Friday, May 2, 2014

Kuching Street Art : The Great Ape-Scape

So, by now I'm pretty sure everybody who live in Kuching would be aware about this new mural that was created a few days ago. Kuching people very up to date about what has been going on in their little city no matter how big or small the issues is. That's what I love about Kuching. lol

The talented artist who's responsible for this beautiful artwork is called Ernest Zacharevic who hails from Lithuania and he's also the one who painted the street art in Penang which we all know are immensely popular among the tourist and even the locals who went for a holiday there. It makes the city more interesting and interactive for tourist and we all know as a tourist, we like to take pictures of anything and everything. lol

As a true sakai people Kuching people, my friend Grace and I decided to go and see how the painting looks like in real life because we're so curious as to the whereabouts of the painting and also because we have nothing better to do. :)

"May I interest you in a delicious bananas, Ma'am?"
"Why, yes please little orangutan baby" 

The statement above sounds wrong but then again I have a dirty mind so I can't help it. If you don't know what I mean by sounding wrong, stay pure as long as possible my sweet sweet child. :D

Taken by Grace using her Ipad. The black area there is because of her Ipad cover. I think it adds a little personality. I like it. lol

Honestly I really really like the paintings and it really makes Kuching a little more beautiful than it already is. Instead of having just a blank walls to look at, we can now enjoy looking at these two beautiful paintings. And also take pictures with it, good for the tourism in Kuching as well. 

Hence, I would like to thank Ernest Zacharevic (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! SERIOUSLY) for making my beloved city more beautiful with his artworks. He can even doodle on my house walls if he wanted to, such talents, many wows. I think it's time for the local artist to follow in his footsteps and continue to put more beautiful artworks on the walls of With permissions from the council of course. And by artworks I mean real artworks not 'cincai' paint the wall on the

(Please somebody draw a huge bowl of kolo mee or laksa on a wall, I would go look at it everyday. Cause Kuching = Kolo Mee. For me anyway. lol)

By the way the location of this orangutan mural is next to Elektra House near the Open Air Market.

Grace and I.

Sunset at Waterfront

After looking at the painting we went to Waterfront for a walk because it was sunset time and it was just nearby the painting.Kuching never fails me with the beauty of her sunsets and also the clouds. I don't know why but I just love the clouds here. 

Good job in making goofy faces Grace!  XD

Till next time. Have a good day. :)

(All pictures taken using Iphone4S and Ipad)


  1. I'm still trying to spot where it is accurately.. not that i have walked much recently... but is it visible from the main road.?

  2. @Cyril : It's on the wall next to Elektra House. Opposite the open air. Yup it's visible from the main road. Can't miss it. haha :)


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