Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photobook Malaysia : Mini Square Softcover

Sometime around Christmas last year, my family and I went to Singapore for a little vay-kay. It was an awesome trip as I haven't been to Singapore since I was like 8 and everything there looks different and isn't that just a perfect vacation, to explore new surroundings? I know, I know, Singapore is almost the same as Malaysia, but it's still a new place for me and I LOVE IT! So, I haven't gotten around to blog about my Singapore trip because.....well...let's just be honest here, I'm lazy. :) And my passion for blogging has to be slowly reactivated. And the first step is this post. HAHA!

A long time ago, which was sometime around last year, there's an offer in Groupon by Photobook Malaysia where they give out free photobooks vouchers. And my inner auntie-mode activated and who can say no to any FREE stuff anyway? So I 'bought' one vouchers and save it just in case there's any adventures hat's worth to be made into a photobook. That Singapore trip is the one. I love making photobooks, it's so fun and it's worth taking the time to be made anyway, after all it's memories and memories are priceless. Right? It's irreplaceable.

Made the photobook, bla bla bla...who wanna read or hear about the process of making a photobook, everybody just wanna see the end results. HAHA! I have no experience in using photoshop anyway so nothing special to say as well. Basically I made the photobook, send in the order and paid RM 8 for the delivery to Pen. Malaysia, if I'm not wrong the delivery to Sabah and Sarawak was double. The voucher was for a 6X6 Mini Square Softcover, a pretty good deal if you ask me. 

The package

The photobook arrived quite fast if I remembered correctly, about a week or maybe 5 days? Very efficient and I'm happy with the end results. I have nothing to complain about and I always haev something to complain. lol!

The photobook.

It was packed really nicely. I like receiving packages, especially Photobooks, just to see how it looks like. It's one of the best feeling in the world I think. I've only made two photobooks including this one and I plan on making more if there's cheap deals I can get online. *hint hint*  Photobook Malaysia .LOL! It's just a good way to preserve memories, sure beats printing out photos. But having said that, I also like to print photos to keep. For fun. :) 

The cover. Covered in another layer of plastic for maximum protection from water. lol

Here's a video that I took of the Photobook. Please excuse the cheesy twangy music that I've put in there. I don't know what I'm thinking when I was making the video. It was one of those free music that I can include in the videos and at that time these soundtrack seems the most fitting but I rewatch the video recently and found out that the music is so annoying. Ugh. Lazy wanna change it so just turn the volume down just in case you hate the music. I would love to change it believe me but uploading a vid to Youtube takes forever. And also I don't know why the vid looks so grainy. But the point of the vid is to show you an example photobook by Photobook Malaysia. Please forgive me for the shitty video. :D

Warning : Cheesy music in this video.

That said, I'm happy with the quality of this Photobook and it's definitely worth it. Have a nice day and till next time! :)

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