Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 Weeks....

Today marks the 3rd weeks BB's missing. I still hopes that he would jump in from the window and meow loudly to greet us just like how he used to do it. For some reason every night I would thought about him, especially during late at night. Even if I chose to ignore the thoughts, it would just keep on going back to him....Some people told me to get a new cat or just don't think about him but how do you do that? Perhaps they don't understand how it feels to lose something that you really care for and love, even if its 'just' a cat. There's still no news about him, but I still keep on hoping. I think the worse feeling is not knowing how he ended up. Alive or dead...I would never know. Of course I would keep on thinking that he had found a new family, that would be the best scenario. There's nothing to do but to keep being positive and hope he would come back soon. Sigh....

I miss you BB....


  1. still no news?

    maybe make poster and paste around the neighbourhood?

  2. @Small Kucing : None... and did that already. Paste in all the major vets and pet shop as well....sigh. Nothing else to do but wait.

  3. Sorry to hear that but hoping for the best as always.

  4. @Yee Ling : Thanks. Appreciate that. :)


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