Monday, October 6, 2014

Vishal's Banana Leaf Rice @ Bricksfield, KL

If you're ever in Kuala Lumpur and you love to eat Indian food, please for the love of God, pay this place a visit. For tourist, your journey would not be complete if you didn't try the banana leaf rice at Vishal Food & Catering. Just kidding, technically if you've seen KLCC and KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, your journey are basically 40% completed already. The other 60% is for you to explore the various cuisines and cultures that's unique and can only be found in Malaysia. *insert Malaysia Truly Asia song here* 

The restaurant specialise in traditional chettinad and north Indian cuisine, Chettinad is the cuisine of Tamil Nadu state in South India and famous for its use of variety of spices in preparing their food. Spice makes everything nice. lol. I love to eat (obviously) and I love Indian food and this place happens to serve one of the best ones I've ever had. Seriously. This visit was the second time I was there with my sister. Why only second time you ask? Nobody accompany. :( So if anyone wanna go there, I'm available. :D. If I'm really desperate I can always go there myself, but they say food taste better when enjoyed with some company so yeah I guess so. 

How To Get There? (Lindy's Way)
Might not be the way most people would take but have a little faith in me. :)

First, take the MRT or Monorail to Tun Sambanthan Station. Some guide book will tell you to go down from KL Sentral Station but I find that walking from there is quite far and complicated compared to from Tun Sambanthan Station. Upon disembarking from TS Station, go down the escalator and you will see a zebra crossing to...the other side? Well just ask somebody for the direction to the Hindu temple (Sri Kandaswamy Kovil) nearby. LOL. If you are going the correct way you will see the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) on your left side. Keep walking straight until you see Villa Scott Condominium and when you saw a beautiful temple (believe me, you can't miss it), you're almost there. Congrats, you've reached Jalan Scott which is where the restaurant is located. Turn left after you see the temple and walk along the shophouses till you see the shop. Easy peasy. 

Vishal Food & Catering

Address : 18 Jalan Scott
                                      Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
                     Bricksfield, KL.

     Tel : 03 22740995

   Business Hours : Daily - 730am - 1045pm

The exterior of the restaurant. It used to be known as Vishalatchi Banana Leaf Rice. 

Business Hours. 

Another photo outside the restaurant.

When you're here, just pick a place to sit down and the waiter would be there momentarily to place a piece of banana leaf in front of you and inquire as to what kind of food you wanted to order. Not sure if they have a menu or not. Usually I would just say I wanted a banana leaf rice and they will then ask you if you wanted white rice or briyani rice. In a short moment, they will return with a container metal thingy and ladle 4 different kind of vegetables dishes onto your banana leaf as well as a heaping pile of white rice and a couple pieces of papadum. And some curry sauces or dhal for vegetarian.

I love love love papadum. Papadum is thin crispy crackers (keropok) and they're amazing. It's made made from black gram and dried and deep fried. I just love the crispiness, eaten together with the dishes. YUMS. That day I asked them refill my papadum 3 times until I was too embarassed to ask for more hence I stopped. lol. And by the way this meal is eat all you can. All the rice, side dishes, curry sauce and papadums are refillable. So it's like a tiny buffet. And if I'm not mistaken the vegetarian meal only cost RM5.50 or RM6. Nutritious, delicious and cheap. What more can you ask?

Mess Hall style.

There's tons of dishes you can choose there. From curries to fried pieces of chickens and fish. There's also seafood dishes like squid and prawn. All expertly prepared by the chef with their knowledge in utilising the various kinds of spices which is what Chettinad cuisine if famous for. They all look so good but I settled down for 3 different kind of non-vege dish. Previously I've tried their fish curry and its so good, spicy but delicious. 

Teh Tarik Peng (Iced Pulled Tea)

Yummy and refreshing drink. Frothy and creamy, just like how a good Teh Tarik should be. If you don't like Teh Tarik, there's something wrong with you. Just kidding. To each his own. LOL!

Our Banana Leaf Rice.

I ordered the normal banana leaf rice while my sister ordered the briyani's. The briyani comes with a piece of succulent chicken drumstick and a boiled egg. I had my rice drenched with some fish curry because I love their fish curry. 

Fried Mackerel Fish and Fried Chicken

I heard their Fried Mackerel Fish was awesome and it was. The fish was perfectly spiced and fried to perfection. I love a good piece of fried fish and you can taste the freshness of the fish. So good. The fried chicken on the other hand was good but there was nothing really to scream about. It's a well spiced piece of fried chicken. :) Seriously, order the fish. Guaranteed satisfaction.

The side dishes that was served was beet root, curried brinjal, some kind of green vegetable and coleslaw looking thing (yogurt based). They're all really good. 

Fish Puttu

I also ordered the Fish Puttu as I was curious as to how it taste like and it taste good. It's like shredded fish meat (I think it's shark meat) cooked with onions and eggs and some spices. It was delicious but I like the fried fish better. Fried fish is one of my favourite dish and if it's done right and the fish is fresh, it's like a little piece of heaven in your mouth. I don't like raw fish though, that's why I don't like sushi or sashimi. Why eat raw stuff when mankind has already found fire to cook raw stuff? Right right? Please don't throw eggs at me. Just saying. 

The Chicken Briyani and closer look of the side dishes.

Banana Leaf Rice with all the sides. 

My sister and I cleaned up the food and it's so good. For better experience, use your hand to eat it, it was fun too. Haha. The workers here are all really friendly and if you want a refill, just tell them and they will promptly refill it for you. All in all the bill came up to below RM30 I believe. I've forgotten the exact amount but it was not expensive. I don't remember the price because my sister paid for it. HAHA! One of my favourite restaurant in KL and I don't have alot of favourite restaurant in KL to start with. Go have a taste and you'll know. :)

That's it. Till next time! 


  1. somehow it tastes better when it is on banana leaf rather than a plate right! =D yum yum!

  2. am craving banana leaf rice right now. Yum.


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