Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yut Kee Restaurant @ Dang Wangi, KL

Another food post! Personally, I think eating is a form of entertainment for me as well as nourishment, DUH. So naturally the only thing to do in KL which is in the form of killing two birds with one stone is to EAT and discover new places to eat. Watching movie is also another form of affordable entertainment but I rather spend that money on food anyway. Sigh #fatdieme. Who cares. LOL. Anyway, last week we decided to go to Yut Kee Restaurant which is reachable by public transportation for us struggling students here in KL. I heard a lot about this restaurant and they're very famous for their Hainanese Chicken Chop, Roti Babi (literally pork bun/bread in Bahasa Malaysia) and their cakes. So I must try all of them! Let the journey to Yut Kee begin! 

How to Get There? (Public Transportation)

First, use the LRT (Kelana Jaya Line) to go to Dang Wangi Station. When you reach Dang Wangi Station, search for the exit to Jalan Ampang. There's two exit in the station. If you exit and you saw a bridge crossing the river you're in the right place. However if you exit and you saw an overhead bridge to cross the road, then it's the wrong exit. Go back in the station and try again. lol.After you cross the bridge you will see an eating place, and a zebra crossing to the other side of the road. Use it and walk right a little bit and turn left. Then walk straight and I think you have to turn left again at some point then you'll be able to see the red building which is the restaurant. When in doubt ask someone. haha Trust me, I have been told numerous times I'm good with direction. (Total lies.)

Red building that's hard to miss.

We went there during lunch time so we have to wait awhile before we get a seat. Fret' not, there's plenty of seats outside for people who's waiting (see the red coloured plastic chairs?). When you're there, there's gonna be a lady who's gonna take your name and the amount of people in your party and then you wait till your name is called once there's seats. Feels like going to the clinic like that. Kudos to the auntie who took my name! She spelled my name right on her first try, I was surprised because not a lot of people would spelled my name correctly in their first try. Some would spelled Lindi, Lyndi, Lindee, Lyndee or something else. Yeah....simple things makes me happy. :)

Also be prepared to share seats with strangers. Kinda awkward really but oh well. *shrug* About 5 minutes later our names were called. We had the pleasure of sharing the table with 4 strangers. Yay.

Their Menu.

There's a lot to choose from their menu. From the simple dish such as bread with kaya and butter to fried noodles/rice to their famous Hainanese Chicken/Pork/Fish Chop. I looked around the restaurant and a lot of people ordered their Hainanese Chicken Chop which is another good indicator that the food is delicious. Hainanese Chicken Chop is basically a fusion dish that's made to satisfy the taste buds of the Westerner in the olden colonial days. History is not my forte. So yeah, that's all I know about the origin of this dish. :D

My friend and I ordered 2 Hainanese Chicken Chop, a Roti Babi and a Teh C Peng or otherwise known as Teh Ais here. Seriously Kuching people, if you come here and ordered Teh C Peng they wouldn't know what you're talking about. I ordered the necessity or the famous dishes, the rest can wait until the next trip. lol

The crowd that day.

The ordering is done smoothly and efficiently. The food also arrives swiftly. Less than 10 minutes after we ordered, the food arrived. Another thumbs up.

Teh Ais aka Teh C Peng

Hainanese Chicken Chop - RM9.50

A fried chicken chop smothered with brown sauce and accompanied with roasted wedges of potatoes and mixed veggies. Very colourful plate, I like how it still looks pretty without much effort put into it. There's a popular saying "You eat with your eyes first". I half agree and half disagree with the saying. Sometimes your eye lied! and you missed out on some of the best tasting food in your life! lol! I'll just keep my eyes on the cleanliness of the chef and place rather than the food itself, for example, Char Kueh Tiaw might not look awesome to the eyes but to the palate, it's heaven~ Just saying, it's my personal opinion of course. And I also don't believe in fine dining. Street food sometimes can beat the s*** out of fine dining. :D

Back to the chicken chop. The chicken taste like it has been coated with Kentucky flour (you know the one you can buy in the store?) and fried. If you're from Kuching, there's a stall near the Tua Pek Kong temple who sell the fried chicken wings, gizzards and fishball, the chicken taste exactly like that. The sauce was pleasant enough, and match well with the chicken chop. And the veggies are just well..veggies. Overall not bad but I wouldn't say it's the best chicken chop I've ever had. It's good though, don't get me wrong.

Roti Babi - RM 9

Personally I don't fancy this. I think this is really overrated by people, seriously. And it's kinda expensive too for just a fried bun with some shredded pork in it. For the price I would rather ordered the chicken chop. The taste reminds me of the canteen food that I once had when I was in primary school. It taste like shredded pork with canned sardines? and onions mixed together. Or is it ketchup instead of the canned sardines. I couldn't figure it out but I have to say I don't like this dish. :) 

Noms noms~

Interior of the restaurant.

It's a great place to just enjoy your food while looking at people. That's what we did. HAHA! But during lunch time or peak hour, they would asked you to leave if you've finished your food to make space for the other customers who's waiting. We were there during the end of lunch hour so we get to sit around longer and just people-watching. Most of the patron here are the working class people. 

Time to pay. I think the one at the counter is Tauke Junior. lol

Might go again one day, just to eat the chicken chop again. It's pretty difficult to find a decent kopitiam right in the heart of KL City. That's it! Stay classy people. :)


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