Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beach Looks From Rip Curl

Well this is new. A post about clothing from this blog....weird I know. Lol! But you know what people always say, gotta try something new sometimes right? :D I'm not a girl that's into fashion or clothes ALL THE TIME but sometimes I still love to go shop for new clothes, I mean come on, I can't be wearing the same t- shirts all year round right? Pssshh..get real.(Lies! I totally do. Not because I don't wanna shop for new clothes but because nice clothes are damn expensive and now is not exactly the perfect time to shop for new clothes. Gonna wait for SALE y'all! Right right?? ) 

However there's an alternative to get cheap and branded clothes for a pretty good deal and I'm sure everybody at some point has heard of a online fashon store called Zalora. It's one of the more well known online fashion store in Malaysia if not the most well known. I've been going through their website recently and it's pretty impressive. They offered a lot of branded clothes for a pretty reasonable price I gotta say and there's always some discounts or promotion going on. Pretty cool. 

Fooling around at the beach with my friend. I can never do sexy face, only pervert face. FML.

That aside, all of us has heard the phrase of Work Hard and Play Hard by now.And for me personally going to the beach is the best way to destress from all of the pressure from studying (not really, just an excuse. lol) or just to hangout with friends. It's the perfect place to have fun and just to relax. The breathtaking views, bare feet walking on the beach, the sound of the waves and of course, the seafood that you can get there. It will always come down to food for me. HAHA! Going to the beach is an all year round business, in a tropical country anyway, it's never not a good idea to go hangout at the beach. 

Let's go to the beach-each!~ *Nicki Minaj song if you don't get the reference* :D

Beside that, in this 'Selfie obsessed' world that we're living now, beach attire is kinda important. 10 years ago we would go to the beach just wearing a t-shirt that's too large that's disposable  and a pair of short pants, also disposable. That's what I wore to the beach when I was a child anyway, is it just me? I doubt it. lol. But now women can pack up their beach wear, toiletries, beauty products and search for the best or nearest island for a great vacation. However, it will be more perfect for women to own fabulous clothes and swimsuits from Rip Curl. Rip Curl is popular brand which offers a wide range of swimwear collections for both men and women to enjoy their beach vacation with style. One of the fabulous pieces from Rip Curl is the basic tee with printed graphics and patterns for a laid back look at the beach. Women can pair it with a sweet denim short and accessorize with some coloured bangles. Let you hair fall and feel the cold sea breeze.

 I would totally buy this. Love the designs.

And this too. Some of the shirt that I would wear if I'm going to a beach.

Pretty beach shorts.

The next swimsuit is suitable for the ladies who like to get involved in some water sport action such as surfing or water gliding. The long sleeved swimsuit is definitely the perfect choice to hit the waves with ease. Women can choose from the various colours available in the swimsuit collection to suit their taste and personality. Show off your adventurous side and have fun all day long. This look definitely reveals a more tough boyish character out of you which makes you look pretty cool in front of everyone.

Long sleeved swimsuits which looks awesome if you're into surfing or other beach related activities.

The next look from Rip Curl is for the ladies who want to show some skin and tan themselves at the beach. The two piece swimwear not only shows off your sexiness but gives you that feminine look. Women can mix match their two piece and plat around with the many print designs such as floral, tribal and geometric patterns offered from Rip Curl. Lay down under a coconut tree while sipping a glass of orange juice to fully enjoy your uninterrupted weekend to the max. I personally would not wear this until I lose like a zillion kgs, if I wore this 2 piece swimwear, it's probably gonna cause more harm than good. HAHAHA! 

Yeah...a 2 piece swimwear...not for me. For now anyway. :)

Last but not least, if you are wondering where to buy new beach wears, check out ZALORA as it offers amazing designs of swimwear from Rip Curl online. 

Till next time! :D

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