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Adventures in Penang 2014! : Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si Temple & Clan Jetty (Day 2)

Day 2 starts off with a trip to Penang Hill which most will agree is one of the must go place when you're in Penang. We hired a taxi for half a day to bring us to the places that's hard to reach in Penang, it's more convenient and time saving than using public transportation I guess but not cost efficient or budget friendly unless you're travelling in a group. It cost us RM180 for half day tour of the city. So we head out at 9:15AM and the first place that we planned to go is Penang Hill.

Luckily for us when we reached there, the crowd were not that bad yet and buying tickets was hassle free and we barely waited in line. lol. So be sure to reach there early in order to avoid the crowd and the queue. Tickets for Adults cost RM 8 and Child/Senior Citizen/Students(with student's pass) is RM4. Pretty reasonable for a two ways tickets (going up and going down). There's families package as well, you can find out more at their website, Penang Hill.

The tickets.

The Entrance.

After taking pictures at the entrance and everything, we went to board the train. Lots of 'excited' people who doesn't know the meaning of queue here if you know what I mean. But whatever. lol

The train.

It took us about 10 mins to reach the top of Penang Hill. From Lower to Upper Station the distance of the track is 2KM, pretty high up huh. lol

Woohoo! No people, awesome.

The weather was a bit cool up there in the morning but as time gradually pass by it became hot which is somewhere at 10am. Was looking forward to get a clear panoramic view of George Town, Penang but unfortunately it was foggy the day that we went. Just great.  So what to do instead? Fool around up there, make the best out of the situation. haha

Must take pic and my sis.

The colourful binoculars.

Not gonna pay for it since we're not gonna be able to see anything because of the mist or foggy weather anyway. The uncle working there is pretty grumpy though, took some pictures with the binoculars and he doesn't look happy at all. No idea why. Because of the shitty weather maybe.

Me and my f-ing curly hair.

Grace posing. lol

This is basically what we can see there : Lots of lame pics ahead!

Some coastal area

Foggy but it's okay. haha

Beautiful flowers up there to see

Me and my sis


Awesome looking sign. Love it

This is one of the restaurant up there and I happen to think it's awesome. Tea time here would be so awesome, beautiful views accompanied with some food. What a life~ Pretty good place to have a romantic dinner to if you ask me. HAHA

LOL. On our way up. Exploring time. 

Just a few stairs up and you'll see this. Another restaurant inside a heritage bungalow. There's quite a few of these bungalows on the hills if I'm not mistaken and they're so beautiful, feels like we're at somekind of English hillside or something. Where the people drink teas while taking in the view. Classy. :)

Pretty eh?

Then we found this little pathway and just walk along it till we saw this cute little gate. So naturally we have to take some pics with it.

The cute little gate

When I have a my own house in the future I would make sure there's a little pathway with this gate on my property. Doesn't matter if it leads to the kitchen or toilet or whatever. It would be awesome if it lead to like a mini garden. Ooooh~ Dreaming is what I do best. lol

Ew if I say so myself.

So while I was goofing around and taking picture with the gate, (what have my life come down to, taking picture with a gate? Sigh.) I felt something bumped into my leg, it felt kinda like a stick at first but when I looked down, its this frikkin thing....


Looks small in picture but it was quite big, kinda like a regular ruler size. Not gonna lie, this thing cause me to jump around for awhile like an idiot because I hate  dislike creepy crawlies. Got over my fear of earthworms recently because I was interested in starting a worm farm. Yeah because I was too bored and I wanted to try to start one. It's a good way to get rid of unused veggies or fruits. haha.  Earthworms are actually pretty cute, I gotta admit. At first I thought they would be slimy and everything but they're not, surprisingly. lol Let's move on before I rambled on endlessly about earthworms.

Time to head down to Dataran Bukit Bendera.

We walked back to the area where we first arrived. There's an Owl Museum here as well but as it cost RM 10 per person and there doesn't seem to be any LIVE Owls in there, I didn't go in. Don't think I'll recommend it as well, from what I've read it was all weird owl dolls or statues or little clay owl figurines in there. Nope, not my thing. 

Kacang Putih seller.

Buy the Kacang Kuda here, it's AWESOME! I don't know why but it was so good. Probably cause we're hungry at the time. 

Hindu Temple

Crazy lady spotted up there.

A cute father and son. Awwww~~

Then we went to the Love Lock place or whatever it is call. lol. Yeah too much lovey dovey stuff, annoying. Bitter much Lindy? hahaha

All these lovelocks. 

Yeah, that's how I felt about the place. :)

The old train. It would be so scary to use this to go up here in the past. Those people have balls man.

Let's go my mighty stallion!! Yeah I'm lame. It was fun though pushing kids away to get on the horse. Kidding! In case somebody here takes my words seriously. lol

Time to head down!

Our next destination is Kek Lok Si Temple which was nearby Penang Hill and honestly we spend way too much time at Penang Hill already and our half day rental of the taxi is ending soon. This is what we call shitty management of time. Sigh. But yeah, Kek Lok Si temple it is and I realised it was located in the Air Itam area, where I've read that there's a good asam laksa around. We didn't get to try it. :(

Colourful wishing ribbons. 

It cost RM 1 each and each ribbon has a different wishes written on it, for example, good health, success in everything or doing well in studies are some examples. Since we're there already, might as well buy one and make a wish right? I forgot what I've wished for but it was definitely something to do with my studies, I'll need all the divine power I can get on that area. lol It was like a donation to the temple as well so why not? 

After you choose the ribbon that you want, write your name on the ribbon as well as the places where you're from and hang it on a wood thingy thing shown below.

Me and my sister's ribbons.

It's quite pretty with all the colourful ribbons hanging on it. 

Then we just walk around the temple and admire the architecture and designs of the temples. Pretty awesome I gotta say.

Souvenirs. Each of these bracelets have different meanings to it.

My sis and I head on to the Pagoda area and in order to enter the area we have to pay RM 2 each. While Grace went to the Guan Yin Statue area (it was RM 3 for the lift to go up there if I'm not mistaken) which is on the other side of the Pagoda area, miscommunication hence we're separated. haha!

The Pagoda

Good place to take pics here.

I love this pic. 

We then head down to the general temple area again in order to find Grace who wandered to don't know where while taking pictures. lol

Cute and fat cat sleeping on the stairs. Lucky cat. 

There were some beggar too along some of the area, and we actually saw this with, no kidding, that where one of the lady sat ,(the beggar? I felt bad to say this but I don't know how else to describe her) near a drain pipe thngy, inside the pipe, there's a quite a big size monitor lizard in there. Like just behind her. Whoa, I wondered if the lady know. Wow. Well, lizards don't simply attack people so, it was still shocking though. haha

After the temple, we've ran out of time to go anywhere else so don't make the same mistake like we did. Try to go as many places as possible and don't waste so much time just on a couple of places. The driver was kind enough though to bring us to a chocolate shop (no wonder, got commision one,lol) and after that we requested for him to dropped us near the Clan Jetties area after. We even get the chance to take a look around Gurney area while we're on our way there which was cool. The place looks so beautiful, love it.

Had our lunch here. This is located at Pengkalan Weld which is nearby the clan jetties area.

And it doesn't hurt either that there's a good Char Kueh Tiaw here. Yay! We ordered Belacan Fried Chicken as well and it was good, just enough belacan flavour in the chicken and not overpowering. It's delicious in my opinion. 

The reputed good CKT stall.

Looks delicious

And this CKT doesn't dissapoint, unlike the one at New Lane Street. This CKT is awesome! One of the best I've had in Penang for sure. Definitely pay this place a visit when you're in Penang.

Want a bite?

After having our lunch, we head on to the clan jetties, specifically the CHEW Jetty. There's a few clans here but we're near the Chew Jetty so we decided to go there. And I absolutely love love love this place. I like the fact that there's people living here and every building here is protected and kept intact just like how it used to be. So cool.

The signboard.

There's a lot of elderly here as well, just hanging out and watching people passing by or just chilling. I love looking at old people just chilling, I don't know why, it's just beautiful I guess. So cute, no gadgets no nothing, just watching people to pass time, which I find less and less people doing that nowadays. Most people just have their head down looking at their phones or something. Lame. What's so awesome looking at a little gadget in your hands when there's plenty to see once you have your heads up and looking at your surrounding. I absolutely hated hangouts where people just look or texting on their phones/tablets all the time. Might as well stay at home. lol

Awww~ So chill. Penang elderly are so cute. hahaha! And no I don't have old people fetish. 

Wooden houses and floors.

Smells like seaside here. Me likey. 

Selling fried food, prawn fritters and stuff.


At the jetty.

After having some fun at the jetty, we went to the town area once again just to walk around and discovering new things. We decided to search for some street arts and a cafe basically.

Brother and Sister on a Swing

Just walk a little further and there's another one

Children Playing Basketball

We then went on to search for a cafe where it was said to have a traditional coffee roasters.  I forgot what the cafe was called but it was located somewhere at Lorong Chulia and there was A LOT of cafes there. We were so tempted to go to each one but budget, so nope. Unfortunately when we reached the place, they say they no longer do the demo for coffee roasting but we can still see the coffee roasters. It was like a tiny museum, if we can put it that way. We're dissapointed of course but oh well, might as well order a cup of coffee while we wait for the rain to subside. 

Pretty cool street art but it's not the famous one.

This is the cafe I mentioned above and my sis. lol

We ordered the local black coffee and iced coffee. The black coffee was very strong and honestly I don't really like the taste. It was too bitter and little acidic for me. hahaha! That's just my opinion, I believe taste is different for everybody, what I hate might be somebody's favourite and vice versa. Taste is subjective after all. To each his own. :)

Khong Guan's coffee. 

The Indian Boatman

KungFu Girl

I think we saw most of the street arts there in Penang that's listed in the tourist pamphlets except for a few new ones that's painted recently. But some of the street arts are quite difficult to locate though for example the Cats & Humans Happily Living Together street art which was located in a wall in what looks like a construction side area. haha. It was fun though, kinda like treasure hunt. 

After walking around for awhile we decided to head back to the hotel which was quite a long way from the heritage area and rest for awhile before heading out for dinner. We used a different way to go back so we can look at more stuff.

Purrfect Cat Cafe

Not sure if it's Penang's first cat cafe but it was definitely an awesome looking place. It cost about RM18? to get in there to see the cats so we decided not to. Cheapskate. haha!

Let me end the post with this awesome and amazing little Indian stall selling freshly made Indian snacks such as Samosa and....some other thing. haha! It was located at Little India I think, duh? We just saw this stall while we're walking back and we saw quite a number of people are standing around and munching on something so it must be good. We ordered 3 Chicken Curry Samosas and the man makes it on the spot, so it's super freshly made. And guess what, it taste AWESOME! I regret that I only bought one for each of us, I would have just stand there and eat 5 pieces. It's so good, perfect on a rainy day. We wanted to go back there again the next day but limited time prevent us to go. Sigh. Next time!

A little roadside stall in Little India Penang. VISIT IT!

That's it for Day 2! Thanks for reading and see ya! :D

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