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Rainforest World Music Festival 2014 Day 2 : Fun, Fun, Fun!

Second day of this festival is usually, well let me correct that, ALWAYS the most crowded days among the three days festival. Some would say this would be the best day to party and has the best performances line up. I can't say that I completely agree to those statements because I love all three days of the festival and personally for this year I really love the third and last day of the festival. Just because of the fact that I tremendously enjoyed one of the workshop and my favourite band was performing on that day. :) 

We arrive at Sarawak Cultural Village quite late on the second day so we actually missed out on the first session of the workshop of that day, But fret' not, I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers who were punctual covered the workshops of that day. We head on to the Beat Boxes workshop which was held at 3-3.45pm. It's a workshop on percussion instruments and was lead by Dave Boston from Blackbeard's Tea Party. 

Variety of percussion.

The performers' that was involved in this workshop were Rene Azahares (Son Yambu), Yom Hardy (Blackbeard's Tea Party), Goh Ek Jun (Ding Yi Music Company), Musicians of Gema Seribu, Jagwa, Yayasan Warisan Johore, Ryuz and also Karinthalakoottam.

Dave Boston playing the instrument called Djembe. And that's Yom Hardy next to him with a Cajon.

Pretty cool sound huh? :D

Pictures courtesy of STB

I love love love workshop about percussion. I think percussion is the heart and soul of a music right next to vocal of course. It creates rhythms that people can dance along to and groove to. Don't know how to explain it, I just love the sound a percussion makes, it makes me wanna go medieval on someone or  recreate a scene from Braveheart or something. lol. Wait I just realised that sentence makes me sound like a maniac but oh well, that's just the best I can explain of how I feel when I hear drum's or percussion playing. HAHAHA! Shit that just makes me sound so frikkin crazy. :S

The next to performed was Karinthalakoottam and they're awesome! 

And nothing can be explained better by a video in my opinion. You can feel what's happening on that day yourself. Feel the beats~

Lots of percussion were played and I had no idea what they're called. lol

Ryuz. He's gonna eat the mic. :P

Ryuz performed flawlessly showing their skills on the drums as well as they're powerful vocals. I didn't stay for the whole duration of the workshop because I have to leave earlier to catch another workshop at another location. But all in all it was a very good workshop. The huge crowd at Dewan Lagenda that day shows just how awesome this workshop was! 

Crowd at Dewan Lagenda 

And the reliable and will always be there for you every Rainforest Festival : CS Party Animals aka Sarong Party Man. I believe I never seen him wearing a shirt except for sarong throughout the festival. Not sure if it's the same guy as last year though. :)

Grace and I left earlier to try to catch The Voice Workshop and it was held at Malay House which was on the other side of SCV. It might not be that far, it just seems far because it was a new workshop venue for this year which makes it unfamiliar place to reach and hence it seems far. lol. Another reason why I left earlier was because there's maximum capacity of 50 people for any workshops that's held at Malay House so have to hurry to get a good place (if there's any place left that is). Another reason is because I wanted to attend my favourite workshop which was any vocal related workshops. lol

On the way to the Malay house we saw Joyce Wong aka Kinky Blue Fairy which is one of the famous bloggers in Malaysia! And she's so friendly and nice! :D

Grace with Joyce. :D

I just remembered that we were actually not late after all after flipping back through my pictures for Day 2, late a bit la but the reason why we did not attend any first session workshop was because we went to the Theatre Stage to catch the performance by Ding Yi Music Company and also to escape the heat of that day by taking refuge in Theatre. lol. Other than that Ding Yi gave a good performance, the highlights of their performance for me was the "Harvesting Dates" song. One guy played 3 flute-like instruments and each of those flutes represents different characters which was grandfather, father and the son. And the song was about their conversations. It was pretty entertaining and cool, definitely something new. Haha.

Ding Yi Music Company. 

When I reached the Malay House I was shocked that there was a long line already outside the place and it's like 15 minutes to go before The Voice workshop starts. Kidding me. Luckily I decided to went there earlier or I would have definitely missed the opportunity to join. Phew. So I was just standing there and I can hear the rest of the people in the line worried that they can't join this workshop because of the limited capacity in the Malay House. I hope they would choose a better location to held their workshop classes in the future. It's obvious that this location was not an ideal ones and I know I would be ticked off if I can't attend any of my chosen workshop. 

Serious thing aside, I currently had the RWMF2014 festival guide pamphlets in front of me and I noticed that a lot of the title for the workshops were a bit dirty or obscene. lol. For example, Big and Round....Blow My Horn.....Different strokes for different folks...Taut and Tight. That's what she said!  XD  Those were some of the titles that makes me sniggers a bit. LOL! Or perhaps I just have a dirty mind but I'm glad that this skills or sense of humour was shared by some of my fellow bloggers and friends. Or else it wouldn't be as fun! haha! If you don't get the joke, please stay innocent and pure. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

The line at the Malay House. Spot Khairool and me! :)

Another reason Malay House is not a good venue for workshop is also the fact that once you attend a workshop in there, you can't stay and have to leave to give way to the others. Let's say you attend the 3-345pm workshop there, you can't attend the 4-445pm ones. Unless there's no line at all out there which I believe is impossible, unless the workshop held there was super unpopular which is again, impossible. So poor Khairool who attend the workshop before The Voice has to come down and queue up again. From the looks of the line, what's the point of queuing up again. I asked him to stand next to me and just go up but being the 'gentlemen' that he is, he decided not to. I respect that because it's fair but he looks so dissapointed at the same time. HAHA! Funny Khairool! The evil me was like BYE! Enjoy the show from down there! Kidding I'm not that evil la. sheesh. Right Krule? :D

The Voice, lead by Stuart Giddens from Blackbeard's Tea Party.

The performers for this workshop are Muhammad Halim (Talago Buni), Mohamad Diaby ( Debademba), Opah (Nading Rhapsody), Shigeri Kitsu & Kazuki Kunihiro (Ryuz), Maria Mazzotta (Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino), members of Dakha Brakha and members of Lo Cor De La Plana.

Dakha Brahka showing their vocals skills. Very nice.

Manu Theron, Rodin Kaufmann, Sebastien Spessa, Denis Sampieri and Benjamin Novarino- Giana from Lo Cor De La Plana.

I like their performances the best in this workshop although all of them did an awesome job but I personally love this one. :) As usual a video would explains it better than I can.

Sorry for the bass noise and also the shakiness of the video.

And last but not least the performance by the artist from Ryuz. I believe they were singing a song about harvesting of fishes. You can just visualize the fisherman singing this while harvesting the fishes from the oceans. It transport you to Japan. lol Another one of my favourite performance of the day. So good. 

A little slice of Japanese culture right here. lol

This concludes the Day 2 workshops and we all decided to regroup in front of the stage areas to take our group pictures. While waiting, Grace, Vey and I decided to join the RWMF Community Drum Circle which was an interactive percussion session. The sun was just nice at the time and not that hot so we were like why not? We're not gonna experience this anywhere else. haha

Chairs with various percussion or drums was placed.

We were told to sit anywhere we wanted and just grad the instrument that were on the chair and play it. Pretty simple and fun as well. There'a percussion and drum provided for 100 person per session, that's one big jamming session. If you can call it a jamming session, for me who's not musically inclined, it's just FUN! Like the motto of 1DRUM.Org states, "Drum, cause you can!"

The drum circle sessions was lead by Shameer or Sam I believe. Good job dude! 

This is a very good implementation by the management of RWMF this year in my opinion. It gives the people something to do after the workshops end and before the night concerts starts. The fact that it's interactive makes it even more awesome as everybody can join even the kids as you can see from the pictures below. It makes for good experience and memories for everybody.

Cute kid who look like the kid from  the movie Dark Knight Rises. lol

Bunch of cute kids! lol!

We basically just sit in a circle and just shake or hit whatever instruments we have in our hands to make noises. Beautiful noises that is. Who are we kidding. haha! And just follows the instruction of the conductor who's standing in the middle of the circle. Pretty fun indeed. glad that I decided to join that day. 

The crowd around the drum circle.

Here's a video to show you what it's like in there. 

And me. With my percussion. Looking like a complete idiot as usual. Thanks Aliey for this pic though! haha

Each session lasted for 30 minutes and there's 2 session per day from 5-6pm. I hope the organizers came up with more ideas like this next year because I genuinely think that this is such a great idea and it's fun as well. 

Taken from where I sat after my drum circle session.

Then we took the group photo and went to have our dinner before the night concert starts. 

Face paintings.

I was wondering that day as to why there's so many people's face were painted and there were also some weird looking glasses made out of leaves and also some kind of hats that were made out of leaves (which were pretty cool). After checking the festival guide then I realised what I've missed out. It was a workshop which shows face painting rituals and tribal handicraft making of Kerala. Damn it, should have joined that workshop. 

Not to mention that guy on the far left in the picture above, I saw him walking around during the night concert and actually shocked me because of his face painting. It was dark at the festival ground and the only light was the lights from the stage. I thought I saw Freddy Kruger or some demon when I saw him. The face painting might look cool in the morning, but at night it looks creepy. He looks like he has boils on his face and I remembered thinking "What the f*** happen to him" and upon closer inspection, it was just a face painting. lol. 

On to the concert!

Dakha Brakha. (Pic courtesy of STB)

Dakha Braka were the first to performed that night and I did not went down to the stage area because at the time I was lazy, I'm being honest with you!lol! I was chilling about at Dewan Lagenda and charging my phones. I can still hear them though and they sound awesome! Oh well, you gotta choose what to watch and what to let go during the night concert or else you're gonna be so tired that you can't enjoy the concerts. That's what I do anyway, I pick and choose which concert to watch and which to just listen from far away.

We met comic blogger Jian Goh which was the author and creator of the famour Miao&WafuPafu! Such a nice and funny guy! :D

Not to mention this was also the night where the mystery of Who Is "Michael from Sarawak Travel" was solved! Ophelia made an arrangement to meet him at that night and he gave us a hint that he was wearing a blue shirt, skinny and some other clues. I forgot. lol. I actually saw a guy wearing the same thing and I asked him " Are you Michael?" and he's like smiling no and I was like " Don't lie!" and he showed me his tag and he's indeed not Michael but a guy from Nestle. Well that's embarassing, good thing he's friendly though. hahaha! Malu saya.

Then we were walking around the stage area and I saw a guy which fits the description given and it was him and that's how we solved the mystery. Good detective work from us I do declare. lol! It was nice to finally put a face on someone that has been communicating with us after all this time. :)

Hey Michael!! :D  

After that, we head down to the stage area to catch the band Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino who's from Italy and this is the performance that I've been waiting for all night. How many times can we actually see music and dances from Italy performed live right here in Kuching. 

One of the best pic I took with my lousy but dependable Canon s90. And annoying guy in my shot. Sigh.

What can I say? They're awesome and the music played was great! I think this was the best performance of the night. Halfway through the concert, suddenly there's a lady in red dress comes out and just dance and by dance I mean spin and spin and spin. I'm guessing that's the taranta dance. lol She must be really good in the spinning games when she was a child. What spinning games you're referring to Lindy?, you might ask (or not). Remember when you were small and would just spin in circle for a few times while closing your eyes and after that open it and be dizzy and just knocked on whatever furniture around you..ugh..for fun and for laughs? Remember? I refuse to believe it was just me and my siblings that have done that, no way. Everybody had done that when you were young! haha! And that my friend is what I meant by 'spinning games'. She must be good in it, if I spin like her I would puke like there's no tomorrow. :S

Speaking bout that, I wonder does the kids in this era still play the spinning games, masak-masak or whatever childhood games we've played. Or they just play Ipad or tablets games? That would just be...sad.

That lady spinning.

Here you go. See that lady spins. But I apologize for the bass noise. My camera as usual can't handle concert noises. Might wanna turn down the volume. :)

I think they got married recently. The dancer and the violinist. Awwww~

Here's another video of them and I don't know why but I really love the song they performed in this video. As usual bass noise is terrible in this video. But for some reason this song just feels so Italian and makes me wanna go and get a pizza. haha

Love this song! 

Bloggers in action! Garner and I at the front row of the concert. To get a good picture is not easy. lol Thanks Ophelia for this pic! :D

After watching the Italian band performed we went to the area near the stages to sit and just enjoyed the music from far away. This is way more relaxing as we can chit chat and just chill out while enjoying the concert. Just watching people passing by and drink cold drinks. Heaven~

Crowd on 2nd day RWMF! People mountain people sea really.

There was no mud party this year I'm surprised. Usually there is and usually it happens on the second day of the festival. In a way I'm kinda glad as well but if there's mud party, I wouldn't mind because it's like RWMF tradition. It's expected.haha

The last group to performed was Debademba from Burkina Faso/France. Pretty good! 

"You satisfied?"

That's it! Day 2 done! Day 3, coming soon (lies!) but seriously, soon. :D

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