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Malacca 2013 : Jonker Walk, Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake & Calanthe Art Cafe

Continued from the previous post, which is on the evening of the first day. We went to Jonker Walk/Street to try to find some delicious dinner and boy, there's plenty of food that's offered there believe me. A perfect place to stuff your face in. This night market is kinda like Kuching Festival but instead of only being held for 3 weeks per year, Jonker Walk is an every weekend business. But first let me apologize for the lack of photos of Jonker Walk. But I do have the pics of food I've eaten there, forgiven? LOL! :D

The shophouses along the way to Jonker Street.

Jonker Walk is just a short walking distance from Baba House Hotel. And as can be seen from the picture above, it will not be a boring walk as there's plenty of thing to see on the way there. Beautiful old shophouses, each with a different designs to admire. Plenty of pictures or selfies can be taken here too, with such a background, confirm it would be a selfie that's worth keeping or posted on social medias. :)

The stage.

As usual with a night market/fair like this, there would be a stage set up and exquisite performances from the aunties and uncles who would delight your ears by singing old chinese classic songs. Prepare to sit back and enjoy. lol. Besides that, Jonker Walk is full of hawker's stall, souvenir stalls and everything in between. There's even a Kung Fu performance to sell traditional chinese medicinal oil which I thought only happen in the olden days. But no, there's one here and if I'm not mistaken the Kung Fu uncle (leaning more to grandpa) tried to break open a kelapa (coconut) with his kepala (head). I didn't stay to watch the whole thing because I have no patience. So I don't know if he did the feat that he promised to do that night. :D

Now let's get to the food! 

Crispy Little Crabs. RM 10. 

I wonder if this is the same species of crab as the one we can often see scurrying around on the beach when there's low tide. You know, the one that's almost impossible to catch but once in a while it can be done and when you do actually caught one, you'll feel like you have just achieved the impossible and secretly feels superior to others because they can't/won't do it? Or maybe that's just me. :S It's fun though, I rather do that than play in the sea. All I would get from that salty water is gonna be super puffy hair anyway. So I would rather just spend my day the beach looking for crabs or shells or just do nothing. That aside, I think it's the exact same crab. The person who caught so many of these must be pro. And these fried little crabs are actually really delicious. Crispy and perfect to go with a bottle of beer. Kinda like mini deep fried soft shell crabs.

Chicken Rice Ball with Roasted Chicken. RM5

Because I didn't get the opportunity to try the famous chicken rice balls in Malacca, as I refuse to queue under the hot sun to just eat chicken rice, these would do. Atleast I can say I did try chicken rice balls when I was at Malacca albeit not at a famous place. This was pretty good actually, makes me wonder how does it taste at the famous places. lol. Next time for sure. There's also another thing we forgot to try which is satay celup. What a failure of a trip. LOL! 

Oysters. Which means there's oyster pancake or more also know as "Orh Chien".

We only tried a few dishes that night and proceeded to leave Jonker Walk to walk around and see how Malacca looks like at night. Then we got to Malacca River and that place looks awesome at night! 

Malacca River at night.

There was also a Night River Cruise here that would cost you a few bucks. Again we opt not to go on this cruise because there was a LOOONGGG line and we felt that it was not worth it to wait that long. If I got a decent camera, yeah I might go on the cruise. But I don't, next time la. lol. There's also a fort located here.

Nice place to hangout.

It's a great place to take a stroll at night and there's some street performers to entertain you as well. While we were there, we saw a caricature artist drawing and decided to get our own caricature drawn as well. I forgot what was his name but he was a really cool guy. He also look familiar for some reason. haha. The price for the caricature is different depending on coloured or black and white. Black and white was RM10 and colour was RM 20 or RM25. As we're broke students, we chose the cheaper on of course. So then we just sat there and it was done in around 15 minutes. He even added some colours to the painting to liven it up which is very kind on his part. He's not always there in Malacca he said and he sometimes would be in KL or other places. If he's there or if you guys saw him, please give your support. Plus the drawing can be kept as a good souvenir. Unique as well. :)

Talented guy although I gotta say he got my hair right in the drawing. lol But the rest....*cough*

That concludes Day 1 of our trip at Malacca. 

Day 2

Woke up to a beautiful morning in this beautiful city and unlike Day 1, which were totally unplanned.  There's a need to plan for today as we have to catch the bus to go back to KL by 5pm so...yeah. The plan for Day 2 was to go search for Nyonya Kuih because after all Malacca is famous for their Peranakan culture and also Peranakan is famous for their FOOD. I must go and look for some authentic Nyonya Kuih while I'm here. And after some research in the net, they say Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih makes the best kuih in town. So to Baba Charlie we went! With the help of Google  Maps to help us locate it and also by asking the locals.

From our hotel, it's about 1.7 km away and we're like "Meh, that's nothing. Let's go". But the truth is it's kinda difficult to walk because the street were so small and we have to constantly give ways to car in order to walk there. I don't know how to explain it but you guys could try it and see how it is. lol. I do love the walk though because by walking you can see a lot of stuff that normally you won't even pay attention to if you went there by car. It's just a straight road to there but because of the structure around the area, it makes the travelling time there much longer. Oh well, I've got time to kill anyway and what way to better sightsee a place than by walking? 

Menara Lama Surau Tengkera. 

On the way to Baba Charlie, there's lots of landmark that can be seen. For example in the pic above. There's also a lot of little stalls that has a lot of customer so I'm guessing the food must be good. A little morning exercise to work up our appetite. :) After like 30 minutes of walking, we finally found the place, it was quite easy to find actually. I think asking people for directions is way easier than to try using Google Maps. I don't understand why people doesn't like to ask for direction. Weird. lol

Finally we've reached!

Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih 

The prominent signboard of Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih. Turn left and you'll see the place.

                  Address : Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka

Tel : 019 - 6662907

            Business Hour : Monday - Sunday : 10am to 4pm 
                                               Thurday : CLOSED

How it looks like outside.

The Kuihs.

There's a wide range of kuih sold here. Most of them I've never even seen before and I would love to try them all but there's only so much I can eat. Sad. Besides Kuih, there's also cookies sold here. Cookies like Pineapple Tarts, Kuih Sepit and more. Those cookies that you can usually find during Chinese New Year la. lol. 

The kuih are made fresh here daily and that's what I really love about this place. You can even check out the process of making the kuih. Pretty awesome really. All of the kuih looks so appetizing but in the end I only chose few and also bought a box of pineapple tarts to bring home for my sis who's a pineapple tart freaks. XD

Shelf full of cookies and condiments.

The Kitchen. Where all the magic happens.

Kuih that I've bought.

I ended up buying just 3 kinds of kuih and they are Kueh Lapis or Nine Layer Cake (Pink), Pulut Tai- Tai (Blue and White with a pack of Kaya), and Rempah Udang or Panggang as we called it in Sarawak. Why is it Nine Layers and not Ten or Eight Layer? I don't know. If you know, please enlighten me. haha. I bought the Pulut Tai-Tai because I love the colour and it taste awesome as well. The Kaya was fragrant and fresh and goes perfectly with the Pulut Tai- Tai. The Pulut itself was quite bland but there's a hint of coconut milk and it was meant to be eaten with Kaya anyway. Perfect combo! 

The Kau Chen Kuih/ Kuih Lapis was pretty normal. It's just fun to eat, it's like a childhood snacks. Peel it layer by layer and eat it that way. :)

For me the best one out of them all is the Rempah Udang. O.M.G, this kuih was so so good. It was heavenly infact. I should have bought more than one that day. I'm gonna buy like 10 the next time I'm there. The sambal was so good and believe me you wouldn't be satisfied with just one Rempah Udang. Total yums.

Finally done getting the Kuih, now we have to walk back to our hotel which meant another 1.7km. Yay. Not. Still gotta do it anyway. Walked all the way to Jonker Street to buy some snacks and souvenirs at one of the shop. I forgot which shop it was but it's the one that sold cendol in there as well. Tried the cendol, nothing special. LOL. After like an hour there, we walk around at the area for a bit more and we came across a unique looking cafe and as we still has a bit more time to spend before checking out from the hotel, we just decided to hangout there for a while.

Other part of Jonker Street. Love the decoration.

Calanthe Art Cafe

Calanthe Art Cafe 

                                     Address : No.11, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200, Melaka

Tel : +6062922960

  Business Hour : Mon - Wed : 12pm to 11pm
              Thursday : Closed
                     Friday : 12pm to 12am
                           Saturday : 830am to 12am
                        Sunday : 830am to 11pm

The name of the cafe is Calanthe Art Cafe and their specialty is that they sold coffees from every state in Malaysia, which as can be seen from the photo above. You can either buy the coffee sachets or try the coffee from any state in Malaysia here. Awesome much? I was really tempted to buy the box set of all 13 sachets of coffee because it looks really cute but I didn't. Budget reasons. lol. And also I don't need coffee from every state in Malaysia, I just need Sarawak Coffee. :D Also, this cafe is one of the best places to chill in Malacca. 

Various foods were served here as well. Their specialty food happens to be Calanthe Laksa and I'm not that fond of laksa so I didn't order it. What I did ordered though was a Shirley Temple. Quite refreshing, perfect for a hot day.

Me and my Shirley Temple. 

Leaving the cafe, we went to checked out from our hotel and proceeded to get a taxi to go to the bus station to catch our bus back to KL and thus end our fun but short trip at Malacca. Definitely will find one day to go back again soon. Definitely one of the best looking city I've ever seen. Full of history, beautiful buildings and good food. :)

That's it, till next time! 

(All pics taken with Iphone4S)

Just for fun, I actually found old pictures of my previous trip to Malacca. It was my first time there as well. Don't laugh. I can't even....speechless really.



This was when I was 13 years old and honestly I don't even know why I dressed like that. It's horrible really. Just shows how I absolutely (obviously!) don't care about my appearance last time. WTF. Anyway, this was how I looked like when I was in Malacca for the first time. I think I was the same height as I was back then. Another WTF. Oh well, memories~ hahaha! 


  1. will bookmark the little crabs. Looks so yummy

  2. Are the nyonya kuihs better than those in Kuching? I dunno about this place that you went to but those that I managed to try - at best, they would be something like the ones from that stall at the food court at Spring or those booths/stalls in the malls in KL e.g. Mid Valley (expensive too!!!) - better ones elsewhere eg. the old lady by the roadside outside the Green Road shops...and there are some pretty good ones at the Kenyalang Market too.


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