Monday, October 27, 2014

Homemade Hummus and Pita Chips

Hummus. What is hummus you ask? Hummus is a thick paste/spread/dip made from chickpeas and some other ingredients that will be revealed later. Hummus is literally one of my favourite food of all time and since I can't 'tapao'(takeaway) it anymore from Hubbaba's Arabic Kitchen which recently closed down, what a sad sad thing. I would have to settle to just make my own hummus. Yay. Who doesn't love hummus? It's so tasty and oh so healthy for you. Infact it's great if you're on diet or a vegetarian. I don't go on diet so I ate a bucketful of this stuff each time, ain't nobody got time for diet!....I should go on diet. Next month la. LOL!

Ingredients :

Chickpeas (boiled)
(You can find this at Premier 101 sometimes, I got mine from there)
Lemon Juice
A couple of Garlic cloves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I don't have measurement because I just chucked it all into a food processor and blend it until it's white, creamy and smooth and also perfectly seasoned. LOL

Tahini. This stuff is so good. It's sesame seed paste.

First, prepare all the ingredients. Just roughly la. Like for example one bowl of chickpeas, maybe a couple of tablespoon of tahini (your preference), juice of a lemon, couple of garlic cloves, some salt, some water and I like mine with lots of olive oil. You can even roast the garlic cloves before blending it, it taste even better that way. :D


Remember to stir the Tahini paste so it becomes mix up and smooth. It has the consistency of clay in the jar, that's why you have to scoop some out of the jar and put it in a bowl with some of the oil that's in the jar and stir it up until it's has the consistency of a sauce instead of the consistency of clay. Yeah I can't think of a similar texture other than clay. lol


You can use canned chickpeas or the dried ones. I used the dried version. Soaked them overnight and boiled them with some salt until they're soft. Easy chickpeasy. :)

Next, throw the chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, salt, olive oil and garlic into a blender or food processor and blend it all up! Adjust the lemon juice, water and olive oil according to your preference. 

Garlic and tahini in the blender

Or you can blend the garlic and the tahini first before putting all the rest of the ingredient in. Doesn't make any difference really. So the easier way is to just blend everything all together. It will all become a smooth paste anyway with enough time in the blender. haha. If its too dry, for example too grainy, add some water and olive oil into the blender, keep adding until it becomes a smooth white paste. Be careful not to add too much water until it becomes watery. lol. Taste it and adjust the seasonings occasionally.


Scoop it all out into a tupperware and throw it into the fridge. I like my hummus a little bit cold. Makes it taste better. lol. It can keep for a few days too, so you can make a bigger batch and just enjoy this tasty and healthy treat for a few days. That's what I do. XD


How it looks like after it's done. Scoop some out into a bowl and garnish it with some more olive oil on top. It's soooo good. How to eat it or what to eat it with? I like to eat my hummus with pita chips. Or you can eat it with pita bread or dip it with chips or whatever, eat it on its own. lol 

Pita Chips

Buy some pita bread from the store (I got mine from Cold Storage at Green Heights Mall) and cut it up into the shapes as shown below. Separate each of the triangle into 2 thinner pieces, pita bread is hollow inside, that's why it can be...separated...uh. You'll see. I'm not good in explaining stuff. :S

Triangle pita bread and olive oil for brushing.

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees C. Then, brush all of the bread with some olive oil on both sides. Or to make things easier (for lazier people, like me) buy a cooking spray and just spray it all up. I didn't used a cooking spray because I'm too cheapskate and I rather do it the usual way, brush it all up! Salt it and send it into the oven for around 5-10 minutes. Keep an eye on it and once it turn golden brown you can take it out. Have to keep an eye on it or it will burned and turn black and you'll eat charcoal instead. LOL! 

Crunchy pita chips...mmmm.

Just let it cool down for a while before eating it. Isn't it easy? Perfect for lazy people everywhere! The best part is it's healthy for you! :D

The finished product.

Dip the pita chips into the hummus. 

And ENJOY.'s good. 

You want some hummus? Here you go!

Till next time! Bye bye! :D


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