Friday, October 3, 2014

Zalora Parcel Arrived!!

I'm sure most of you would have heard of  Zalora by now. It's one of the largest and popular online boutique in Malaysia and Brunei. Online shopping for clothes has never been so easy and sometimes you can get it cheaper here than buying it at an actual store. So ladies, if you like online shopping or basically just shopping for clothes, this is the website to go to. 

This was actually my first time buying something from Zalora and that something is a T-Shirt. I'm not into fashion and stuff, I just got a RM50 voucher that is expiring soon and of course I'm gonna spend it rather than let it go to waste! I'm not keen on buying clothes online as well, well I don't have perfectly proportioned body like those models in pictures and can just pick out any clothes online and the clothes would just magicly fits me. Sad. So this is why I'm wary of buying clothes online. But Zalora does have a return policy, if the size is too big/small, just send it back to them and they'll send you the size you wanted. 

Timeline from Order to Delivery

I placed my order for the T-Shirt on Monday, 22 September, ordering stuff from this website is simple and pretty self explanatory. Just follow the steps and instructions and you will be fine. Not gonna include the steps on ordering the stuff here cause honestly I think it's not really difficult to do that I have to include the steps or how I ordered the shirt here. HAHA

The actual date for the delivery was Tuesday 23 September! Talk about speedy delivery! I was not around at home at the time so I asked them to deliver on Friday which is 26 September cause that's the day where I'll be at home the whole day. The delivery process was very prompt, fast and professional. Which I really really like. I chose to pay the item by Cash On Delivery (COD), which basically mean you pay the delivery guy when he gives you the stuff.

The Parcel. 

Waterproofed parcel and I ordered the RipCurl Bohemian Tees which cost RM89 online as well as in an actual store. (I know because I actually went to a RipCurl store to checkout the size of the shirt. Just to make sure I know which size to order and also how the shirt looked like in real life. lol Kiasu much?) The thing is Zalora has a deal where if you ordered something and its RM75 and above, the cost of delivery would be waived. The tee I've ordered is RM89 and naturally I thought the delivery would be free even if I use the RM50 voucher with it, right? NO. They still charge me for the delivery hence its RM39 + RM5 = RM44. Lame really. And you couldn't combine 2 vouchers as well. Oh well, at least I still got it for a cheaper price. LOL 

Time to rip open the parcel! *rip rip rip!* 
(Joking, we Asians don't rip open parcel or presents, we gently and carefully open it with the intention that the wrapper still can be used in the future. Would love to rip it, but too bad I'm programmed this way.)

Inside the parcel.

Return Slip, Receipt, the Shirt and some coupons.

The Bohemian Tee!

There's 2 colours offered for this tees. There's the coloured (as shown above) and the black and white ones. I chose this because I want my life to be more colourful and not just black and white. Why buy black and white (dull and boring) when life can be filled with RAINBOWS? lol! Black and white is classy though. But the my Auntie mode kicked in again, for the price I paid, there better be some colours on the shirt! :D

How it looks like. Many colourful, me likey.

And how it looks like when I'm wearing it...

Pardon my hair, I just woke up.

I love it! One of my fav shirt now! (taken by using self timer. lol)

I love love love the shirt. It's so comfy~ So this purchase will go down in my 'Worth It' list. If you've never bought anything from Zalora before, go check it out now! There might be something that you will like and if you're first time purchaser, I have a good news for you! 

Here's 15% DISCOUNT VOUCHER for you! Just enter the code  ZBAPzYE when you're checking out and enjoy 15% discount for your first purchase. Enjoy!
(Only valid for first purchase of new customers only)

Till next time. Stay classy people. :)


  1. Ooooo nice! I used to shop at Zalora too, but i always mixed up my sizes and it's a lil difficult when the models are always so small and im like... round here and there. Sigh...

    1. I know right? We have the same problem except I'm round EVERYWHERE. Shopping online is not for me. Exceptions is made when I have a voucher though! XD


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