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Adventures in Penang 2014 : Breakfast, Cendol and More Street Arts (Day 3)

Third day in Penang and it starts with breakfast at a coffee shop at Jalan Penang. We went there because we wanted to try the Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol which we've missed the night before. I mean what's the point of going to Penang if we didn't try this right? It would be like going to Kuching and didn't try Kolo Mee. lol. So we head there around 10 in the morning to get the cendol and at the same time, get breakfast! When we got there, I guess it was still pretty early so there's literally no queue at the cendol shop, which is AWESOME!

Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol

We ordered two bowls and it is quite fascinating to see the guy preparing bowls and bowls of cendol at lightning speed. This can only be done with skills and experience. It starts with a bowl with shaved iced, a scoop of sweet red beans and a generous scoop of the cendol (green coconutty sago jelly) and finished with some coconut cream. I like watching people preparing foods~ And watching people making a bowl of Kolo Mee is one of the best thing ever, I can just stand there for a couple of hours looking at it but it might creep the shop owner out, and that's why I never did any of those things. lol

Freshly made bowls of cendol 

One bowl cost RM2.30 and eaten on a hot day, it's the best thing ever. It's so refreshing and heavenly. Go try now if you haven't tried it! You WILL get another bowl, I guarantee it. :D

We got 2 bowls and head inside the coffee shop (kopitiam) nearby to get some breakfast as well. I don't remember what's the shop name but it was just right next to the cendol stall. There's quite a selection of food to order there.

The crowd that day.

Asam laksa. Pretty good.

Pai Tee.

Little batters that's shaped like little cups filled with veggies, eggs and sauce. This is quite good but I believe you can get better ones elsewhere. haha

Prawn Noodle. Just normal I guess. 

And of course....

A plate of Char Kueh Tiaw. My personal mission in Penang is to eat as many CKT that I can find. Obviously I missed out on some famous CKT places but I'll definitely be back to try it. I'm new to Penang hence I can't find the place but I believe if I go back again I'll make sure I find that famous CKT place! lol. CKT is one of my all time fav food! :D

A plate of delicious Char Kueh Tiaw. Mmmmm. 

This plate however taste more like CKT that I've had in Kuching and not like those typical Penang CKT. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious. hahaha Love the contrast between the red plate and green banana leaf too. Beautiful.

And this is the lady that cooked that handsome plate of CKT. haha

By the time we've finished eating our breakfast, we head out and this is what we saw...

LONG queue. So be sure to go there early. XD

After the awesome breakfast we just went walking around Georgetown again, specifically around Lebuh Armenian. Can't go anyway further away cause we got a flight to catch in the afternoon, lame. But everything fun has to end right? I think 2 days is not enough to explore everything in Penang. lol

An old style perm parlour.

We took a peek inside and saw a lot of auntie getting their perm done and if you saw this shop, don't try to take a photo inside. That's what Grace did and she got scold. HAHAHA! XD

Cool looking traditional door.

Cute dog outside a shop and apparently he's the most famous dog in Lebuh Armenian and some say also Georgetown. lol

The name's Brownie. What a cutie. Reminds me of my dog Juno.

I think this is the Tua Pek Kong temple.

We walk so much around this area that one of the trishaw uncle recognize us and told us that he saw us a lot of time already which is pretty cool I gotta say. hahaha! He even guessed correctly where we stayed which is quite far from the town area, and this is because I saw him as well on 2nd day when we're walking back to the hotel. Yeah, it's safe to assume we walk A LOT when we're in Penang and we're to cheap to take a trishaw to sight see. Taking a trishaw is a pretty good experience though, if you haven't tried it, try! haha! Another good way of exploring Georgetown is by renting a bicycle. We didn't because some of us doesn't know how to ride a bike. I'm not gonna disclose who it is. XD

Another street art, I don't know what's the name.

Lion Dance street art and a lovely mother and daughter sitting in front of the shop enjoying some shaved ice.

Uncle demonstrating the art of paper folding/origami. Mostly just on planes. 

We stopped at a cafe to rest and just chill out for a while. It's a cafe called Cosy In The Rocket. Pretty cool and hidden little place. 

Coffee coffee coffee. Iced of course, it was a hot day. :)

Yeah ended we spend more time than we alloted at the cafe and we ran out of time and didn't get the chance to visit Penang Museum. Kinda regret it but there's always next time.

This is kinda sad looking.

Idiot and the wall. 

Saw this wall while walking back to the hotel. It looks cool so we decided to take some pics with it, that's how lame we are. Even old walls fascinates us. lol It looks pretty cool no? Rustic.

Idiot No.2.

We went to the airport using taxi because we're lazy and didn't wanna walk all the way back to Komtar while lugging our super heavy luggage. For 3 people, taxi price is quite reasonable and if I'm not wrong it was RM40/45. I think I'm wrong about the price. I have bad memory. Yikes. But it's definitely PRICIER than using bus la. Duh.

Reached airport. Checked in. and wait around. I realised I didn't buy a single souvenir from Penang while we're at the airport. By souvenir I mean fridge magnet. Me and my sis has a thing, wherever we went, we have to get a photo frame and some fridge magnet. Provided they're nice of course. Airport has really expensive souvenir so don't make a noob mistake like me and buy your souvenir at the airport. I think it cost 3X the price at town area. But I bought one fridge magnet anyway for RM10. Better than nothing la. And then it's time to board the plane.

Taking off

It was a smooth flight with awesome sunset views. Thanks to Airasia, we managed to go to Penang. More cheap deals please! I heard AA's gonna cancel the fuel surcharge thingy so tickets gonna be cheaper now. Yay!

Beautiful sunset. Bye Penang. See ya next time!

Have a nice day guys. Stay awesome. :D

p/s Leave a comment! Will be mucho appreciated and give me mood boost to post soon/more. Thanks. Or else....Kidding! haha

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