Friday, October 31, 2014

First Cat Cafe in Kuching! : Meow Meow Cafe @ The Pet Zone

Finally there's a cat themed cafe in Kuching! Double yay from me because I love love love cat. And sometime earlier this year, my cat (B.B) went out one day and never came back. Heartbreaks and sadness ensued, and I promise myself to not get another cat anytime soon. No way. So the only way I can have contacts with cats, (this sentence makes me sound like a cat lady, I ensure you, I'm not. Or maybe I am. Whatever) is by petting a random/stray cats I saw in the street or going over to my friend's house to play with her cats. I have dogs but believe me, the affection given between dogs and cats are totally different. lol. If I explained further, you will think I'm crazy so I will not. :D I love animals what can I say! HAHA! 

Yes back to the topic. This is the first cat cafe in Kuching and of course we would go there to take a look at it! 

Address :

Lot 2641, Ground Floor, Jalan Green
93400, Kuching, Sarawak.

Above The Pet Zone
(Near to Celcom)

This is a small and comfy little cafe. The menu consists of finger foods and on the beverage selections, they're more to teas. There's a wide selection of teas to choose from. Cakes are also offered there.

The counter. 

Cats area and human area. :)

The cats are located in the other side of the room as you can see from the pic above. There's 6 cats there if I'm not mistaken. Before going in there to play with the cats, you have to sanitize your hands, and hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance. Shoes are also not allowed in the cat area. Gotta follow the rules and regulations, it's important to keep the kitties healthy and vice versa. lol

Tea Selections

We ended up ordering a pot of tea and a slice of cake to share. The tea we ordered were called Nymph of Nile, just because of the name. XD! The name sounds so mysterious hence I wanted to see how it taste like. It's a fruity or floral tasting tea, I don't know how to explain. I'm not keen on fruity or floral tea so I'll stick with my English Breakfast Tea next time. haha! I didn't try the cake but I think it was a cheesecake and I don't like cheesecake so.... :).  The cake looks beautiful though. 


Everything was served in a Hello Kitty themed tableware, which I gotta be honest I find a little lame. My own personal reasons of course, nothing against the cafe. First, I hate Hello Kitty and secondly, Hello Kitty is not a cat. It would be awesome if they used tablewares that actually is cat themed and not Hello Kitty themed. It would be much cuter and not as...I don't know the exact word for it...cliche? Just my personal opinion! But otherwise it's all gooood.

Nymph of Nile tea served in Hello Kitty cups and teapot. RM 7

Time to check out the cats!

The cats area are well lit with natural lighting (time for insta!) and there's a lot of toys in there for you to play with the cats. There's also a comfy sofa in there for you to lounge around and just enjoy being with the cat. If they wanna be with you that is. The cats are pretty active and oh so cute! There's 6 cats in there, if I'm not mistaken it's Bengal cats and Persian? I don't know, some fluffy cuddly cat. haha!

Living like royalties.

One of the Bengal cat.

Sho soft the fur. 

Scratch scratch!

Love love love the fur patterns of the Bengal cats. They look so wild and exotic. They're definitely more active than the fluffy ones who just lounge around all the time. lol Still cute though. :D

So lazy. I like.

I have nothing to say anymore. O.o. So just take a look at the rest of the pictures below. XD. What else can I say, cat lovers will definitely like this place! Sit there and enjoy playing with the cats if they wanna 'layan' you la. HAHA!

Inside the cat area.

Cat sniffing Grace's bag. *sniff sniff*

Another view of the cat area.

The cat area is very clean and tidy. It's also air-conditioned and as you can see, there's lots of toys for the cat to play with. These cats definitely have it good. Eat, play, sleep, repeat. lol

Instructions on how to handle the cats. :)

So if you have the time, pay this little cat cafe a visit, it's definitely worth it. 

Play with me?

Till next time. Have a nice day peeps! 


  1. Me love. I heard there is a cat cafe in KL too but not sure where

    1. If Kuching have, KL sure have one. HAHAHA! I know there's a rabbit cafe in KL. :D


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