is awesome. I didn't tried the one they sold here but generally Pie Tee is a cute and delicious appetizers. :)

The interior of the place :

Awesome antique looking fridge that -STILL WORKS. O.o

It feels like the Nyonya restaurant in Malacaa. Especially the two large mirror that face each other. Apparently it's for feng shui reason which is to bring or reflect perpetually good luck.

Old cabinets. It was alright. Not that

So I went to check out the toilet which is located upstairs and the some of the steps of the stairs is Quite scary, in a good way. I'm just scared I would slipped and tumble down the stairs. That would be soooo embarassing.

Too close? Did I make you uncomfortable? lol

(It's all one dish meal since we're students who can't afford to order the normal

Nyonya Nasi Lemak - RM10.90

Pretty good. I like the blue coloured rice. I think it was coloured using a kind of flower, natural colouring. So it looks pretty and healthy at the same time. The sambal was quite spicy though, beware haha. Like typical nasi lemak, served with anchovies, half of a boiled egg, some crackers thingy and chicken curry.

Nyonya Fried Rice - RM10.90

Fried rice served with fried chicken on the side. The sambal was good but the fried rice is just normal fried rice. The chicken was pretty good but unfortunately the day I had it, it was dry. :S

Sago Gula Melaka - RM5.90

Mmmmmm...sago gula melaka. One of my all time favourite dessert. So simple to make and so delicious. Basically this dish contains 3 ingredients only which is sago, coconut milk and gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) and already it taste heavenly. I don't like dessert usually unless its chocolate cake or this dish. CAN'T RESIST. And also it looks so beautiful. :) But I think they used packaged coconut milk not the fresh ones. Believe me, you can taste the difference between packaged and fresh coconut milk. And obviously the fresh one would taste better and eating it would transport you to heaven for a moment. lol.

I'm in heaven~~ So gooood.

And last but not least...

Gorging on the dessert for you to see! lol.....sorry! hahahaha

For more information : Old China Cafe (Address and Contact Numbers)

Till Next Time! :)

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