Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rainforest World Music Festival 2014 : Opening Night Dinner

First and foremost, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers for giving me the chance to attend The Rainforest World Music Festival as part of the media again. This would be the third year in a row that I've been there and I can safely say that this time around was the most fun I've had. 

I've noticed there's some changes being implemented in this year's festival, for example there was a 3rd stage added and it was held at the Theatre which are more suitable for acoustic, chamber and more formal performances. Personally, I really liked this implementation because some music are more suitable to be played indoor, and by that I mean music that we have to sit down and enjoy. Not the kind of music that we can dance along too, lol. With that changes, this means that the workshops that was usually held there would have to be relocated and it is, to the Malay House. This change of venue, in my opinion is not that great because there's limited capacity allowed in there and I think that this is a little bit unfair for some of the festival goers. Disappointment was shown by some of them because they can't attend the workshop held there and in my opinion, I think it's unfair to them and I hope there's gonna be some changes in venue for the 3rd workshop next year. :) 

The Opening Night was held on the 19th of June and basically it's time to officiate the beginning of the festival. And also time for us to collect our media passes as well as the goodie bags. *wink wink* I love getting goodie bag.. #noshame. We (Garner, Grace and I) went there at around 5pm and head straight to the conference. Conference is no good for me because I have no ability for serious things. Although one topic did caught my attention in the conference where they were talking about how they choose the performers. Kinda interesting. Then there was tea break and  bla bla bla.

My media pass. 

After that, we all head down to the beach to check out the scenery and also to take pictures. Typical. haha By this time Alyssa, Aliey and Khairool were there already as well. We took a lot of selfies at the beach and by 'we' I mean them. LOL!! It was nice to be able to hangout with this group again and they were all a lot of fun to hang around with. Bunch of goofballs. :)

Beach Party!

I was really impressed and surprised that the dinner for the opening night this year was held at the beach, literally. I think that this is such a good idea and thankfully the weather on the night was good. If it rain, it would be a disaster. haha Plus, it is so much fun eating while barefoot in the sand, now that's living the life.lol

The beautiful beach and me blocking it! Muahahaha! You shall see no nice beach!

The dinner started at around 7.30pm and the place looks even more magnificent at night. 

The stage from where I was sitting

Photo courtesy of STB

I wonder if there is any restaurant that have this kind of concept of eating on the beach in Kuching right now. It not somebody should open a restaurant with this theme soon, sure hit one, I guarantee you. If not pretend I never say anything la ho. HAHA! But sure hit one, imagine eating cheeseburgers and fries on the beach with a bottle of ice cold coke (or beer but I don't drink). Heaven~

As usual I waited for awhile before going to the buffet because I don't wanna be categorised as "Kiasu" or "Never eat before ka?" people although I am one of those people. I waited because once the dinner starts everyone will go to get the food so the buffet place would be crowded and I don't feel like dealing with that. Turns out to be a bad idea because by the time I decide to go, most of the food were practically gone. Lame.

Don't even know why the photographer took this photo of empty buffet serving tray. Doesn't give a good impression at all. LOL

I managed to get some pasta for dinner. It's alright, I like pasta. Spaghetti Bolognaise is my true love with lots and lots of parmesan cheese. Yums~ And a dinner roll and a bowl of mushroom soup.

What I ate. You like?

While we were eating we noticed the bonfire was already lit and naturally we curious sakai  people would went straight there to take some pictures after our dinner. It was fun but unfortunately I have no pictures of any of the photos taken as I was not using my camera that time. My camera sucks in low light condition.

*cue Ellie Goulding Burn* I love bonfire. Somebody give me some marshmallows, crackers and chocolate syrup STAT!

Grace with the Maori hunk, Horomona Horo. 

This guy is awesome and so passionate about his culture and I love Maori culture ever since I watch the movie Whale Rider. Such a cool and interesting tribe. Plus the tattoos looks awesome! I want one. :)

Horomona Horo and I

Yup, us again. Some nice guy offered to take the pics for us and whoever he is, I thank you. :)

Performance by this talented girl from Kuching, Nisa Addina. Lovely performances. 

Sarawak Bloggers. L to R : Alyssa, Garner, Lindy, Grace, Aliey and Khairool's the one taking the picture. Thanks Khairool! Later I give you candy. HAHAHA!

Overall had a really good time at the opening night dinner and also meeting with all the bloggers again. So much fun and never a dull moment occured really. And again, eating on the beach is so awesome! Makes the food taste better. Maybe.

Goodie bag contains a RipCurl T-Shirt, Sarawak Coffee and Tea and a mug. I like.

More post on Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2014 coming up! (Needs time to upload all the frikkin video and uploading time took so loooonnngggg and also to compile all the pictures from the other bloggers. Stay tune.)

Till next time! :)


  1. Dinner by the beach? Barefoot? oh so romantic! Glad you had fun though. :-)

  2. Entertaining as always. Now i want my candy too!

  3. Where's my candy, (youknowthewordIwanttoputherebutI'mnotgonnacuzI'mnicethatway)

  4. @Coffee Girl : Yala! So romantic, Kan nice if got restaurant like this kan? hahah Thanks for dropping by. :D

    @Michael : Haha Thanks! Yes you shall get a candy! When I meet you again I give ah. LOL! XD

    @K-rule : The word being gurrrrlll? lol. Your candy is at the store. haha

  5. Geez! You have more photos to add in this post then I do. Gotta love the bonfire and sandy beach during that night tho. Guess what? I got the jumping photo on my post hahaha.


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