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Malacca 2013 : Bus from KL to Malacca, Baba House Hotel & Trishaws Ride

Sometimes last year, my roommate and I decided to go to Malacca (Melaka) for an overnight trip because we had a one week holiday due to somekind of holiday which I don't remember. The notes that I scribbled in my phone was incomplete, hence the only thing I can remember about the date of the trip was that it occured in 17th-18th of some month. Most probably it was before Christmas. Such a useless information. Believe me, I've noticed that. Sigh. Anyway, here's more useful information regarding how to travel from KL to Malacca. From my experience of course. :)

How To Get To Malacca From Kuala Lumpur

What I did was I went to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) which was located at Bandar Tasik Selatan and to get to the latter venue mentioned, I used KTM from Hang Tuah Station which was located nearby my hostel. If I'm not mistaken it was the Ampang Line, and it was just a mere six station away from Hang Tuah Station. ( Please double check in the net, I'm pretty sure this is right but please double check.:) ). 

Bandar Tasik Selatan and Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is connected to each other and it's pretty convenient and easy to navigate. The terminal has everything you need from restaurants, ATM and convenience shop to buy your snacks before getting on with the bus journeys. There's a few bus companies that offers bus from KL to Malacca but the recommended ones (not me, reviews I checked in the net before my trip) are KKKL and TransNational bus. I myself chose to use Transnational, just because. lol. 

The bus tickets would cost around RM12++ depends on which bus companies you choose to buy the tix from. The journey would be a non stop 2 hour journey from the station to Malacca Sentral Bus Station. So people who have weak bladder (like moi, beware.) Got more story on that later on. :) And basically that's one way to get to Malacca from KL. There's another way which is from Pudu bus station in city center and that would be a 2 hour and a half journey. Another way is straight from the airport. Easy peasy. 

Where To Stay in Malacca?

I chose to booked my hotel room through a website called Agoda. Pretty sure most of you would have heard of this website and if not, please, feel free to click on the link provided. This website offers some of the cheapest hotel room's deals online in my opinion and it's reliable as well. Before the trip I checked out some of the hotels thats recommended by most tourist and Baba House Hotel popped up a few times and was rated highly in most of the reviews I've read. 

Checked the price in Agoda and found out that there's a deal offered from that hotel. So basically I paid just RM88 for the rooms. Divided between me and my roommate we ended up paying less than RM 50 each including tax. Pretty good deal eh? I love getting cheap stuff, makes me feel gooood. #auntiemodeactivated Of course we haven't seen the hotel yet and we had doubt as to why it's so cheap. lol. More on the hotel later. :)

Bus Experience

Let's get this cleared away first. I HATE using bus for travels. Now before you start calling me spoilt brat and stuff, the ONLY reason I don't fancy using bus to get from one city to the next is my inability to hold my pee. For some reason, all those bumps and shaking in the bus trip only accelerate my needs to pee. I don't know why, blame my bladder. But other than that I have no problem with using bus to travel for long journeys. Sore ass, I can deal. Boredom, can be handled. Lack of sceneries, don't care. The time wasted by using bus, I waste time for no reason anyway. Everything I can handle except for the fact that bus doesn't provide a washroom IN the bus. And holding in pee is not exactly easy or fun. And on a non stop bus journey like this one, of course I have an embarrassing story for you all. :) I don't know if it's embarrasing or more to pathetic that I can't hold in my pee for more than 2 hours. Kegel exercise is in need.

So let's cut the story short and say that an hour and half into the trip I was in need of a bathroom badly. And when you need to pee badly, 1 minute felt like 10 minutes and time seem to slow down by A LOT. I decided that I can't hold it in anymore and decided to ask the bus captain to stopped at the nearest rest stop available, in which he says he would and I THANKED the man for his enormous act of kindness. 5 minutes later, we reached the rest stop and the washroom was empty and waiting for me to use it. NOT! 

There's like a LONG line in the ladies washroom and I was like, pardon my French "SHIT! Such a long line??". There's like a busload of people waiting just for me to do my business and it's not exactly good manners to keep them waiting you know? And this makes me wonder, what does the ladies washroom always have a long line? It makes me wonder what they were doing in the toilet sometimes. At some point I almost decided to just go to the men's room to pee but it's not appropriate but I would do it if I'm desperate enough. lol. I didn't do that but instead I chose to beg  asked some of the ladies in front of me if they would allowed me to cut the line because there's a busload of people waiting for me and I promised them that I peed very very fast one. Most of the them were so so so kind for letting me cut the line and I'm so grateful for their kindness. But....of course there's always a but. :)

But, reaching the second lady from the first which was a mother and her daughter was standing in the first, and she said loudly to me "NO". I was like okay, it was her rights, I'm just asking. But then she proceeded to give me a lecture in front of everybody and it was about how everybody has somebody that's waiting for them as well and not just me who has somebody waiting for me. She continued that her husband was waiting for her daughter and her as well. Yes I agree it's her right to say no to me and I accepted her reasoning because it was the truth. But then again it makes me wonder, I'm using public tranportation and I have a shitload of people waiting JUST FOR ME to pee and it's embarassing enough that I have to handle that now I have to stand there and listen to her lectures? I did though, just saying. hahaha! 

This also makes me wonder why sometimes people can be so unkind to each other but that's just my personal experience. I'm not angry at the lady of course, it's her right to deny but it makes me wonder. Who would wanna asked to cut the line if they're not in a hurry, I know I wouldn't do that unless it was necessary. It's not like I get off on asking people if I can cut the washroom line. Personally if people asked me if they can cut the line due to some circumstances and I'm not in the hurry, for sure I would let them do it, I just don't think people would wanna cut the line unless they're really desperate. Would you let them cut the line? If yes or no please, comment in the comment box below. :D Thanks.
(p.s : I was in and out of the toilet faster than the lady and her daughter. Honestly don't know what girls do in the toilet sometimes. Period? Doing No.2? Acceptable. But other than that what? lol but oh well, to each their own. Just wondering.) Next time I would just run into the guy's toilet. Save me the hassle and the unnecessary lecture.

Got on the bus and as expected, people were giving me the stink faces because I held up their journey. I hate to think how they would look if I were to queue and wait. The bus would probably just left me there. lol. Anyway, 30 minutes or so later we reached Malacca Sentral Bus Terminal. And that's my bus experience. People who could not hold their bladder, please dehydrate yourself before the bus trip and save yourself from some embarrassing moments. Might be just that day the washroom was full of people though. Judging from my luck. This is just a rant anyway, I'm sure most people can hold their bladder for more than 2 hours. I can do that, just not in a bus. :)

Oh, and the bus was comfortable enough. Pretty decent leg room and there's a tiny monitor in front of the bus playing a movie which nobody watches cause everybody chose to just sleep through the journey. The seat was quite comfortable from what I remembered. 


Alright, that's lots of words and no pictures. Lots of pictures ahead! 

The bus would reached Malacca Sentral Bus Terminal and from here you can take a bus or taxi to get to the heart of Malacca where all the awesome touristy stuff is located. We chose to use taxi because we're tired of using bus and taxi just seemed to be a better choice to get us right to our hotel. There's plenty of taxis here and all we did was ask around and the friendly locals would point us to the taxi place. Most of the taxi here doesn't use meters like in KL so gotta whip out our haggling skills. I don't remember how much it was exactly but expect to pay RM15-20 to get to the city. Now that there's MyTeksi App, this problem can be solved. :) If it's widely used there of course. haha

Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal.

We finally reached our hotel and to be honest, it looks way better than what I had imagined. The taxi driver told us that this was one of the best and famous hotel in town and we were like, "Seriously?". The reaction was because the price of the hotel was so reasonable for a decent hotel like this one. It looks a little like a backpacker hostel on the outside but the interior was pretty awesome. Definitely worth the money.

Exterior of The Baba House Hotel.

Beside the reasonable price, we also hose this hostel for its strategic location. It was literally located in the middle of everything and everything is a walking distance away. For example Jonker Street is a 5 minutes walk from here and the Dutch Square was also quite near. The Dutch Square is where all the buildings were red in colour. LOL! Beside that, a stroll along the street is a treat in itself. One of the beauty of Malacca is the street and look of the classic shophouses. Love it. And as you can probably guess from the name of the hotel, Peranakan culture is heavily showcased in the designs of this hotel. (Click on the link provided above for more information)

Checked in was efficient and friendly service was offered and we went straight to check out our room. It was located at the ground floor and located nearby an elevator so it was pretty noisy at night because we can practically hear all the footsteps and conversations from the guests as they make their way to get to the elevator or stairs. So yeah, that's the only con, other than that everything was good.

The Room

The antique style sink. I like it. Very unique indeed. 

The bathroom was very clean as well and comfortable? What can I say, its a bathroom! LOL

The beds. 

The closet and the box TV. lol 

How many more of these kinds of TV you can find in hotels? Those TVs are practically antiques already. Ahhh...technologies. And as usual, 2 complimentary bottled water, instant coffees and teas were provided, bla bla bla.

The Dining Area. 

This is where the breakfast would be served in the morning. A pretty place to have breakfast if you ask me. Beats the typical air-conditioned dining hall of some fancy hotels. But unfortunately our room doesn't include breakfast so we have to went out to hunt for our breakfast the next day. Doesn't matter, we could explore more and try the local food. So win-win situation. lol

After settling down and put our bags down or more specifically throw all our clothes and stuff out of our bags, (cause we only bring one bag and empty bag is easier to carry *you don't say?*) we went out to check out Malacca! Walking aimlessly at first as usual and slowly we figure out where to go. No plans sometimes is the best plans. lol

This was located just next to the Hotel

The Orang Utan House and the awesome and cute painting of an orang utan. 

After walking around for 15 minutes and asked people for the direction to get to the Dutch Square where all the awesome looking stuff is located, we finally stumbled on this bridge, which has one of the most beautiful sights of Malacca in my opinion.

Malacca Waterfront? Just guessing.Such a beautiful view. 

And I'm kicking myself in the head for not bringing my camera along for this trip. Hence I would have to settle with an Iphone pictures. Sigh. Oh well, can always go back there again when there's holiday! Must...visit..Malacca....again... :D

Stopped at a local cafe and had a drink but unfortunately I've forgotten what's the name of the shop but it serves coconut smoothies and it's pretty awesome. The shop owner was very friendly as well as we ask them what's the local place to have lunch and they told us there's a char siew rice (barbecued pork rice) stalls located nearby and it has been there for a long time already and most of the locals there grew up eating it so I guess it was pretty famous. lol. We tried to avoid the famous chicken rice balls shop because we don't wanna queue in the hot weather and also the line was ridiculously long. So gonna opt for something different, there was lots of tourist there at the time so we figure we an always come back on a day where there's less tourist to try it. So Char Siew Rice it is!

It was located at Medan Makan Boon Leong at Jalan Bunga Raya. The place kinda looks like an alley way filled with stalls selling Char Siew Rice. So it's an alley that can satisfy your Char Siew or Siu Yuk (Roasted Pork) cravings. There's one stall here that's like the oldest among all the other stalls. I'm not sure which one but ask around and the locals would gladly tell you which ones and that's the stall we went to. Try to get it as traditional and authentic as possible. haha

Awesome Char Siew Rice for only RM4.50. Yums.

Finished our lunch, went for more walkabouts. 

Me and my roommate, Alice. After stuffing our face with delicious lunch.

Pigeon's Playground.

Stumbled upon a fountain that's full of these birds chilling there.These birds know how to enjoy their life, they got it all figured out. lol :) 

Must take photo when you're in Malacca. lol

Malacca kinda reminds me of Kuching a lot. Such a quaint little town with lots of history and it's a really laid back town. Very relaxing and slow pace, kinda like in Kuching. Very different from the fast pace and busy life in KL. The best thing about this town is the buildings, they're just so beautiful and lots of the buildings architecture are influenced by Portuguese or British style, during the colonial era. As you can see from the picture above, the historic centre of Malacca was inscribed in the World Heritage List on 7 July 2008.

St. Francis Xavier Church.

This church is located at Jalan Laksamana which is just right next to the "Welcome To Melaka" sign. This church was built in 1856 by a French Priest and completed in 1859. Whoa. Hundreds of years of existence. Quite a sight really. This is the difference between the city of Malacca and  Kuching I think, they preserve most of their historic buildings, which I really really love. Kuching has some as well but not as much as Malacca does. They both have their charms. lol Of course Kuching will always be the best city in the world for me, its home. But Malacca is pretty cool as well. haha

A short walking distance away and you'll find the Dutch Square also known as Red Square and how you'll know when you reach there? Everything is practically painted in red. That's how you'll know. And the famous Christ Church is located here along with other tourist attractions such as trishaws ride.

Colourful array of trishaws available for purchase as souvenir. Kidding. 

Christ Church Melaka

There's some kind of renovation going on when we were there as you can see from the trishaw pic above so not exactly a good time to have the best pictures of the church. lol. Doesn't matter, here's a little something about the church. It is an 18th century Anglican Church and its the oldest functioning Protestant Church in Malaysia.

Some kind of fountain in the middle of Red Square.

There's lots of souvenirs being sold there and if you're lucky you might even get the chance to take pictures with iguana or an albino python for a price of course. I myself were too lazy to wanna bother with all those stuff. 

A nice spot to take a pic with the red buildings. Say hi to my belly. fml

So we decided to spend a little money to try the trishaw or rickshaw ride or whatever it is called la. haha. The trishaw uncle approached us and show a "menu" as to which trishaws ride we prefer. The longer routes will naturally cost more so we picked the cheapest one which was RM25. It's basically just a round to the A'Famosa ruins and some other kind of buildings and ended up at the Dutch Square again. Why not? Since we're here already might as well try the trishaw rice. pretty fun I gotta say.

Wow so pink.

Most if not all of the trishaws are decorated in cheesy decoration and very bright and colourful flowery stuff. There's even a Hello Kitty ones, no way am I gonna choose that one. So avoiding the Hello Kitty decorated trishaw we then chose this trishaw which looks like it's has been decorated with pink unicorn vomit. It's so pink it's scary. No other choice, why can't there be like a normal looking trishaws. Pretty sure most people would go for that rather than the decorated ones. I know I would. haha 

A Famosa 

A Famosa is a Portuguese fortress and it is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in South East Asia. Beautiful really and also amazing that a building that existed hundred years ago are still here. With the help of reconstruction of course. 

Some kind of building. I forgot. lol

The trishaw rider will let you explore the area for 10-15 minutes and it is plenty of time to take lots and lots of pictures as it was relatively a small area. There's also some military tanks and cars around and something else..I don't remember. The main thing here is the A Famosa Fortress. lol

A view as we're leaving on the trishaw ride.

Then we decided to walk back to our hotel area to get to Jonker Street. But the street along the way to Jonker Street, there's plenty of things to see as well such as antiques shop. There's a lot of antiques shop in Malacca which is good for me because I like to look at antiques stuff. It's really interesting to see something that people use to use. There's also lots of souvenirs shop along the way.

Pretty Peranakan Porcelain. Beautiful designs.

The statue of Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong.

This statue was located in the middle of Jonker Street and it's like a little resting area for those people who got tired from walking or just wanted a nice little place to enjoy the food they've bought at Jonker Street. There's also a public toilet here. Jonker Street post would be in the next update. :)

A grandfather with his granddaughter. Awwwww...... (I like to take secret pics. ;) )

A picture of guppies to end this post. Oh, and another thing I love about Malacca is the fact that they have lots of this pots with guppies in them and I think they look so beautiful and such a nice decoration to have. Gonna try to make one and put it at home. A little project. I bet it has good Feng Shui purposes as well. LOL! 

Taken in Baba House Hotel. I love love love guppies.

Thanks for reading and til next time! :)
(All pics taken with Iphone4s)


  1. yup...usually we use agoda too. some times get additional discount on top of promo

  2. I was in Melaka working at that point of time, you should look for me mar~~~ i got one empty room with two beds...can tumpang your friend too, then totally can save up for the hotel fees~~ anyway the baba hotel was really a great place to stay. Now i'm in KL (PWTC) area edi~~~ T___T no more Melaka.

  3. @Small Kucing : Agoda is awesome. haha

    @Yvonne : Haha, I remembered that time you told me already Yvonne. lol! Waiseh,if I know tumpang at your place ah, the money for the hotel we can go eat or something. You're in KL? We can meet up le! :D

  4. @Small Kucing : Agoda is awesome. haha

    @Yvonne : Haha, I remembered that time you told me already Yvonne. lol! Waiseh,if I know tumpang at your place ah, the money for the hotel we can go eat or something. You're in KL? We can meet up le! :D


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