Friday, June 27, 2014

I am Leveling Up!

On the 25th of June, which was a couple of days ago, I've officially turned 24 years old. I'm not even gonna go into the typical "I'm getting older now! Noooooo" reaction. Nah, I'm 'wiser' (yeah right! bs ) now cause I've leveled up! Kinda like in Pokemon, you become stronger and more powerful as you grow. Hahaha! Pokemon for life and Squirtle will always be my favourite pokemon cause Blastoise DESTROYS EVERYTHING! Alright I'm getting kinda off topic here and basically makes the fact that I'm wiser now doubtful but I am. lol. It's just that once a Pokemon fan, forever a Pokemon fan. Just the first generation though, the subsequent generation can go extinct for all I care, no offense. I'll stop talking about Pokemon now. Grow up Lindy. Ugh. (I know that's what you're probably thinking! lol but you never outgrow Pokemon! :D 

Same restaurant, same spot and almost similar cake that I had when I celebrated my 21st birthday

Anyway how did I celebrated my birthday you ask? (or if you didn't, don't care, I'm gonna tell you anyway.) :)

For lunch I went to Hartz Chicken Buffet with one of my close friend just because he gave me the option to choose where I want to eat and this restaurant is nearby and also I feel like eating some fried chickens on that day. So Hartz Chicken Buffet it is, AWESOME! Thanks Joseph! :D Thanks for contributing to the amount of fat in my body! Thanks a lot! Kidding, on the serious note I am grateful of course. I always kid around, what's the title of this blog again? haha

Totally agreed. My man.

 Chicken and Watermelon. Best combination. haha

Anyway, I didn't eat every fucking chicken in the place although I did eat a fair amount of food in there. Believe me, I can eat. The fried and roasted chicken as usual taste good and juicy but I think Hartz Chicken Kuching branch should really consider renovating their place. It seriously felt like nothing have change for the last 20 years. Even the fruit decoration that they use might be from 15 years ago. If you feel like time travelling and experience the 90's, you don't need a time travelling machine, just go to Sarawak Plaza and step into this restaurant. lol.

 Cake's at Tom's. 

Then meet up with my biatch Grace and went to have some cake at a little restaurant/cafe called Tom's. They have very good cakes there. Sadly on that day all of the cakes sold were cheesecake and I'm not a fan of cheesecake so I chose the cake with the most chocolate in it. Triple Choc Cheesecake it is and Grace had Durian Cheesecake. Mine was super cheesy (and quite salty), but it's alright I can taste the chocolatey goodness. Mmmmm. The best is still pure chocolate cake though. Yums~

This year I decided to take it easy and spend my birthday in a casual way. After all it's just like any normal day just with cakes involved. Anyway, Grace decided to go catch the football match between Sarawak vs Johor at Stadium Negeri Sarawak and I was like yeah right at first but then turns out she's serious. lol. So we went to pick up our friend Thomas, an Italian travel writer whom we met at Rainforest World Music Festival and head on to the stadium.

 The weather on that day. Absolutely breathtaking.

I was actually worried to go to the match without tickets and the fact that we have to buy the tickets there kinda worries me a little because this was the last match of the league so I assume that the tickets would either be sold out or we have to queue for a long time to get it. As a non football fan, naturally those thing would not appeal to me. But surprisingly there was hardly any queueing up and Grace bought the tickets for all three of us. One ticket cost RM 15 and there's a lot of people there already even though the match was not gonna start for another one and a half hour.

 The tickets.

 Grace, Me and Thomas.

This would be our first time watching a football match, well for me and Grace atleast. Thomas had watched a few at his own hometown but we were all excited to watch the match just because I've never experience watching a live football match. 

 Snacks sold at the venue.

We all got some snacks and drinks before heading up to get a seat. There were some steamed chickpeas, burgers, roasted chicken parts on sticks, etc. I just opted for the chickpeas and a coke.

 The crowd at 6.30pm.

When we got in to the stadium, our initial reaction was just 'WOW!'. A sea of red and it's impressive that the seats were almost full and it's like half an hour before the game starts. These were all very dedicated fans. We kinda feel guilty that we're not wearing red as red was the colour of the Sarawak team but it's our first time there so I guess we're forgiven. lol. This were some rowdy crowds and I feel proud sitting here and supporting our very own home team. :) Everybody was so friendly as well and this is why I love Sarawak. 

 Game started.

The game started at around 8.45pm and by this time the stadium was full to it's capacity. People was just sitting at anywhere they can sit on. Including somebody's lap. Kidding. No really though, somebody did do that, children on their parent's lap la, apa. XD!  It was quite a nice match eventhough I know nothing about football, it was very exciting to watch. Players falling down left and right, very entertaining. haha! Johor finally scored a goal in the middle of the second half. ( I hope I got the terms right?)  and eventually won the match with a 1-0 Johor. Oh well, Sarawak team tried their best and they will always have the Sarawak people supporting them, win or lose. :)

 Filled up! So beautiful, just red all the way. Ngap Sayot!

Please forgive my filming and talking during the singing of the national anthem, I just wanna film the environment there at that time. No means of disrespect. :) 

 The Croc Mascot!

I really love the fact that our Sarawak team mascot is crocodiles. I think crocodiles is really a magnificent and fierce creatures and they make a really good mascot to represent the team. Very entertaining  mascots too.

We end the night by going to Lok Lok restaurant to have our supper. And that's it! That's how I celebrated my birthday this year. Simple but I love it. Something different and unexpected from the normal dinner birthday celebration. Thanks Grace! lol  :D

Yummy. Love the Air Mata Kucing. 

That's it. Till next time! More RWMF2014 post coming up. Just gotta get this done first. :)


  1. Yay! Happy 24th Name-day. Sounds like you're leveling up just old enough to watch football live at the stadium hahaha. Interesting day to celebrate. Anyway, wishing you a joyous and prosperous years ahead.

  2. Happy belated Birthday to you, Lindy. Surprisingly, I just had my birthday celebration recently too which was on the 26 June. ^__^

  3. Great stuff Lindy, I really enjoyed watching a full football match, the first in soooooo many years. PLus, it was your bday, which made it ever so special. I even forgot to say Happy Birthday after Lok Lok, so here I am: Happy Birthday!!!!!


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