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Rainforest World Music Festival Day 3 : I'll Be Back!

I totally forgotten about this draft that I've uploaded. Yikes. Anyway, better late than never right? Here's Day 3 of Rainforest World Music Festival 2014! It would not be as detailed as I would like this blog post to be because...well it has been a few months since RWMF 2014. But I'll try my best to write it. haha! Thankfully, out of all the 3 days of the festival, the 3rd day happened to be the one where it's more chill than Day 1 and Day 2. Our Sarawak Bloggers group decided to take it easy on the 3rd Day as well.

We decided to attend the Maori Songs, Dance and Movement Workshop which was held at Dewan Lagenda and lead by none other than one of the famous guy in RWMF2014, Horomona Horo. He showed us how to do the Haka. Haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori people of New Zealand. Haka are performed for various reasons, from welcoming guest, acknowledge great achievements, funerals to the one that this dance is most famous for, War Haka. It's a way to intimidate the enemy. I don't know about you, but if a bunch of hot guys were to performed Haka in front of me I would be drooling rather than be scared. *cough cough* Unless they really intend to kill me la, that would be a different story. 

Horomona Horo, explaining the ways of Haka.

It's a really really fun interactive class. Very informative and interesting. We all get to chant and do the haka and everybody was stomping their feet. It was really cool to be able to be a part of this workshop, I'm glad I decided to join this class. Horomona then told us that we would be doing the Haka in the closing ceremony, which I gotta say is a really good suggestion! Totally stoke to do it. 

Just a short video on the workshop. Was busy participating. :P

After the Maori workshop, we went to catch the RYUZ concert at the Theatre Stage which was held in the air conditioned hall of Sarawak Cultural Village. Awesome performance and it's like a little slice of Japan's culture right here in Kuching. 

Here's videos for better illustration. Sorry for the shaky video.

Tsugaru Shamisen

The Performance

I'm gonna be honest here, I did fell asleep a couple of time here but not because the music is boring! No no, definitely not. It's because we're all SO TIRED from Day 2 and the workshop earlier. I was not the only one that fell asleep here too! hahaha! There's a couple of person who did as well and I would not mentioned it of course. It was just so nice and cool in the hall and it's so dark.....ZzzZzz. But hey! Atleast I got some videos. lol. Alright onto the next thing!

We have a few hours to relax and chill before the night performance and because it's the last day of the RWMF 2014, we decided to just take it easy and roam around the place taking pictures. There's a few areas in Sarawak Cultural Village where you can take awesome rain forest pictures. Right in the heart of a green lungs. 

So here's a few shots of the jungle we 're in. Feel the peace and serenity~

Beautiful place to take pictures. One of the jetty in SCV.

The jetty is a really cool place to have a picnic and just hangout with friends with a few cold ones. Grab some cold beverage of your choice, some food and just sit here and enjoy the view while discussing life, love or whatever that you wanna discuss. You can also get a tan here if you want to. This is the first time we've been to RWMF and just chill out, a couple years ago we came here with the purpose of covering the event as bloggers. This year we did the right thing. haha! :)

The other side view from the jetty.

Some shots from Grace.

Pretty place ain't it? 

I look like a derp here. But oh well. :D

After hangout for awhile at the jetty, we make our move to the Media Tent area to get our dinner. It was looking like it's gonna rain as well. It's not gonna be Rainforest World Music Festival without some rain right? Repeat after me, rain is good. XD 

Dark skies....

The way to the Media Tent

I really love the fact that the organisers of RWMF decides to place the Media Tent back in SCV. It was way more convenient than the previous year. Besides filling our belly there, we could also just sit there and hangout and make it our rendezvous area for when we get separated. We can also filled up our water bottle there and just relax before going to our next workshop. Great job organizers of RWMF 2014. The food served was great too. haha

After our meal we went back to Dewan Lagenda to wait for the concert to start and also charge our phones. And do nothing or filled up the survey forms as you can see below. 

Khairool being Khairool. Sexy no? HAHA!

One of the best thing about lounging around at Dewan Lagenda is that there's all sort of people there and watching them is pretty entertaining. The performer's would also come here after their performance for some photo taking or signing session with the fans. So yeah, basically Dewan Lagenda is the place you wanna hangout to meet all sorts of interesting people. It's comfortable there as well, you can even sleep there! Recharge your phone and yourself. lol! While we're there we saw a guy doodling something in a notebook so being the nosy kepoh that we are we decided to go and check it out and turns out he's drawing the scenes and people there. Very nice drawing too!

The artist book. Love the drawing. 

He's drawing one of the performer. Talented indeed.

I've forgotten his name but fret not! I have his name card but it's in Kuching. When I go back to Kuching I'll update his info here. :P  

Artist with his art. lol

Night swiftly arrived and it's time for the night concert/performance. Garner, Khairool and I decided to watch the concert from a far, just to experience something different (from the audience perspective) rather than always go in front of the stage or in the photographer's pit. After all we're there to have fun right? I can't go into the photographer's pit anyway on the account that I don't have a DSLR which means I can't get the photographer's pass. lol. Does that mean only DSLR can take good pictures? haha! Not fair, but atleast I have Garner and Khairool to accompany me. :D So we just sat there and enjoy the performance from a far, quite a view and more relaxing too.

At the back.

Then  the Canadian band, Gordie Mckeeman and His Rhythm started to perform and we move up to the front to watch it because that's the band we're waiting for the whole night. I love love love the songs and performance from this group! One of the reason is because I can understand the lyrics and also their music is upbeat and basically just awesome. My kind of music. :)

Pic from where we're standing. 

One of their song that I love. 

I later found out that this song was actually a cover from another different Canadian band. They're Two Hours Traffic and the song is called Heroes Of The Sidewalk. Great song and I was so addicted to the song for a while, I just love the rhythm and the lyrics of the song.

People started doing the Conga line during their performance.

This is the first time I've seen the crowd doing this. Pretty awesome but I didn't join in the conga line. Kinda regret it but I was too lazy at the time. lol!

Picture with the Canadian band earlier during on the workshops. Ahh...I love Canadians. Such lovely people. 

One of the shot I stole from Garner. :)

The rest of the night went awesomely and after this band, we went back our previous seats and wait for the closing ceremony which would occured after all the performance and we're so excited because we never stayed all the way until the closing ceremony previously. The first year, to avoid the jam we went home earlier while the second year we left the venue earlier because all of us are tired already. So the third year is the year we would stay till the end and we did! Unfortunately there's no firework this year and we're quite surprised and in a way also a little disappointed because we were told the closing ceremony was awesome from the previous RWMF. But anyhoo, we joined in for the closing ceremony Haka that we've practice earlier and looked like fools while doing it but it was all really fun! Another awesome Rainforest Festival, done!

Are you going? 


  1. I hear the acts are better this year but not the organiser - somebody was given the control over everything - used to be better in previous years. I wouldn't know - never been.

    1. LOL.I felt that this year's organiser as well as the acts was pretty good. haha

  2. WOW! Very backdated hehehe... Was there on the first night.

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