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Nights Of Fright 2 at Sunway Lagoon 2014 : Scarily Awesome!

Halloween is just around the corner! If you're looking to get scared shitless and actually PAID to get scared, get yourself to Sunway Lagoon for the Nights of Fright 2 event sometime this month. When I first heard of Nights of Fright 2 event, naturally I'll googled up the first event, and it seems fun, so I decided to tagged along with my friend, Fiona and her friends who had planned to go to the event. Halloween is not really my thing, as in the costumes and everything, but I do love horror movies and telling goosebumps inducing ghost stories to my friends whenever I got the chance, just for the fun of it. Muahahahaha! And I love a good ghost story as well, like the one when you heard it, it gave you a chill up your spine and goosebumps and makes you scared to go bathroom at night...alone...or just being alone at night for a few days. Yeah..that's the telltale signs of an awesome ghost story. LOL. 

Yesterday was the first day of the event and it's also the day we decided to go.  :S

Before that, here's a little something about this event. Nights of Fright 2 is Malaysia's biggest and scariest event where the Amusement Park in Sunway Lagoon is transformed into one giant landscape of horror and it's created by The Sudden Impact Entertainment Company. This event is only held on certain days and they're are 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 October and 1 November 2014 from 7:30PM till 10:30PM. If I'm not mistaken on Halloween day itself (31 Oct), they will extend until 11PM or 12PM or something. This event is also strictly for 12 years old and above. I personally think a 12 years old is not mentally capable to handle the scary shit there, unless you want to traumatized them for life. But then again, some kids are fear proof. :) Hell I was scared of watching X Files and playing House Of The Dead (arcade games) when I was 12. Lame young me. 

For more info : Sunway Lagoon : NOF2

We reached there at around 8:30PM because of traffic jam due to rain. To enjoy all the rides and activities, it's better to be there on time at 7:30PM because the time to queue up for the rides will take up most of the time there and I didn't realised there's a time limit until my friend told me. lol. 

We decided to buy the tickets there and if you have a Sunway Pal app in your phone, you can get discounted price for your tickets. So we pay only RM 35 instead of the normal RM 48. Awesome! 

*Not gonna be a lot of pics because I lazy wanna take pictures of everything. HAHA!

The ticketing booth.

Bought our tickets and in we go! And tonight is the night I found out Amusement Park Rides is not amusing for me. First ride of the night and I'm scared shitless already. If you're scared of heights, for the love of god, AVOID the 360 rides such as Tomahawk and Pirate Ship. Yes, I'm a coward. I'll admit that. But haunted house, yeah that's fun! As long as my feet is touching the ground, I'll be fine. Phew.

So when you went in, there's gonna be a lot of people in scary costumes (the event staff) that's gonna try to scared you. So yeah just to let you know in advance so you'll know what to expect. :D 

Chinese Vampire. Meh

The first ride we went to was the Tomahawk. Fiona told me this ride was fun and harmless. I even gave her the scale from Teacup ride to the Pirate Ship, and asked her on what scale is this Tomahawk ride falls in. She's like "Teacup", so I was like "Alright, let's go for it!". That bitch lied (Sorry Fiona. lol). When we're almost to the front of the queue I saw the rides and it's a frikkin 360 ride which I swore to never play again after I tried the Pirate Ship years ago. But in order to not look like a coward in front of her and her friends I was like"Whatever, no big deal...psssh" but inside I was like "WTF Lindy, throw out your pride and spare yourself the torture". I went on the ride anyway and I regretted it already the moment I was in the ride so no choice but to go on with it. Whatever la. My hands were shaking after and totally got lightheaded from this ride, ugh, never again. Like I said before, if you have a fear of heights, DON'T TRY THIS, or try this and see how it affects you, you might like it? :) 

Got a pic from this lame Axemen while walking around the festival ground.

Then we went to one of the haunted house nearby after the stupid shit Tomahawk ride. It was Horrorwood Studios if I'm not mistaken. Not sure really, there's a number of haunted house in this events and we only managed to go to 2 of them. Sad. :( All of those queuing really takes a lot of time. So planned ahead as to which attractions you wanted to visit the most. I like this haunted house because it's scary. Mmmmm. Love love that feeling. Scary but feels fun at the same time. There's zombies apocalypse theme in here as well which makes it more awesome. Go experience it yourself! :D

Then they decided to play the Pirate Ship so naturally I opt out of this one. No way am I getting on this ride again. The earlier Tomahawk rides reminds me as to why I said never again to the pirate ship ride years ago.

360 Pirate Ship

While waiting for them I got the chance to take a selfie with one of the 'monster' there. Not sure what he's suppose to be though. Looks like some old flasher because he's wearing a trench coat and walking around slowly. But an extra point of classiness for the top hat. 


After they're done with their ride, we went to the next haunted house which is Escape From Pudu. There's a LONG queue there so take some pictures because the lighting there were awesome for memories.

One of the scariest costumes that night for me. Disgusting. I like!

Fiona with her friends Z and Lam. Awesome people they are. :)

Lots of thanks for them for bringing me here and also sending me home. :D

All of us.

So finally after like 15-20 minutes of waiting, we're finally in the front of the queue! 

Oooooohhh~~ Scary~~

The lighting of this haunted house scared me more than the "ghost" itself. It's like flashes of light and the best I can explain is like someone turn on and off the lights repeatedly. Basically it's the strobe light effect and you can barely see where to walk. I'm just scared of having a fit from the lights lol! The "ghost" itself were not that scary and overall it's a pretty good haunted house, just the lights is annoying for me. I guess it builds up the suspence as at some point you don't even know where they're coming from until they're right in front or beside you. Fun fun fun. 

We then went on to play the nearby ride which was River Rapid where you'll get wet on the ride (teehee That's What She Said, it's written on the sign there. lol) and some other water ride where you ride a thingy down the giant slide thingy (Colorado Splash). I enjoyed these rides more than the one previously. Bring something to waterproofed your bag or phones if you decided to go on this ride. I myself found an used disposable raincoat and utilized that to waterproofed my bag. MacGyver yo. :D

Then by 10:25PM, we realised we can't enter all of the other attraction anymore because it's almost closing time. Sigh. 

The Scream guy. Wazzaaapppp

I said Wazzaapppppp to him like they do it in Scary Movie 2 but I think this guy in the costume has never seen the movie before, if he did he would Wazzaapppp back. That or he's lame, in my book anyway. LOL. Kidding! Maybe he's just tired.

All the "monster" on the stage.

The Jigsaw guy from the SAW movie was there, didn't see him when walking around or I would most definitely get a picture with him/her. Pretty short for a guy so I'm guessing it's a girl in the costume. Didn't take pictures with most of them cause busy queuing and enjoying the rides there.

A pretty successful Halloween event in my opinion. Wish the time would be extended so there's time to enjoy the event and also the attractions.

That's it, till next time guys! Happy Halloween in advance! 


  1. Adoiiiiiii a shock at the Chinese vampire. The rest not that scary but the chinese vampire really makes my hair stands LOL

    1. Hahaha! The chinese vampire just stand there nia 1. If jump around scaring people, sure scary, not fit enough i think. lol XD

  2. Did you just PAID to get SCARED? OMG! hahaha.
    Anyway, those costumes really looks awesome, especially the gross zombie guy.
    Glad to see you having so much fun there with the monsters (feeling a little bit jealous for the fun).

    1. I know, the zombie costume is the scariest that night. Guess I can't survive zombie apocalypse after all. lol! Come KL, we go have fun! haha

  3. hi wanted to ask is it that if i have the sunway pals app in my phone so straightaway can get the discount? by just showing them the app or what? :) thank u

    1. Hi. Sunway apps and also need to register for something in it. I'm not so sure also, because that's what my friend did the other day and on the counter there's more info on this. Basically need to show more than the app itself. Install the app and register or sign up. Hope this helps. :)

  4. The night of fright still at sunway lagoon??


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