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Jogoya Buffet KL 2014 @ Starhill Gallery

A couple months ago, Groupon offered an irresistible deal which is the Jogoya Buffet and it's only RM59. Normally I wouldn't look at buffet deals that's in Groupon because it's expensive. But luck was smiling upon us on that day and as my roommate and I had a RM20 discount vouchers from Groupon as gift for the Malaysia Day thingy. We used it to buy this voucher and we end up only have to pay RM39 for the buffet. It's a very good deal considering Jogoya's Buffet is usually priced from RM88 and above. Upon buying the vouchers, we then had to booked a day for the buffet and it's only limited for lunch or supper. Lame, as usual, if you buy a discounted things, it's never the real deal, there's always conditions behind it. We chose to go on 16 October for the lunch since we figured it's Thursday and there's not gonna be a lot of people there since it's a weekday. 16 October is only because it's the earliest we can booked....from 2 months ago. Yikes. But oh well, the trick is don't think about it and the day will arrived without you even noticing. XD


T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery ,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

For more info visit their website : Jogoya Restaurant

So we reached there at around 12pm and after searching for awhile in Starhill Gallery, we finally found it. It's my first time in Starhill Gallery and I was amazed. It was like a whole new environment in there, never been in there, had no reason to be in there as well. All I can say is everything in there is super fancy~ I'm amazed but it's not my thang. Don't really care for fancy stuff, it's all just 'stuff' in the end. :D 

Jogoya Entrance

After dealing with the Groupon stuff, in we go! But first, for this type of deal, the time you can spent in there are limited to 2 hours. Enough time to eat? We'll see. :)

Pricing and stuff. Didn't read, too excited to check out the food.

There's a lot of people on the day we went. Some more it was a weekday, if I remembered it correctly it was Thursday. We personally chose to go during weekday so there's less people (less competition for the food. XD), but we're wrong, there's LOTS of people and I can't imagine how weekend would look like. The picture below were taken after we finish eating that's why it looks so empty. lol. Other than that, the restaurant has a good ambiance and waiters/waitresses that's awesome. Upon assigning you to a table, they would also gave you 3 clips for ordering stuff.

The interior of the restaurant.

Enough blabbing you say? Let's check out the food!

Foods Offered
(Tsunami of pictures ahead!)

There's a wide variety of types of foods offered, from Japanese cuisine to Western cuisine and everything in between. Super awesome! Let the pictures speak for itself. What else can I say except everything is beautifully presented and made fresh on the spot right? XD


I'm not a japanese food lover because I don't fancy the idea of eating raw stuff. I would probably try it when I'm going to Japan one day. lol. If don't like Japanese food why go to a Japanese buffet you may ask. Good question. There's a lot more to this buffet than just Japanese cuisine though and also there's some other awesome Japanese food offered such as tempura and teppanyaki. HAHA. I just don't like sushi and sashimi and that's basically it. There's a reason why fire is invented okay?? To cook raw stuff! XD  Kidding. Sashimi is awesome, I know. I just don't eat it, yet.

So it's safe to say if you're a sushi and sashimi lover, this is YOUR PARADISE~

Chef's preparing food.

Salmon and Tuna Sushi. 

Everything was fresh and awesome according to my roommate, Alice who is a big fan of sushi and sashimi. So yeah, thumbs up.

Little bowls of cold dish. Appetizers I guess.

Beautifully presented.

Chinese Dim Sum are also available here as well as Chinese cuisine and also some Thai food. There's also hot pot dishes to choose from and at your table there's a little place for the hot pot. (We didn't try it)


Seafood for the mini steamboat you can set up at your table.

Steamed Fish. Variety of fish to choose from.

Fresh oysters and lemons.

Steam crabs

Some Japanese dishes.

Plenty of western cuisine to choose from as well.

Baked potatoes and grilled lambs and steaks. Buffet style.

Fried stuff. 

The fried prawn in my favourite. Crispy but succulent and tender prawn dipped in Thousand Island sauce...Mmmmm~ Heavenly. But as its fried stuff I didn't eat lots of it, just like 3. Gotta save rooms for other food man. LOL

Teppanyaki Station.

See the little dishes above with pictures of stuff clipped on it? This is where you ordered the stuff with the clips that were given to you when you were seated. Those clips has your table numbers and just drop the clip into any of these bowl and in a while the dishes that you ordered will be sent to your table. Neat huh? I like my food this way, prepared according to order instead of buffet style so most of the food that I ate were through this way. 

There's pasta as well.

Grilling the little crayfish teppan style. 

Desserts and Drinks

Desserts. Oh my god, if you can try every single desserts in there in one sitting, you have my respect. There's a huge variety of desserts offered such as ice creams, cakes, cookies, puddings, and many more. My favourite station in this whole restaurant because it looks so beautiful and I love love looking at desserts. I don't have sweet tooth, I just like looking at them not eating them. lol. 

Mochi and some other stuff


Waffles freshly made to accompanied the ice cream

Cakes and puddings

Must have in any buffet : Chocolate Fountain

Plenty of choice for beverage as well. Coffee, teas, soft drink fountain, cocktails, and juices. Everybody's favourite seem to be the Fragrant Coconut. No idea why, probably it's healthy or maybe people just choose it because it's quite expensive and hence the wise choice for drinks. HAHA! 



Fragrant Coconut


What I Ate

I definitely ate a lot more than what's shown below. I was feeling lazy to take pictures all the time, so I only took the one that looks pretty and not the food that I grabbed from the buffet line because the plate look so messy and crowded. I tried most of the food from the CHINESE food sections. The XO Sauce squid was awesome, Abalone Fried Rice was normal, Chicken in Garlic and Chilli Oil was pretty good. As mentioned before, I tried the fried prawns and also miscellaneous stuff like Kimchi and some small dishes which I can't remember. :)

Grilled Scallops

This was from the Teppanyaki section and it was alright. To be honest it was quite dry, probably because it was overgrilled, Who cares! Stuff them down anyway! haha

Meatball with Mushroom Sauce

Personally I don't like this. The meatball was dry and it was kinda difficult to eat. Should have ordered the pastas instead of this. This was quite filling too, not exactly a good choice in the buffet. Pretty normal dish I guess.

Grilled Yabby

This is good. Sweet and fresh and I've never tasted crayfish before so yeah, it's good. Basically this taste like shrimp. My only problem was there's only ONE. I thought there would be at least 2 per order. Oh well, it was yummy.

Chicken Ribs with Black Bean Sauce

I love love love Dim Sum. Unfortunately in KL, all the good Dim Sum place is like unreachable by public transport or else I would go there every week. Even if there's a dim sum place in the city centre, it's usually frikkin expensive and so that's a nope for me. So I tried this at the buffet. It was pretty good I gotta say. But I was hoping for more choices at the dim sum section. I wonder is there a dim sum buffet in KL? That would be awesome. 

 Grilled Sanma (Mackerel Pike)

Kinda taste like sardines or "Ikan Kembong". Again too dry but otherwise it was good. I ate this with kimchi, and it's delicious! 

 Grilled Mochi (Yakimochi)

This is AWESOME! I ordered this just for fun because I've never seen a grilled mochi before and curious to see how it would taste like and honestly this was one of the best dishes that I ordered that night. Wow. I've always wanted to try Grilled Mochi since I saw Shin Chan ate it in the comic. He ate it with seaweed and soy sauce and it looks so good. Indeed it was good, Grilled Mochi is the bomb! 

Fried Tempura Pumpkin slice

There's also a section for Tempura. I ordered the pumpkin tempura and there's only one slice when it came to my table. lol. It was alright. Nothing to shout about, the batter is pretty weird though, doesn't look or taste like a tempura batter. 

Marshmallows with melted chocolate~ 

She ate like 5 of these. Crazy much? lol

2 hours here are definitely not enough, before I knew it 1 hour and 45 minutes is gone and I haven't even tried everything that I wanted to try. No time for normal food anymore, time for desserts! We went to get the New Zealand Natural ice cream. There's Haagen Dazs as well but I decided not to get that since they don't have the flavour that I wanted. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is the best! I got a scoop of that as well as a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. It looks like it's made with real vanilla beans because there's tiny little black specks in there. Also got a Tiramisu because I love love Tiramisu. Perfect dessert because it's coffee and also it's not sweet. :D

Mint Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream + Tiramisu

Alice with her desserts

And me with my lovely tiramisu. Yums~

It was a good buffet and definitely gonna be on the lookout for the next Groupon offers again. Super worth it and the 2 hour time limit is definitely gonna affect the amount of food that you can eat. But no complains, it was a good experience. What you waiting for, free up some time and go try now! XD

Till next time! Have an awesome day!


  1. BOJIO! (T_T)

    I heard about this place from a friend who works in KL and was planning to go there when I get to KL (supposedly end of last month), but things doesn't go well back then. Anyway, what is the normal buffet price range here? Is it worth it? I really wanna go here.

    1. What bojio! XD Nevermind, can always come to KL next time. Normal price range is RM80+++ maybe. Worth it la but I'm not into buffets I guess. Try it when you're here man. :)


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