Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Front Door Cafe, Grocer's Inn @ Jalan Sultan (Chinatown), KL

*Update : I believe Front Door Cafe is no longer operational, however there is still a cafe there, I think it's Grocer's Inn Cafe.*

Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur or better known as Petaling Street are not known for their abundance of cafes. There's only two that I know of and they're Cafe Amo and Einstein Cafe (More on those later). Recently, while walking back from college, I spotted a new cafe there and I'm elated! The way I see it, the more cafe near my place the better it is and thus, I dragged  asked along two friends to go there. Thankfully one of my friend here are as crazy about cafe as me. Yay! Coffee buddy. :)

We made plans to go there after our class and lucky of us it rained heavily right after class. Just great. But a little rain is not gonna stop us, we decided to just hangout at the college for awhile to wait for the rain to subside and it did. An hour later that is. And to the cafe we go!

The Location 

78, Jalan Sultan, 50000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : 012 - 7886844

Opening Hours : Not sure yet, but on weekdays they closed at 6pm.

For more info : The Front Door (Their Facebook Page) 

Selangor Grocers' Guild. It's where the cafe is located.

The Front Door Cafe. Beautiful exterior.

It's located in one the famous backpacker hostel and also a historical building in Chinatown which is known as Selangor Grocer's Guild. Just right opposite the place to eat claypot rice and prawn noodles and etc. 

The Menu. (Still in construction)

This is their Soft Launch Menu and the Full Menu will be coming soon as stated in there. Pretty good for their soft launch menu, lots of food and beverage to choose from.

The Cafe's Interior

A nice and cosy place to hangout with friends. Lighting is sufficient so that it's neither too dark or bright in there. Good for taking pictures I gotta say. HAHA! I love the brick walls contrasted with the black painted walls and the theme matched well with the furniture in there as well. Although I wouldn't mind a couple of sofas in there! XD Not sure if there's WIFI or not, cause we didn't really need it at the time, the point of hanging out with friends is to talk and not looking at phones all the time. I'm pretty sure there is WIFI though. lol

 Brick walls. Classy.

Counter where you ordered the food from.

There's a variety of cakes offered as well as some food like Nasi Lemak and I think I saw some Curry Puffs also. 

A wider view of the cafe.

Water and cutlery are provided at each table.

I really really like the way they serve water here. So cute! Like a big glass bottle containing water, a nice touch I gotta say. Okay, cute is not the exact word to describe it but I don't care. I think it's cute and awesome. :D

Time for the Slurpz and the Nomz!

Double Espresso - RM 5

 Served elegantly in a tiny and cute cup just like how all espresso usually are served. I don't drink espresso cause it gave me headache so I wouldn't know how this taste like. My friend Oliver says its good so it must be good. haha

 Latte - RM 9

The latte art is so pretty. Served in a black cup which contrasted perfectly with the coffee and make it even more beautiful I think. Great for taking pictures and posting it in social medias. lol #nolife Again, this is my friend's (Fiona) and she say it's good so it must be good. If a coffee is good, it's good. There's no need to analysis it and break it down in details in my opinion. Just saying. lol 

 Flat White - RM 9 

Again beautiful coffee art and foamy and milky goodness. Yums. I'll be back again that's for sure just for the coffee. This is mine, and..... *drum roll*'s GOOD! Sorry, I'm not a coffee connoisseur so I don't wanna embarrased myself by describing the ratio or whatever....temperature?....steamed milk? All I know is it's good when I drink it, so there you go. Perfect description if I say so myself. *Southern savannah accent* lol. Lame.

The 3 coffees together. 

I went there with two of my crazy friends. Friends where we can talk about anything and everything under the sun. The best kind of friends for hanging out because we're just gonna be yapping the whole time and never a dull moment will occured. Basically,they're awesome people. haha! 

Fiona. Pretending to be elegant. XD! 


Oliver. Acting cool, this kid really....well that's him. lol

We ordered the Open Faced Sandwiches or their Signature Toasts. 

    1 Slice    - RM 6 
3 Slices Set - RM 18
5 Slices Set  - RM25

Simply said, the more sandwiches you ordered the cheaper it is.  We decided to ordered the 5 Slices Set and divide it among the 3 of us. It's like a pre-dinner snacks and there's 10 different kinds of sandwiches to choose from. We chose the #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

A moment later, the sandwiches arrived and it's served on a wooden cutting board. Beautiful presentation as well as BEAUTIFUL sandwiches! 

Pretty no?

Clockwise starting from the sandwiches with eggs on top.

Cream Cheese, Asparagus, Sauteed Mushroom and Hard Boiled Eggs
Pesto, Grilled Chicken and Caramelized Orange
Cream Cheese, Cucumber Ribbon, Smoked Salmon and Capers
Bacon, Lettuce, Cheddar and Cherry Tomato
Mozarella, Green Apple, Almonds and Salted Caramel Sauce

Every single one of them is different from each other and every single one of them is DELISH! So so good. My favourites are the #5, #3 and #6. Awesome sandwiches really and everything is freshly made. I'm the most surprised by the #6 sandwiches. Everything works so well together and it's like a party of food in my mouth. Perfect combo! Yum yum. Gonna go back for the rest soon. :D

You want a bite? 

After demolishing all the sandwiches, we just sat there and talk crap until the cafe closes. The staff there are very courteous and friendly as well. Good food, good coffee and lovely staff. Secret to a great cafe! 

Don't ask me why I'm sitting like that. I also have no idea. 

Many thanks to the lady who helped taking this picture of us. :D

Stop acting cool Oliver! Sheesh. 

Be sure to pay this cafe a visit. It's worth it! That's it. Stay classy people. Bye! 

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