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Vietnamese Sandwich @ O Banh Mi, 1 Utama KL

I first tried Banh Mi when I was in Canada a few years back and I fell in love with this sandwich. Yeah, LOVE. The L word. That's how good this sandwich is. Succulent sliced pork, crisp pickled carrot with the sweet, spicy and tangy sauce and fresh cucumber slice as well as herbs like cilantro sandwiched in a freshly baked baguette is simply heavenly and sensational. To put is simply, it taste 100x better than Subway's sandwiches.

That's only Banh Mi at Canada, imagine how it would taste like in its real birthplace, Vietnam? I must go there one day just to taste all the awesome foods there one day! The coffee, the sandwich, the pho, springrolls....*drooling*. *Snap back to reality!* Anyway, until then I would have to settle for the Vietnamese food we can find in Malaysia. Kuching has vietnamese restaurant sprouting up everywhere now and they all serve the most popular vietnamese dish only, Pho. Don't get me wrong, I love pho too, but I'm more partial to Banh Mi. And there's no good banh mi in Kuching...yet. 

I actually heard of O Banh Mi when I first came to KL, but because of the location and the difficulty to get there with the help of public transportation here (lousy!), it's almost impossible to go to the shop. But when I saw the post in their Facebook page, O Banh Mi a few days ago, that they had open an outlet in 1 Utama, of course I'll go there as soon as I get the first chance! And I did. lol.

How To Go 1 Utama Shopping Mall (Public Transportation) 

There's a few ways that I know of. 

1. One of it is by using Rapid KL( BUS ) which is the cheapest way if you don't mind getting lost which was what happen to us the first time we used it. It would usually stop outside of the shopping malls and you have to ask the bus driver to remind you to go down if you don't know how does 1 Utama shopping malls look like. The bus is not gonna stop at a proper bus stop so it's quite difficult to know where to go down. If you wanna use this way, please ask somebody in the bus where to get down. I don't like or recommend this way. Especially if you don't know KL well. Like me. 

2. Go to Royale Bintang Hotel at Bukit Bintang. Wait for the 10:45am shuttle bus to go to The Curve. Free of charge (Yay!). From the curve, catch a taxi to go to 1 Utama, it's only 5 mins away. The price of the taxi would be around RM6 - RM9 (Metered Taxi). I paid RM7.30 when I was going the other day. Not the cheapest way but if you're travelling with friends, the price of the taxi could be split, which helps. 

3. Taxi from KL. Expensive but easiest way to go. Prepare to pay RM 25 or more. LOL

4. Take an LRT to Kelana Jaya LRT Station. Then take a taxi from there. Never tried so no idea how much it would cost. 

5. Take the mentioned above shuttle bus to The Curve. Walk to 1 Utama. Please don't do this. lol. If you wanna try, please ask the concierge at The Curve first before doing this. I don't even know if there's a pedestrian walkway (mostly NO), or if its safe. Although they're quite near to each other. 

I used the #2 way to go. The taxi is expensive but it's the cheapest, surest and safest way I know of. Plus I don't go 1 Utama all the time anyway, this is the first time in a long while and I only go because I heard there's Banh Mi there. If not I'm not even gonna entertained the thought of going. Plenty of shopping malls around. The Curve and IPC for example. 

Remember to used the taxi IN the Taxi Stand when going back to The Curve. I used a taxi that was parked outside of the Taxi Stand thinking that it was the same thing and the frikkin guard there waving us to used it. When I stepped in the taxi, he was not using meter and I asked him to let us down and he refused. I F***IN HATE taxi that's not using meter, then he dares to quote RM15 for the short distance, I told him the journey to come here is only RM7, I'm not stupid. He then quote RM10 in which I have no choice but accept, cause he's not gonna let us down anyway. Douchebags. RM10 it is. Earning money or not, there's an honest way to do it and this is not the way. Taxi drivers like this set a bad names to all the taxis in KL. But oh well, life in KL. Sigh.

*chill Lindy...phew*

Alright let's get on to the Food! 

Where is it located in 1 Utama?

New Wing LG328. Next to Teppanyaki 
(Very easy to find, no worries.haha)

The Store. 

You can't miss the store, it's very easy to find. Love the decor of the store as well. Simple with some vietnamese themed posters on the wall. Plenty of seats are provided as well and the staff here are all friendly and helpful in helping you to choose what to order. 

The Menu.

Have to order from this counter and they will send it to you after. Next to this counter is where they assembled the sandwiches for you. Quick and freshly prepared, none of those prepare ahead of time stuff here. It's all made to order which I love. 

Sriracha Sauce. Or otherwise known as spicy awesome sauce.

This was not the brand that's famous for their Sriracha sauce. The best brand is the one where there's a sketch of a rooster on the bottle with a green cap. Can't really find it in Malaysia but I heard it can be found in Singapore. Yummy sauce. It's a spicy, tangy and also a little sweet hot sauce. Very tasty and goes well with..anything really. lol. The ones above doesn't taste the same but it's good as well.

O BBQ Sandwich - RM 11

We sat down for no more than 3 minutes and the food that we ordered has been served to us. That's how fast the service was. Wow. want?

O BBQ is a sandwich filled with generous serving of BBQ pork, a sunny side egg, Vegenaise? (not sure what is this but I'm guessing it's the sauce or vegetables. It's what's stated on the menu. Vegenaise I mean,) and pickled veggie.

It taste really good, the pork is lean and marinated well. Yums.

O Roasty - RM 12

This sandwich is the bomb! So good! The bread was stuffed with succulent and FAT roasted pork, marinated veggies, a sunny side up egg and cilantro. Full or fresh veggies and awesome meats. Can it get any better? I totally recommend this one, delicious really. The bread was crispy on the outside and chewy and soft in the inside. Perfection. 

The sandwiches was cut in half so me and my friend could enjoy both of it and we agreed that the O Roasty is better than the O BBQ. Don't get me wrong, the bbq one was good as well just that the O Roasty is better. HAHA!

Do yourself a favour and go get this in your mouth right now. XD

My roommate that I dragged to go with me, Alice. 

She's pretending to eat the banh mi in a ladylike way. No la, she's ladylike, *cough total bs cough* While I'm eating like a crazy person beside her. Who cares, ain't nobody got time to be ladylike in front of an awesome Banh Mi! XD

There was a promotion when we were there. It was suppose to be a lunch promo but the guy told us that the promotion for the time is for the whole day. It was Buy 1 Main Menu Item and a Drink and you get a FREE SPRING ROLLS of your choice. There's 4 to choose from.

Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee (RM 6)  and Iced Lemon Tea (RM 5).

The coffee was fragrant and very 'kao'. Paired it together with the sandwich and it's an awesome combo. Kinda like cheeseburger and coke. It just goes well together and it's a food symphony. If you ordered a Banh Mi, please order a cup of coffee as well. Damn awesome. My friend had the Iced Lemon Tea and she said it's quite sour. lol. 

Prawn and Pork Spring Rolls.

Filled with a good amount of prawn, pork, fresh veggies and herbs. It's all good and healthy too. 

Closer look. :)

Fried Spring Rolls.

Nom noms

Crunchy skins with lots of fillings in there. The dipping sauce was so good, love this as well. Honestly after finishing the banh mi, we were too full to properly savour these spring rolls.I had one piece each and proceed to takeaway the leftovers of the spring rolls. lol!

Everything we ordered. 

Wtf is this. Damn it, I can't take good pictures. Sigh #fact Watever la.

Lazy wanna take good pictures also, who cares if I look bad as long as the sandwiches looks awesome in pictures right? haha! #praisemybeautifulsandwichpictureliow

Here's a closer look of the deal and the menu.

Our lunch cost us RM 34 and the best part is there's no service charge here. :D

Have a nice day and have a good banh mi now! Bye!

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