Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! : Ghost Stories

It's October 31st today and I would like to start of this post by wishing everybody a Happy Halloween! I don't know about you, but when I think of Halloween I think of horror movies or ghost stories~~ Woooo~~ I love love love a good ghost story but I've only heard a few that really scared me and the story is not even recent. Sigh. And believe me, I've been around asking people if they have a good ghost story to tell but no luck. So today I'll share my favourite ghost stories, ghost/horror movies and a scary...seriously scary korean ghost webtoons. :S

Ghost Stories
This story scared me shitless a couple of years ago and until now I haven't found another one as scary as this.

So the story goes like this. Beware, my storytelling sucks. :D There's a couple who's in love. (Typical) And because of huge rejection from the boy's side of the family, they can't get married. So they broke up but the girl took the rejection especially hard while the boy just move on (true love my ass). Then the girl keep on harassing the boy asking him to get back together with her or she would commit suicide. To cut the story short, she jump of a building while wearing a red dress. Chinese superstition is that, if a person died while wearing red, the person was looking to haunt a specific person or to take revenge. So yeah, there you go, she was out for the boy's blood all right. Basically when she jump off the building, she went head down first and there's a "TOK" or thump sound when she hit the ground. (I know, 'tok' is not realistic but this story is scarier told in person when you can act out the sound)

I worked really hard on this drawings.

Then the boy just went along with his life and got a new girlfriend. One day he got a phone call from his ex-gf (the ghost) that she will find him on a specific day and they will finally be able to be together (in afterlife). The boy was scared (who wouldn't?) and seek out a help from a sifu/bomoh/someguy la and asked for his advice on whether if there's anything he could do to prevent this. Oh before that, apparently the ex-gf only has a limited time to find the boy in order for her to bring him into the afterlife with her! Muahahahha! Yeah it was some specific day or something la. Told you my storytelling sucks. 

The sifu told him there's only one way for him and that is to hide from her and to not let her find him on that specific day. Once the time run out then he would be safe. He also told him that it's useless to run from her and the only way is to HIDE. So when he got back home he figured where's the best place to hide? Above the closet? No, because the way ghost move around was floating right? So no as she could see him up there easily. Under the bed? Yeah that's it! He figured if she's floating, she wouldn't be able to see him if he's hiding under the bed. So he hide under the bed. 

The time has come and it was late at night when he heard the front door of his house open. And the girl was looking for him while saying "Where are you~~ I'm here for you~~" (this part was usually acted out in Chinese, so it was actually scarier). And she went from room to room to find him and the sound of "Tok....tok.....tok", like a thumping/hopping sound could be heard getting closer and closer to the room he was hiding in. Finally the room to his door opened and there's a sound of "TOK!" and with a bloody face in front of the guy she said "I FOUND YOU!" and he dieded. End of story. Why is this story scary you might ask right now...well the ghost was not floating around, she was moving around on HER HEAD and the "tok" sound was the sound of her head hitting the ground everytime she moves. That's why she found him easily under the bed because her head was on the ground and she could see him under the bed. Ooooooohh~~ 

An illustration to help the imagination going. A+ drawing? XD

Tell me if this story scared you because I'm immune to this story already. lol Because I've told basically everybody about this story just to see their reaction.

(My Own Experience and this is actually TRUE)

My Favourite Horror Movies

Yesterday I went to watch Annabelle. Yeah, the stupid scary doll movie. I actually wanted to watch Fury but there's no screening of the movie at GSC Midvalley (WTF), so my friend and I decided to watch Annabelle instead for Halloween sake. It's either Ouija or Annabelle, they both sucks in rating anyway so we chose the one with slightly higher rating and that's the movie Annabelle. I can describe the movie in a sentence. Scarily bad plot and bad acting and also it SUCKS! So predictable and seriously la, I think this question is in everyone's mind when they're watching this movie, who would bring a doll that look like that into their home? The mom herself is weird by having a weird fetishes on collecting shitty/creepy looking dolls. That bitch is asking to be haunted. XD Probably after watching Haunted House 2, hence making this whole movie a joke to me. Go watch Haunted House 2 instead, seriously funny, stupid but funny.

The real Annabelle doll is much cuter.

Yep, the movie sucks. But here's a list of horror movies that don't suck in my opinion. That scared me and still does. 

Blair Witch Project
(My all time FAV. WATCH IT if you haven't)
Phobia 1 and 2
(Original Version)
The Eye 
(Original Version)
The Conjuring 
(not really scary but I like it.haha)
(more to gore than scary I guess)

Those are some that I can think of right now, have fun. :)

And if that's not enough and you're looking for more horror, there's a couple of REALLY REALLY SCARY Korean webtoons or comic. Please don't read it if you get scared easily because I've read one and it's not even funny for me. I seriously got scared. Heart attack material. So please, read it with people around and with lights turned on. LOL, just a heads up, moving animation. 



Both of these are written and illustrated by HORANG.

There you go, have a fun Halloween you guys and I'll go spend my Halloween watching Ghost Adventures that I've accumulated for a couple of weeks! Woohoo! And again Happy Halloween and have a great day. Till next time! Drop a comment to tell me is the ghost story scary or not. Would love to read your opinion. Thanks! :D


  1. LOL...i dunno whether to laugh or to shiver. The way you tell it was funny but i got goosebump at the part where you say the Tok sound is from her "walking" on her head.....eeeee......scary

    1. LOL! Laugh and shiver at the same time. XD


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