Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spoinks' Burgers @ Kuching

One week of holiday and I'm back in Kuching! Home sweet home indeed, there's really no place like home and sleeping in your own bed as well as pooping in you own toilet. Ah...bliss~ 2 months in KL felt like eternity while 1 week in Kuching, one blink and back to KL I'll go. I can just feel it already. So while I'm here, eat all I can! Play with my dogs all I can! Hangout with my friends all I can! Lounge around all I can! Best part to being in Kuching, no need to use public transportation and also to eat all the homecooked food and well, Kuching's food in general. 

Hi Meow! Good to see you!

So two months at Kuala Lumpur and there's already a lot of different cafes as well as eateries sprouting up everywhere in Kuching. Which good news for me because I love trying new things and new cafes are always welcomed in Kuching, we need new places to hangout after all. haha! So one of the new place for burgers is Spoinks' Burgers

Location :

Stutong, in front of Public Bank

Business Hour : 

6:30PM - 11:00PM 
Opened from Tuesday to Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday

So Grace and I went there yesterday to have a go at the burger. Before that, this joint is named after a cute little pig-like Pokemon named Spoink. I actually don't know about that until Grace told me because I only care deeply about the 1st generation original Pokemon. I tried to play the new ones but I can't because I don't like it. The 150 original Pokemon is still the best! lol! You never really outgrew Pokemon, from time to time I'll whip out my GBA and played Pokemon Red all over again, just cause I wanna be the very no one every was~ Alright, let's get back to the food. :D

 Spoinks' Burgers by Reuben and William and that's them. Enthusiastic and pretty funny which is awesome! 

Currently they have only one burger in their menu and as you can see from their menu in the picture above, it's Smashing Pork Burger which cost RM7. After ordering, you can opt to have egg or no egg on your burger. Yes, please.

 Grilling process

Instead of the normal burger patties, your burger will start out as a meatball first which will eventually be pancaked into patties and then proceed to be grilled to juicy perfection while an egg is frying on the side. Then it's assembled and it's done. Pretty nifty description huh? XD. And also their accompanying sauces, which are mayo and BBQ sauce are all homemade. Another thumbs up. 

 Le burger.

Served on a chopping board and look at the cheese. Melty goodness. Basically all burgers comes with 2 pork patties, a slice of cheese, a fried egg, homemade mayo and BBQ sauce, grilled onions and some cabbage. 

A closer look of the burger.

It was pretty good but I have to say there's room for improvement. The patties were juicy and I think they're seasoned with five spiced powder. However, the bun do get soggy quite fast and there's not enough sauces in my burger. It would be awesome if there's more though! :D And for the love of God, please please add the option to add bacon into your menu. You can never go wrong with bacon. XD Some hot sauce would be awesome as well. This is all my personal opinions though. haha. Another thing is it would be even more awesome if there's like a drink to accompany the burger. Overall it's a pretty good burger. 

You want? Go get one now!

After the burger, we went to get some coffee at Coffee Clinic to end the day. First day in Kuching, PERFECTION.

Babycinno and Flat White

That's it, till next time! :)


  1. yum yum...would love a bite of the yummy and for only RM7

  2. I'm practically living in Kuching yet I haven't tasted this burger sad~
    Nvm, one day I'll just drop by here after work. The burger looks so delicious.

    1. Tell me when you decide to drop by, go eat together! Don't bojio lol!


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