Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chacharoni aka Instant Jjajangmyeon

First of all, I LOVE Korean food. This is basically noodle with black bean sauce. Well, jjajangmyeon is not exactly pure Korean food per se but it's more to Korean and Chinese food fusion. In Korea, Jjajangmyeon is considered as chinese food but it's not exactly the same replica of zha jiang mian which is the chinese version of jjajangmyeon. I'm sure people who watch Korean dramas or reality show would have at least seen this dish once. And everytime I saw them eating it, I myself feel like eating it. But this dish is actually quite difficult to find in KL city centre, surprisingly. The only Korean food you can get in KL city is the pure Korean cuisine such as Bibimbap (my ultimate favourite!) and the variety of jigae (stew). Which is good but sometimes you feel like eating jjajangmyeon and tang soo yuk (sweet and sour deep fried battered pork). Enough with the rambling, here's the instant jjajangmyeon. Not really similar to the real stuff, not that I know how the real stuff taste like as I've never been to Korea yet but its good. lol. Korea, one day! Just for the sake of eating honestly. XD

Bought this at Aeon supermarket at Midvalley while doing some groceries shopping. It's quite expensive I have to say, a pack of 5 cost RM13. So that comes to about RM2 something per pack? Roughly la, I'm not good with math Only when it comes to matters about discounts then my math would be super good suddenly. haha! Basically the moral of the story is, it cost more than the normal instant noodle but for me it's worth it. 

Le noodle. 

Let's see what it contains shall we?

The awesome stuff in there.

Inside it contains, the noodle, the black bean sauce and a package of dried veggies. Ignore the onions, I have no place to put the noodle. haha! The noodle is not the kind of noodle like Maggi mee, it's bigger and chewier which is awesome! One pack of this and you'll be stuffed that's for sure.

I felt like fancy-ing up my instant noodle to make it more of a hearty meal than just a 'survival' meal. If you get what I mean, instant noodle is the perfect example of 'survival meal'. Eat to survive not for the taste. So I threw in some stir fry chicken and onions in there.

Chicken fillet and onions

Fry it all up together with some salt and set it aside.

Now let's prepare the noodles. 

The dried vege and stuff. 

Just boil up some water and throw the dried vege and noodle in there and leave it for about 5 mins. Easy peasy stuff.

I use rice cooker to boil water. lol 

Strain the water from the noodle and throw it all into a bowl. Add the stir fried chicken and onions and mix it up a little with the noodles. Then just add the black bean sauce on top of the noodle.

Black bean sauce is fragrant and rich. Yummy.

Last step is just to mix it all up together evenly and ENJOY!

End product.

It taste better than how it looks, I promise. XD! 

Till next time! Have an awesome day! 

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