Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Positive Thinking!

Been feeling like shit from the beginning of this week because I got a lot of things going through my mind these few days and also a freakin cough that just won't go away. It has been two weeks and it's super annoying. Just writing this short post to remind myself to be positive and always look for the good in bad situation. I'm currently studying law and basically things are not going great or as planned in my studies. Sometimes, no scratch that, most of the time the thought of "I've chosen the wrong course to pursue" will popped up. Especially when I opened Facebook and saw posts on graduations or works and stuff. And here I am, going nowhere with my life. 

Just the other day one of my friend who I've not spoken to for a while suddenly decided to chat with me in Facebook and asked me how my studies is going and when I'm going to graduate. Now, I absolutely detest those question, and this question would always seem to appeared whenever I'm meeting my old friends or relatives. And it's not exactly fun to say that I have a couple more years to go while most people would have graduated by now. So back to my friend, I told him I got 2 more years to go unfortunately and he replied "OMG, you'll be 26 by the time you graduate". Believe me, I thought about that all the time, I don't really need him to do the maths for me. lol 

Then today a friend that I've made recently told me that he was in the situation too and he told me to be positive about it and see it as I have two more years to have fun before getting in the work field. And also I got 2 more years to get the grade that I need, basically a second chance. LOL. Good advice, in a way. Positive thinking? Definitely. haha! This makes me realise how just little and short talks like this is important in life. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very positive person but sometimes when people popped up and says negative stuff, you can't help but feels like you're a loser. But oh well, life is not a race. Just because I don't succeed today doesn't mean I'm not gonna succeed in the future. 


All I'm trying to say is there's always a silver lining in everything that happens in life, gotta focus on people that's positive and do everything that I can to try to make a name for myself in this world. Hopefully. hahaha! Life's too short to focus on negativity. I seldom wrote post on personal things but I just felt like writing this to remind myself, there's people who had it worse than me. So gotta appreciate every little things that happens in life. :D 

*Chose to wrote this blog post after listening to this song. Yeah, it's gonna be a good life. :) OneRepublic is awesome.

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